Monday, February 8, 2016

Monday Morning This and That

Snowflakes are one of nature's most fragile things,
but just look what they can do when they stick together.

Vesta M. Kelly

Good morning everyone. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Snow is in the air, and it's just about to start to fall. They're forecasting snow for the next three days. Not much at all. Just enough to make it a little slippery, That's okay. Wasn't planning on doing anything anyway, and we've plenty to eat.

I was going to head out to the nutrition class but hubby said he didn't understand why I'd want to go back where I wasn't wanted, and after some thought, I agree.  It's obvious the teacher is very uncomfortable with me in the class, and that wouldn't bother me because I am really doing nothing wrong, but the fact is, it makes me uncomfortable, too.  Besides, today's call is about the health benefits of blueberries, and there is nothing she can tell me that I don't already know.  Nonetheless, when I do return for my classes next week I do plan on stopping in the office.  After all, I did pay for this, and she is teaching wrong information.  Do you think I should just let it go?

Speaking of school, I'm really happy to report that two of the spring lectures I went to went over so well they are now going to be a part of the curriculum, and I signed up for both.  "Justice: What's the Right Thing to do?' is a continuation of "The Morality of Murder".  And, "The Hebrew Scriptures in Judaism and Christianity" is a continuation of "A Parting of the Ways".  Can't wait for them to begin.

Yesterday the priest was talking about Lent during the mass, and it got me to thinking that it's been many a year that I'd given up anything for Lent.  So, I started thinking about what I could give up and nothing came to mind.  Everything I eat nowadays is healthy foods that my body needs....aside from the pasta below.  And then he said, "This year, instead of giving something up, why don't you look for something you can do instead? Why not say a prayer each day?" And they gave us a Devotional book to use during Lent. I also have plenty of clothes I can gather together and donate to the poor.

 Our Saturday night pasta--Baked Rigatoni with Hot Sausage.

1 package Premio hot sausage
Red, green, and yellow sweet peppers
Fire roasted diced tomatoes (1can)
Garlic powder
Marinara sauce
1 package rigatoni
Olive oil 

Slice sausage into bite size pieces and brown. Add onions and peppers and cook until softened. Add diced tomatoes and garlic powder and simmer. 

Meanwhile cook rigatoni until just about done. Drain and rinse. Add to pan. Stir in sausage mixture and marinara sauce. Bake until rigatoni is done.

Have a good one.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Thursday This and That

How beautiful thy frosty morn,
When brilliants gem each feathery thorn!
How fair thy cloudless noon!
And through the leafless trees, at night,
With more than Summer's soften'd light,
Shines thy resplendent moon.
Bernard Barton

Good morning everyone. Did I just hear right? A round of snow tomorrow morning? I definitely have to do my food shopping in the morning. Hope it amounts to nothing. I do have the bus across the street, but lately I've gotten to walking. It's doing me so good...or, at least I think so. I'll find out when I get on the scale this morning.

I've even taken up dancing lately.I'll find out when I get on the scale this morning. Never have been able to my adult years. Did win a dance contest when I was a freshman in high school, but somewhere along the way I lost my rhythm. So now, when I'm watching television and any kind of music comes on, I get up and dance a little.
When I bought this plant it looked like this....

Now it looks like this....

And we've got another one growing.

Peppers.  Bought a package of those small sweet peppers in different colors and planted some seeds. Didn't really think they would grow, but look at this.

 Have a good one.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Wednesday Ramble

February brings the rain,
Thaws the frozen lake again.

Sara Coleridge

Good morning everyone, and a wonderful one it is. Had a good night's rest and feeling pretty good. And as soon as I get rid of these morning kinks, I'll be ready to go. It's going to be a rainy day so I've planned on an inside day. Going to do a little painting, reading. A simple day ahead after yesterday. 
Left the house at 9:10 and got back about 11:15. That means I walked over two hours....and believe me I feel it. Remind me not to listen to Ralph anymore. When I told him I was going to stop at the post office first he told me I should go to the one on 57th and 7th rather than my usual because it is closer. Yeah right. First of all it wasn't on 57th at all. It was on 55th, and it was an all uphill trek. Sunset Park is a series of hills. And then when I left, I had an even steeper hill to climb as I headed down to 5th Avenue, the shopping area...although after 6th the hill went into a rather steep incline and it was downhill the rest of the way. Went through a few 99 cent stores, stopped at the Pioneer Supermarket to check it out, then headed over to my usual Met Food. After checking out Pioneer, not going to gripe about Met anymore. At least they have decent meat and produce.
Had I gone to my usual post office it would have been downhill all the way there and home. But, I needed this exercise and I'm not complaining. Just not going to take his advice anymore. LOL!!!

