Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Tuesday Ramble

Good morning.  Went to class yesterday.  Oh, it felt so good to be active again. First off, I discovered the bus stop I used to get off at is closed so I have to get off at the next one which makes an already long walk even longer. It wasn't a very comfortable walk, but I took it slowly. Then, I did almost an hour of line dance. Surprised myself that I did so well. Afterwards, attended the meditation class. Our new leader does a half hour of yoga before the meditation, and I did what I could, what I knew wouldn't hurt me. Learned the hard way that not all of us can do yoga, and there are some positions that are not good for people with back pain. I totally avoided them. Then, I stayed for arts and crafts. Started a new bracelet which should be done next week.  Heading back to class tomorrow.

Spoke to the bank when I got home yesterday because the site still says I owe a double payment.  The lady I spoke to informed me that a request was sent in for review which means it's in the works, but could still be refused.  Will be on pins and needles until I find out the answer, but I WILL NOT give up on this no matter what.  I'm in the right and I WILL NOT allow them to ruin my credit standing.

Been trying to get a decent picture of my fairyland, but it's not been easy.  Maybe it's my camera.
 With the lights on.
Forgot to mention yesterday.  On Sunday I went to Super Fresh to do some shopping and have it delivered.  Well, when I got to the register and filled in the info my delivery, it turns out that they were just starting to deliver for the day.  The start at 11 am.  My usual guy was there and while he was putting all my stuff in a box, he asked how long it would be before I was home.  I told him probably 30 minutes, 45 to be sure because we never know buses will be running.  It was then that he said I could ride along with him and be the first delivery.  How lucky was that!

Every year when I take the Christmas decorations down and pack them away, I discover I forgot something.  Well, this year I thought I had got it all until I noticed this last night....
 Now how did I miss that one.

Have a great Tuesday.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Monday Morning This and That.

Good Monday morning everyone.  Last week was such a stressful week. .  I'm sure my blood pressure rose so I've been drinking hibiscus tea ever day. But, as the new week begins, I am feeling a bit more hopeful.  Managed to straighten out the problem with my bank. 
 I love these Buddha teas.   I also have Turmeric Ginger tea along with these two.

On Friday I waited all day for the man at the bank to call me.  He didn't.  Later that afternoon a letter arrived from the bank in an attempt to collect a debt.  Fortunately, there was phone number so on Saturday morning I decided to call and handle it myself.  So glad I did.  I had a list of all my payments since August and read them all back to her so she could see I had a habit of paying early.  I told her it wasn't fair being penalized for paying early and started to sob a bit.  She was so much nicer than the nasty person who called me and wouldn't listen to what I had to say.  This one listened and was empathetic enough to speak to her supervisor for me.  The gist of it is, the supervisor said she would move up the 12/5 payment so I no longer missed a payment and no longer have to make a double payment in February.  My credit will be restored.   However, I've not been credited yet, so I am still on pins and needles.  May need another call.

Speaking of weight, I  had it out with WW as well.  I have to do all I can to be under goal on Wednesday.  As you  know I went over my goal by .6 this week, and I paid the $14 without issue. Not even a pound after the holidays, and  I plan on going under goal this next weigh in. But then, I check out my bank account and see WW also withdrew $21.72 from my account to pay for the Etools which I rarely use. 

Two calls later I was so frustrated tears began to flow. (That's how I deal with anger). What they are telling me is that I still have to pay $14 a week until I go under. I don't plan on being over anymore, but let's say I was over for another 4 weeks. That would add up to $77.42 a month. I only paid $34.95 a month before I reached goal. Totally not fair. I'm so angry with WW that I feel like quitting.  I definitely have to get back to goal because then they will reimburse me.
 Got some new little animals for my fairy garden.  Aren't they cute?

Snowed a bit on Sunday.  Only a coating, thank goodness.  Much as I love snow I am afraid of it.  I'm so worried about falling. 

