Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Tuesday Ramble

Good Tuesday morning.  No Wellness class yesterday, but that's okay.  They gave each of us $20 worth of Farmer's Market checks which will sure come in handy now that hubby isn't working for the time being.

As you know, hubby works at night driving a cab.  He doesn't make much, but it carries us through.  Our benefits alone are not enough.  It's expensive living here in the city, and even though I wouldn't mind moving to a cheaper state, realistically I know I cannot do it because I don't drive.  I'm really an independent sort so I'd go crazy if I had to depend on others for a ride.  Besides, hubby has lots of health issues.  Needs to be close to his doctors.

So, they have been doing some work on the subway line around the area he works.  When train isn't running, they use shuttle buses instead.  Now hubby works between 59th and 60th Street.  The subway station is between 61st and 60th.  Instead of having the bus drop off and pick up passengers where the train station is, they decided to have the drop off point RIGHT IN FRONT OF HUBBY'S BASE.  

And to insure that no one parks the area where the buses stop, they set up a huge police van, the size of a bus, right in front of his base...and smaller police vans with lights flashing in front and behind.  Many of their clients come to the base for a cab, but now the drivers can't park there.  They have to drive around and around the block wasting their gas.  Most have already given up.  There are also several businesses-a chicken restaurant, a laundry, and a deli--on that block that are losing business right and left.

Now, doesn't that REALLY DEFEAT THE PURPOSE if the police vans park  in the very spot the buses have to stop just to keep the public from parking there?  This is where our tax paying dollars go.  Police officers are stopping hard working individuals from doing their jobs and getting paid for basically nothing.  Makes me shake my head in wonder.  No idea how long this will go on, but while it does, it's not worth it for hubby to put in 12 hours of work to bring home only $40.  So while this goes on we are on a VERY, VERY TIGHT BUDGET.

So I treated myself to a WW unfriendly meal last night.

Whole wheat rigatoni with meat sauce....and Cherry Garcia ice cream for dessert.

Today I'm headed for the center.  It's party day.  Always a good meal and dessert.  Will be sure to share on Friday.  

Have a good one.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Monday Morning This and That

Greetings to all on Monday morning.  A new week begins, and I am looking forward to it.  Lots of good stuff happening this week.  Wellness group today, computer class and monthly party tomorrow.  Things have happened here that have me a bit depressed and in quite a financial bind.  Will tell you about it tomorrow, but for now I want to start the week out on a happy note.

Since Friday I have been working on Christmas presents.  Saturday I spent the entire day putting these together, choosing who they will go to, and boxing them.  All I need now is to wrap them. 

 Made this necklace for my Mindfulness leader.

 Turquoise.  Not sure who is going to get these.

 I am keeping this set.  It's right up my alley.

 I just have to put the hooks on the following:

 Made a bunch of these.
Terrible camera on my phone.

Sunday I slept late and didn't make it to church, but I did get out to put money on my metrocard and do some shopping.  Came home and slept for three hours which is why I couldn't sleep at all last night.  Tossed turned.    

It was brutally hot and humid out there.  Same weather for  today.

Have a wonderful week.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Sunday Selections

This month's Inked Goddess is The Night Sky.  The box contains items to help you embrace the energy of the night.  Each month's box is better than the last.  I am loving this one.  The theme of next month's box will be Witch's Sight.

The box is loaded with goodies.

 "Calling Down the Stars" booklet by Renee Starr.  Contains a mini course in celestial magic.

Miniature Armillary Sphere.  It is an astrological model of celestial longitude and latitude.  It is believed to have been created by the ancient Greeks or Chinese to represent how the universe looked and moved.  

 Lucid dreaming bag contains....

 ...herbs and Lapis Lazuli to help induce lucid dreaming.

Three cards to add to the Eclectic Witch cards from last month--Lucid Dreaming, the Lucid Dream Bag, and Meteorite.

Dreamland Mist.  Distilled water, lavender, and chamomile.
 Lucid Dream Votive.  A blend of Mugwort, Sage, Anise, and Chamomile.

Campo Del Cielo Meteorite.  Helps to connect to the energy of the stars.

Celestial Tapestry.  

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Saturday Quote

Humankind must be a steward of the Earth; Caretakers for
all that dwells upon it; To be of one heart with all things.

Human beings must learn to share the tears of every living
thing, To feel in our hearts the pain of the wounded animal,
each crushed blade of grass;

Mother Earth is our flesh; the rocks, our bones;
The rivers are the blood of our veins.

We are all children of God. Traditions are open to anyone
who wants to learn.

Huichol Holy Man

Friday, August 16, 2019

Friday Roundup

As Friday rolls around I look back at another busy week for me.  On Monday we were back in the center.  They have painted it peach, but not a very pretty peach.  It's the kind of dull peach that you get when you don't use a primer and paint over blue...and left the window sills blue.  I shouldn't really complain.  It was done for free, and it will probably look a lot better when they get all the stuff hung back on the walls.  

 I made this month's Chatterbox, our monthly newsletter.  This was at the party last month.  Sorry the picture is dark, but it's printed on colored paper so it is hard to get.  I am second from the end.