I've even planned a simple meal. Boneless chicken simmered in butter, lemon, and garlic, seasoned with rosemary and freshly ground pepper.. I bought a fresh veggie mix of brocolli, cauliflower and carrots for my side. With weigh in tomorrow, no starch for me. Ralph can have his rice and beans. 
Have a good one.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

On the wind in February 
Snowflakes float still, 
Half inclined to turn to rain, 
Nipping, dripping, chill. 

Christina Georgina Rossetti 

Good morning everyone. What lovely weather we have been having lately. So warm and comfortable. Love this. This morning I'm off to the post office and then have a few places to stop. I finished up my fruit yesterday so I need to replenish. I've also fallen in love with Peppridge Farm Light Oatmeal bread and am down to my last few slices. It not only tastes great but its perfect for Weight Watchers. Only 3 smart points for two slices.

I plan to walk the entire way, back and forth. Have to take advantage of this fantastic weather while it's here. No telling what next week will bring. This has been such a strange winter. Spring one day, snow the next. Waiting now to see if Staten Island Chuck sees his shadow.

I was very disappointed yesterday to see my most un-favorite teacher doing this class today. Personally I think she is very close-minded and is not as knowledgeable on health issues as she would like us to believe, and I  think she senses that I see through her. She does her best to ignore me every time she sees my hand up. LOL!!! But, this isn't a history class where you can feed misinformation to people. This is a health class and feeding misinformation can really harm someone so when I see her wrong I call her on it. For example, the topic was healthy snacks and dealing with eye problems. Now my sight is very important to me, and with a quadruple whammy--cataracts, glaucoma suspect, AMD (dry kind), and dry eyes--I take everything very seriously. For awhile now, I have belonged to several Macular Degeneration groups which keep me abreast of all the latest and my only line of defense as been AREDS 2, a vitamin formulation which is said can possibly slow the progression. If there is a chance, I'll try it.

Well, only a few days ago the results of a new study came in, and it was found that some people have a genetic makeup that the zinc found in the vitamin can cause, in a small number of people, the disease to progress faster. Now yes, it is a small number of people, but one doesn't know if they are in that group unless they take a special genetics test. So, if you don't take the test, it's best to be safe than sorry and look for vitamins without the zinc. I saw in the handout that she was not only going to push these vitamins, but also deter people against the genetics test. So, I raised my hand

She tried turning her head away from me as she always does, but she was too late. I related what I had learned in a nice way specifying that it is only a few days old so as not to embarrass her, but her response was a bored 'okay, let's get back to our lesson.' and she proceeded to teach the very opposite of what I had said instead of saying something like, 'in lieu of this recent information more research is needed"

My friend started to laugh and whispered to me, "She feels so threatened by you. It's so funny and obvious." 
Have a good one.

Monday, February 1, 2016

A small bird twitters on a leafless spray,
Across the snow-waste breaks a gleam of gold:
What token can I give my friend to-day
But February blossoms, pure and cold?
Frail gifts from Nature's half-reluctant hand...
I see the signs of spring about the land...
[T]hese chill snowdrops, fresh from wintry bowers,
Are the forerunners of a world of flowers.

Sarah Doudney, "Snowdrops 

Good morning everyone and welcome to February. It's going to be another gorgeous early springlike day here. Fantastic weather, and I'm looking forward to getting out in it. I was so proud of myself yesterday. Walked both ways to church. Going there was all uphill. Great exercise. Did some shopping before church and was planning to take the bus home because I had some heavy bags, but as soon as I walked out of church I saw my bus and knew I wouldn't make it so rather than wait 20 minutes for the next one I decided to walk. Boy was I glad to see my building.

Perhaps this springlike weather is what our ancestors felt when they celebrated this day as the first day of spring....Inbolg which means “in the belly”. It was a time centered on the first signs of spring and the lambing season. It was later to be Christianized as St Brigid’s day in honor of the beloved Irish saint.

Just listening to the news. Another slashing on the subway. So glad I don't have to ride it anymore but I worry so for those that do.What is going on in this city? It's getting worse and worse, but our mayor wears rosy colored glasses. Subway crime is up, shootings and murders are up, rapes are up, yet he claims the city is safer. Today he's out campaigning in Iowa. As the city goes to pot, our mayor is galavanting around the city....and the world. Can't forget his trip to Rome to meet the Pope.