Still thinking about going to class today.  I WANT to, but is my body up to it and the long walk to get there.  Guess I'll never know unless I try it.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Sunday Selections

This month's subscription box from Inked Goddess was such a fun goddess.  Called 'Witchy Fandom' it celebrates the witches of the big and small screens that have had lasting impressions on us.  This month's box included items to take a nostalgic journey to honor those pop icons.  
Lots of fun goodies.
Witchy Sisters Votive.  From the 1993 film "Hocus Pocus"  There are three candles, each representing the Sanderson Sisters.  Each is a different color, and each of us was chosen by one of the sisters.  My red votive, represents Mary.  How appropriate.  Smells heavenly. Chocolate and Honey.
 Midnight Margaritas Green Tea Blend.  Looks so good.  From the film, 'Practical Magic.'
 Dominus Trinus Spell Kit.  From the television show 'Charmed'.
'I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up to No Good' house magnet. From "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.'
'We Are the Weirdo's Mister, tumbler cup.'  From the film 'Crafty'.
'Are You A Good Witch or a Bad Witch" necklace.  From 'The Wizard of Oz.'  Features a witch hat charm and a magic wand charm.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Saturday Thought

When you finally go back to your old hometown, you find it wasn't the old home you missed but your childhood. 

Sam Ewing

Friday, January 11, 2019

Friday Roundup

Had another crazy week here.  Two days, Monday and Tuesday, were totally dedicated to taking down the Christmas stuff and putting the regular stuff back.  Lots of work.  Then, On Tuesday, they turned off the power again.  Fortunately it wasn't off long enough for me to lose any food this time.  Only about two hours.

Finished packing away all the Christmas decor.  Here's a few pics of some of the whimsy in my living room.  

On Wednesday I really wanted a day of rest, but had to run to my bank again.  Been having so much trouble with them lately.  I've always paid my credit card early, so on January 2nd I was in shock when I looked online and saw I had a $25 late fee.  Ran to the bank and after an investigation, it turned out to be the banks fault.  The following day the $25 late fee was taken off my account, and all was back to normal until....

...late Tuesday afternoon when I received a call from the bank informing me that I hadn't made a payment.  I informed them that a payment is not due until February 2, but she claimed I hadn't made the January payment, the one they had straightened.  She got pretty nasty with me and at one point accused me of lying when I told her I WAS LOOKING AT MY ACCOUNT AS WE WERE SPEAKING and nothing was overdue.  She very huffily said, "Well, I don't know what you're looking at but I see something different".  That's when I went off on her and hung up.  So, Wednesday was another trip to the bank for me.   

The representative I spoke to informed me that the phones were out, but assured me he would take care of it for me as soon as they came back up and said he would call me. 

Yesterday was weigh in day, and I'm sad to say I was .6 over my goal weight.  Had to pay $15.  First time in two years that I went over my goal.  Darn, darn, darn. Things happen though, and it could have been worse. Will definitely work harder for next week.  This was a real wake-up call for me.  Time to get back to tracking.

Later in the afternoon received a call from the bank representative.  He says they still are claiming that I didn't pay my January bill.  I read him back the last 6 months of payments.  He said he'll make a call on Friday.  They are now looking for TWO payments in February.  Not fair.  That would be 4 payments they got in two months.  Definitely going to continue to fight this.

Speaking of weight loss.  I talked to the pharmacist when I picked up my RX for D3, and discovered I am not hypothyroid, I am hyperthyroid which means I am out of remission.  Although my TSH is not THAT low yet, it was quite a significant drop from .053 to .038.  So that should, by all accounts, mean that losing weight should be easy for me.  Should be.  But, t am one of those rarities that gain weight with a hyperthyroid.  70 pounds in a little over a year, so I am gearing myself up for a battle.  

Today is going to be my day of rest.  Snow due on Sunday so I might run out tomorrow to get some shopping done.  If not, that will be a rest day too.  Starting back to class on Monday.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Tuesday Ramble

Good morning.  Spent most of yesterday packing away Christmas decor.  Still have the tree up, but that will be gone today.  How different my living room looks.  From the colors of fall, to the colors of Christmas, and now....hmmm!!!!  What do I say about colors?  On the plus side, it doesn't seem as cluttered anymore. 

Also made a soup out of some of the leftover pernil.  

Made it the same way I make turkey soup.  Pernil, carrots, celery, turnips, parsnips, onions, sodium free chicken broth, rice, fresh rosemary, fresh parsley, cardamon, red pepper flakes, garlic powder, rice, salt, and pepper.

Good news and maybe not good news on my latest blood test results. Good news is my vitamin D levels and kidney function tests are now within normal range. Awesome.

However, my TSH went from .053 to .038. I was hyperthyroid at one time and now it seems I have gone into hypothyroidism which will make it hard to lose weight. Must really watch my diet now.  Hoping I can turn this around as well.

Have a good one.