Thursday, November 8, 2018

Thursday Odds and Ends

This was my little Siamese, Luna. The landlord knew I liked cats so he dropped her off in my backyard. He  knew I would take care of her. She was such a little love. Would wrap her arms around my neck and hug me. But, much she loved me she had no love for my Minga or Twinkie. If I brought them in I had to put her out, and if I brought her in I had to put them out. Got to be such a pain that I ended up giving her away to a friend but I was assured she had good care.
Bought these awhile back.  My second toe next to the big one crosses over my third toe.  Thought using this would help me correct it, but I found it so uncomfortable I gave up on it.
20 years ago. Tears. We were best buddies, and then she found out she was sick. When he boyfriend found out he walked out on her, and it was more than she could take. She disappeared after that, and I was never able to find her. I pray that she is still out there somewhere and doing well.
This is what my kitchen counter looks like on the eve before a big cooking spree.  I usually make several meals to freeze....and I do love spices, lots of them.
The pond at Brooklyn College.
Close up of the fish in the pond.
 Great for high blood pressure.
My dad with tiny.  Boy, did that dog ever love him.


  1. That is a good story about the cat. That was so kind of you to find another home for her.

  2. I do hope your friend is surviving (and thriving) somewhere.
    Some lovely photos today. Thank you.

  3. That's such a good idea to make several meals to freeze - and yes added spices are good :)

    I liked your photographs.

    All the best Jan

  4. I am so sorry about your friend! I do hope she is ok! That cat was so cute! Love all the spices! Great photo of your dad! Big Hugs!