Wellness Group had been canceled on Monday, but I understood why.  First day bag after the painting and lots to be done.  Staff was so busy.  No time to run a group...and no space either.  Everything was piled onto our group table.  Tuesday was better.  Had computer class and found a few great websites to look into.  See, I knew these classes would help me in some way.

Tuesday night dinner.  My own recipe-- small elbows, chop meat, mixed veggies, tomato sauce, garlic, onion, green pepper, bay leaf, red pepper flakes, beef bullion, and a wee bit of Harissa spice.

On Wednesday I had an appointment with the ENT.  I knew it was going to be a waste of time and money and I was right.  A wasted trip. A wasted $45. A good doctor, but a waste of time anyway. I know from research nothing can be done. He checked out my ears. Looks good. Checked out my sinuses. Looks good. Come back in November. I did get a RX for Claritin which keeps my sinusitis at bay. At least he is honest and not like some ENT's that have you running about for all kinds of tests and try to push $5,000 hearing aids on you. He was blunt and told me in my case it is most likely age related, that I have lost the ability to hear some higher frequencies and when the brain tries to adjust to the changes, it unwittingly causes tinnitus.

I felt really bad because a friend from WW called on Wednesday to see if I was coming on Thursday.  I felt bad because, to be honest, I've been so wrapped up in my new friends that I have forgotten my old friends.  Have to find ways to include both in my life.  In October computer classes will be over, and I will once again have my Thursdays  free for my WW workshops. 

I bought a bunch of these in different sizes and colors.  Going to try my hand at bracelets, but for now, I made these earrings.  Still waiting for the rest of the leaves and flowers to arrive.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Tuesday Ramble

Tuesday morning and the rain is about to fall.  Oh my, such a wet summer we have had here in Brooklyn.  Was the first day back at the center yesterday, and many of us were disappointed with the dull peach it had been painted.  Looks like they used no primer and just gobbed the paint on.  But, it was for free so who are we to complain?  Will have to get a picture of it to show you.

Don't know if I mentioned this.  A week or so ago I was taking a hot cup of water out of the microwave to make my tea and somehow my hand slipped and scalding hot water burnt my breast.  Healing now, but it sure hurt for awhile.  Second degree burns.  Now I am ultra careful taking anything hot from the microwave. 

There are four little kitties out back where we keep the garbage.  They are all different and all about four months old.  One is black, one is gray, one is black and white, and another is tabby.  Probably four different fathers, and I know who each is.  What I don't know is who the mother is.  I'm hoping that maybe it is my Scout.  She disappeared several months ago.  It's too soon for them to be Ms. Gray's kittens.   

Tomorrow I have an appointment with the ENT.  Not sure anything can be done for the tinnitus, but I do hope he can help me with my sinuses.  I keep getting painful bouts of sinusitis.  Only thing that stops them is my allergy medication.  Funny thing is I never had allergies until this year and then they knocked me for a loop. 

Here are a few photos I took on our Sunday outing.

 That's the famous Wonder Wheel of Coney Island in the distance.  

 A cruise ship on the Atlantic Ocean.

Never saw one of these on the road.  Hubby says he sees them often, usually at night.  Looks like fun.

Have a wonderful day.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Monday Morning This and That

Good Monday morning.  All is starting back to normal this week, but I must tell you about the wonderful time I had last week.  Volunteers were painting the senior center, the first time it had been done in years, so the parsonage offered the center their backyard.  The staff set up tables and tents.  I was a bit afraid it wouldn't work out because of the weather forecast, but each day the rain held off until we were all safely home.

I swear, they treated us like kings and queens.  Food was fantastic.  

 Cheers to the cooks.

On Tuesday we had BBQ chicken that was so tender it fell of the bone, a delicious homemade pasta salad, and a tossed salad.  Pineapple for dessert.

On Wednesday we had a hot dog and a hamburger, with buns, corn on the cob, and an awesome homemade coleslaw.  Haven't tasted coleslaw that good in a long time.

On Thursday they didn't grill.  We had roast beef, 3 bean salad, pasta salad, watermelon and ice cream.

On Friday we had 

And all during the day, staff and volunteers were walking about offering water, lemonade, or ice tea.  We even had live entertainment on Thursday.  I swear, the fresh air made me come alive last week.  I absolutely loved it.  Every day a picnic atmosphere.  Here's a few photos I took:

Took this one before everyone got there.  Other tables were set up to accommodate the 60 people who showed up.

One of the staff.  She works the desk and signs us in.  Was a nurse before retiring.

 Another staff.  Such a sweetheart.

 My friend Marie.  An ex-school teacher.

 Bingo under the tent.

 Calling bingo.

My friend Dorothy.  That's Ruth sitting next to her.  She always has to be near Dorothy.

Some of the other tables they set up.  In the rear table are two of my WW buddies.

Two of my other friends, Beatrice and Henry.  He is almost blind and sure does love to dance.

Went to Applebees and a movie for hubby's birthday yesterday.  Managed to surprise him with a Happy Birthday from staff and an ice cream.  

Southwestern Steak Salad and virgin Pina Collada.

So this week we are back to a normal schedule.  I'm going to suggest that we try to do this once in awhile.  It does all of us good to be out there in the fresh air.

Have a good one.