Friday when I went to the bank they were having some sort of party. Horns, tiaras, hats, leis, the whole thing. The teller told me no special thing, just a Friday party. They do that once in awhile. I wanted to yell out Happy New Year. That's what it felt like. So, anyway they handed us customers fortune cookies. I forgot about my two until I started cleaning my purse out. These were too cute.

Ralph: Wise men take advice from fortune cookies because pies are too flaky. LOL!!!

Mine: Po says, 'A broken fortune cookie lies before you. Eat and Enjoy.'

Friday, January 29, 2016

Winter is the season in which people try to keep the house as warm as it was in the summer, when they complained about the heat.

Author Unknown

Good morning. It's going to be a cool, but not cold, day. They say some flurries are on the way this afternoon. That doesn't worry me a bit. It was pretty clear when I went out yesterday, and it felt so good. In fact, the buses ran so well that I got to the meeting early, and the leader asked if I wanted to sit inside until they had set up. I told her I'd not been out in almost a week, and the sun felt so good that I wanted to stay out and enjoy it.
I'm disappointed but not devastated. Biggest gain so far...1.6 pounds. But I was dealing with a triple whammy...on medication which causes water weight, gum infection which made it pretty hard to chew so fruit was out, and a storm that kept me housebound. Fortunately the weather is good noe, my mouth is lots better, and today is my last day of medication. And with the new plan I also learned that some of the soft foods that I love are actually high in the new Smart Points. 4 Oz regular applesauce is 6 points but natural is almost free. Bought some natural today. And some of my favorite Yoplait yogurts are 6-7 points whereas the Dannon Light and Fit are 2-3.  So I made the switch.  Let's see what next week brings.

I've lots to do today. First of all, it is banking time again. Bill time already. I can't believe how quickly this month has passed. Feels like January wasn't even here. Afterwards I have to stop and get some new undies. I think it's time. I've lost so much weight they are falling off me and it's just as uncomfortable as undies that are too tight. Then a quick stop at Walgreens and the food store. I'm feeling good today.
Have a good one.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Sorry. It's Been Awhile

January brings the snow,
Makes our feet and fingers glow.
Sara Coleridge, "The Months"

Good morning everyone.  Haven't been here for a few days.  Had plans to blog everyday and just never got a chance.  I see I lost 8 more followers.  Not happy at all with Blogger.  My followers mean the world to me, and since this new stuff started I lost over 30 followers.  Will have to go check out my own reading list and see if they booted me from any of  your blogs.

We're still digging out from Jonas here in Brooklyn.  Yesterday was my first day out since the storm, and all I did was walk down the block and back.  Just had to get some air and sun.  The crosswalks are pretty treacherous with slush and melting snow, and I am so fearful of falling, especially with class starting on Monday, that I'm just not ready to take a chance.  Besides, it helps me to save money.  For some reason I can't go out without spending, and I sure overdid this Christmas despite my plans not to.  But, it is totally forgivable. It's the first Christmas in a good many years that I had my family.

I was debating if I should get out and take care of my banking today or on Friday. So far Friday is winning. It's going to warm up to the 40's today so lots of this snow will be melted. Besides, one never knows when another check will come in. Ralph can't get the car out anyway. Well, he can get out, but once out, where does he put it when he gets to his destination.

Speaking of banking, it reminds me that the month of January has almost passed, and for the life of me, I don't know where it went. Usually after the holidays time crawls, but this year it flew by. Guess maybe because I am keeping myself very busy despite being housebound. I've been practicing with my paints.  Trying to learn acrylics.  Doing lots of reading.  Have several online courses to keep me occupied--one on terrorism and another on dinosaurs.  Always been fascinated with them.

I love veggies but some I just don't like to eat plain.  Before Weight Watchers I used to use butter or cheese.  Now I mix them with the peppers and onions I make as a topping for my meat. Funny thing is that I never liked peppers until I started with Weight Watchers. 

Red, yellow, and orange mini peppers
One onion, slice
Lots of garlic
One tomato. Sliced
Two tbs tomato sauce
Spanish oregano
Red pepper flakes
Olive oil
About a half cup of water

Saute peppers, onions, and garlic until tender. Add rest of ingredients and bring to boil. Simmer until well blended and liquids boil down.