Friday, April 3, 2020

Friday Roundup

Well, another Friday has arrived.  The end of another week of social distancing.  Hubby is getting less antsy now and taking this very, very seriously.  We do have to go out today.  We have to hit the drive through bank to pay our rent.  Then a quick stop at Rite Aid, the only store I actually feel safe in.  They take social distancing very seriously.  Only 5 people allowed inside at a time, and everyone has 15 minutes to shop.  We line up 6 feet apart outdoors and as someone leaves, another is allowed in.  Some lady came the last time and started griping about it, but I am thankful they are doing it.  The CVS down the street from them offers no protection.  Despite it all, I am still very, very afraid to step out, but it's the only way this going to get done.

Amazing what one can do with a pound and a half of ground beef. Made some Salisbury steak, meat sauce, and this black bean chili with corn for tonight's dinner. Going to top it with Mexican cheese. Yum!!!

My favorite way to eat a bologna and swiss sandwich...with chips and lots of mustard.

So after we run our essential errands today we're going to hunker down and ride the next few weeks out.  They say the peak will hit within the next couple of weeks.  Say a prayer for NYC.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Thursday Notes

Good morning everyone.  It's Thursday and looks to be a quiet day for me.  Every day is quiet, actually, so I don't even know why I said that.  Lately, one day has been the same as the previous one so there are times I even forget what day it is, but that looks like it's going to change.

I love the fact that the center is offering us classes.   Yesterday I had some fun. Participated in Game Day in the morning. Was so good to see my friend, Eletra. Tried the meditation class but he just couldn't get it going. Kept going in and out and when he finally got it working, 1/2 hour into it, I couldn't hear a word he was saying so I left. Later I participated in the Tai Chi class which would have been awesome if everyone had listened and muted their television sets. One person even got a phone call in the middle of it. Hoping next week is better.

I'm also going to check into what Silver Sneakers has to offer online.  And then there are my union Zumba classes which I have yet to participate in.  

 So, they say the next few weeks are going to be the worst here in New York.  We're heading towards the peak.  Scary times ahead.   Please keep us in your prayers.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Wednesday Ramble

Gosh, can't even remember how far into this quarantine we are now.  Half the time I don't even know what day it is anymore.  Every day is the same, but when I start feeling down, I repeat a quote going around FB "You're not stuck at home. You're safe at home. One word can change your attitude. One cough can change your life."  

Some beautiful flowers from summer's past in Brooklyn.

So, what have I been doing?  I've discovered 'Outlander' on Starz, and all I can say is, 'what took me so long?'  It's fantastic, and I can't get enough of it.  It's a struggle for me between reading "The Red Tent" and watching the show. 

Found out the other day that we have a new super. Just like that. The old super is gone without a word, and a new one has moved in. To show you how quickly it happened, on Saturday the old super was here and by yesterday he was gone. Moved out and in in the middle of the night. No good byes to tenants who had befriended he and his wife. Nothing. Now that is a strange one.

Going to be a busy day for me. The center has some great classes on zoom, and I'm looking forward to them. Game Day at 9 am, Meditation and Mindfulness at 11, and Tai Chi for Arthritis at 2. Hoping that I get this zoom set up so I can see my peers. I can on this PC, but I don't have sound on here so I'm working on setting up on my laptop...which, I'm not too familiar with. Have to start setting up early.

Stay safe my friends.  Prayers that this nightmare ends soon.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Monday This and That

Good morning everyone. It's pretty rough here in New York.  The death toll is rising quickly, and it's just so frightening.  I couldn't stop the tears yesterday. We're the epicenter in this country, and it is devastating.   How did this all happen?  How did we let it happen?  

I understand we had been warned but no one did anything.  It was called a Democratic hoax.  Not going to get into politics here, but I have to say thank God for our Governor.  He's become the voice of the nation, and many are calling for him to be President. People all over the country are listening to him.  He tells it like it is and places a human value on it.  He talks of love and supporting each other, of family.  Even those who were against him are now touting praise about how he is handling this crisis.  The voice of reason.

I'm trying my best to stay busy.  This afternoon is my first zumba class, and I also plan to check out what Silver Sneakers has on line.  My legs are growing weak.  Not much walking to be done in a 3 room apartment.   I have started reading "The Red Tent" again.  Love that book.  It's the story of Dinah, daughter of Jacob and Leah.  What an awesome tale.  

 I highly recommend it.

They have continued delivering meals to me.  On Saturday I received 5 dinners--Pasta with Bolognese Sauce,  Turkey chili with rice, Salmon with rice, Chicken Florentine with brown rice and string beans, and Chicken with seven vegetable couscous.  It's not the tastiest, but I appreciate it so much.  Money is very tight here so everything helps.  And I appreciate those volunteers who are delivering our meals.  We elderly are not forgotten here in our city.

Have a wonderful day.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Friday Roundup

I used to have so much to say on these roundups, but now that one day is the same as the next, I'm at a loss for words.  Things are looking up, though, if I may say that.  First off, I received a text message from the trainer who used to teach us dance at the union office when I was going.  She is putting together an online class, and I was invited to attend.

Also received a call from the center today. They are going to be calling each of us twice a week to check on us.  And, they are working towards online classes for us.  The Tai Chi I loved so much begins the first week in April on Zoom with more coming. 

The virus has hit my family.  My Goddaughter's test came back negative.  My son lives with her so now he and her four children are under quarantine.  Son had his test yesterday.  So it is wait and see.  Please be sure to keep them in your prayers.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Wednesday Notes

Scary times here in New York.  We are reaching the apex faster than they thought, and there is just not enough people and equipment to take care of what is to come in the next two weeks.  I'm scared.  My kids and grand kids are out there working through this.  And hubby is so antsy.  He wants out so bad.  I know how he feels.  So do I.  But this is our new world for the time being, and we have to deal with it.  

Some spring flowers to brighten your day.  (Old pictures)

On a positive note, the rushed test on my granddaughter came back negative.  She had a very bad asthma attack.  This means her mom will be heading back to work.  She is not well herself but as she says, nursing is her calling and she is going to do all she can to help.

Also, my son's biopsy came back negative.  In all this, we'd almost forgotten his cancer scare.  

And the center has approved me for meal delivery.  Yesterday they delivered  7 meals to me, plus milk, fruit, bread and juice.   That way, I only have to concentrate on making sure that hubby eats....and since I can't get to the stores and shopping services are booked for a week, it buys me some time...and money that we don't have.  Never realized how important hubby's job is until now. Still hoping for a rent freeze for at least this month.

How have you been managing through this nightmare?

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Tuesday Ramble

Tuesday's over.  Birthday's gone for another year.  I'm 73 years old now, an old timer for sure.  I've been truly blessed with a wonderful family and awesome friends.  Couldn't ask for anything more.  So what if I couldn't go out to Olive Garden for dinner.  So what. More meaningful to me were the well wishes from friends and loved ones. That's what it's all about.   

Hubby surprised me with a gift from Edible Arrangements. 

I took everything out of the container and tossed it away quickly.

From my daughter.  Stones were chosen that help with anxiety and stress.

And I made my special dinner.  
Shepherd's Pie.  Been wanting it for awhile now.   

Now for some bad news.  My great granddaughter has been diagnosed with Covid.  She is barely a year old.  They expedited her test to get it back sooner. Her lungs were only functioning,  I think she said 50% and the gave her a good dose of steroid. Fixed that almost instantly. She had a really nasty cough. Seems she is doing a bit better this morning.

We are living through a nightmare, but we are strong.  We will survive this.  I like to keep that up front when I'm feeling sad.  The world will come back.