Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thursday Photos

The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul.

Good morning, everyone.  Had a wonderful day yesterday.  After class I went to Coney Island for the afternoon.  The weather was warm and sunny.  Had a hot dog at the world famous Nathans...

I was good.  Had the hot dog but skipped the cheese fries. 

My son and I have a date for opening night here.  He's a regular on Blue Bloods and has gotten close to Donnie.  Hoping to get a picture with him.

Wouldn't catch me on this.

This man had a gadget that found metal in the sand.  He was up and down all day.  Said he found about $5.

All and all I had a wonderful day, so much different than last year.  I was heavier back then and had so much trouble just making it to the boardwalk.  I was short of breath and in so much pain that tears came out of my eyes.  I had to stop every few feet and almost turned back and went home.  This year was much different.  I had pain, yes, but not enough to stop me from going again.

Have a good one.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wednesday Quote

My first attempt at drawing a fairy

When you're touched by magic, nothing's ever quite the same again.
What really makes me sad is all those people who never have the
chance to know that touch. They're too busy, or they just don't hold
with make-believe, so they shut the door without really knowing it
was there to be opened in the first place.

Charles de Lint

Monday, April 27, 2015

Monday Morning This and That

We are responsible for what we are and what we wish ourselves to be; we have the power to make ourselves. If what we are now has been the result of our past actions, it certainly follows that whatever we wish to be in future can be produced by our present actions, so we have to know how to act.

Swami Vivekananda

Wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all a good morning as we start this new work week.  I didn't do much this weekend.  Had a report to write for Population Health, and that took up most of my time.  Been a long time since I had to write something so in depth.

I made the following this weekend.  Tasted so good.  I forgot to take a photo when I took it out of the oven.  Luckily I had some leftover.  Surprising even hubby, the cauliflower hater, loved it.

Roasted Spiced Cauliflower
Head of cauliflower
3 Tbs. Fat free butter
1 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp pepper
Mrs. Dash Extra Spicy
1/2 tsp turmeric
Dash of cinnamon 

Melt butter and mix it with the sugar and spices in large bowl. Add cauliflower and toss to coat. Lay pieces in a single layer on baking sheet and roast until Brown. I usually do about 20 minutes. 

Hard to believe that Beltane is almost here.  Certainly fooled me with these temperatures we've been having.  This is the time of year I should have the windows open and air out the stale winter apartment.  But, it's 37 degrees in the morning.  Brrr!!!!  What is with this weather? 

It's been over 3 weeks since I planted the Chia seeds, and of those I planted on the Chia sponge, not one of them sprouted.  The only Chia seeds that just started to sprout was the Cilantro I planted in my regular potting mix.

So I dumped all of them and replanted in my good potting soil. Waiting to see what happens.  If nothing in two weeks I am just going to buy my own seeds.  

My Forget-Me-Nots have sprouted...

And look how well my Moon Flowers are coming up.

That's about it for now.  Have a good one.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday Roundup

We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.

Mother Teresa

Yesterday I got on the bus to return home from Weight Watchers, and there was a guy on the bus giving her a hard time.  I sure gave her a lot of credit for keeping her cool because he was pretty darn rude.  He finally got off the stop before mine.  I pushed the button for my stop and moved up.  "Sorry you're having such a bad day." I told her.  She sighed and told me she was pretty used to this.  When I went to get off, I looked at her and smiled, "Hope the rest of your day is a good one".  She smiled back and said, "Thanks, you just made my day."
Brrr!!!  Winter has returned.  The sun was out for a short time, a very short time only. My hands were so cold I needed my gloves yesterday.  Big difference from those wonderfully warm days I spent in the park.

Coyotes in the city?  Who would have guessed?  Most of them are living in city parks, This is our fault.  Mankind and our need for more and more territory.  We've taken their land away, and they have no place to go.  Hope they don't decide to take up residence in my park.

I've reached a plateau in my weight loss.  After losing 33 pounds I gain .2, then lose .2, then stay the same.  Can't seem to move that scale any further.  Not giving up though.  I know exactly what it is.  Because of a fibro flare and now a bout with sciatica, I've been unable to walk as much as I was.  Perhaps in my haste I pushed myself too far too fast.  16 to 17 blocks a day is quite a bit for someone who is not used to long walks.  Now I am taking it easier.  3-4 blocks at a time, and I'll slowly move back into it.  

I am so, so happy.  I received mail yesterday from the New York State Department of Taxation.  My first response was, "Uh oh, here we go."  I am so afraid of them and the IRS.  Not that I am guilty of anything.  I've got to be the most honest person around, but sometimes we unintentionally make mistakes.  I've been audited before and paid what is due.  I was so fearful this time because I am so broke.  My son's birthday is this weekend, and I've no money for a gift.  I'd agreed to make him a lasagne dinner for he and his girlfriend, but I honestly didn't know where that money was coming from.  This living on a tight budget is all so new to me, and, in all honesty, being this broke was my own darned fault for being frivolous, but I am not going to get into that now.  I'm just going to do better from now on.

So, when I opened the letter I was thrilled to find a check for $348 from 2013.  I'd been audited again, but this time it went in my favor.  And this time I am going to use it wisely.  It's not often we are blessed so.  This time it's going into the bank and staying there.  No more money spent on Facebook game cards.  Yes, I was addicted, I admit it,  and learned my lesson the hard way.  That's why it's good to be back in classes with homework taking up much of my idle time.  By the way, I dropped out of Beginning Chinese and instead took up a course on population health.  So much better.

And with that I bid you a wonderful, fun-filled weekend.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thursday Pics

When I'm out in nature, I feel a stronger sense of gratitude
and awe, and I see more clearly just how beautiful this
world is. I need that feeling every once in a while if I'm to
keep a clear perspective in my daily life on just what is truly
important and just what isn't. We nourish our souls when
we get in touch with nature, and our souls are the part
of ourselves that we so often neglect.

Tom Walsh

Yesterday I packed up my lunch before leaving for class and afterwards, instead of going straight home, I got off the bus and sat in the park for awhile. What better way to spend Earth Day. It was a beautiful day with rain expected later in the afternoon and cooler temperatures on the way. So, I took advantage of it when I could. Not much to say today, but some pictures to show.

One view of the park. It sure does need a good cleaning.

From my bench.  I've started calling it my bench because this is where I always sit.  It's funny how we resist change in the smallest ways sometimes.  I sat on another bench and just was not comfortable.  As soon as the people left, I ran to sit on 'my' bench.

Directly over my head.

A nest on the pole?  Lots of chatter comes from there.

On the walk home.  A sure sign that summer is on its way.

Another sign of spring.

Look at all that beautiful nature.  Shame of it is that those are the subway tracks, and we aren't allowed any closer.  I'd love to walk through those woods.

Beautiful sky.  Do you see anything in this cloud?  I kind of see a kitty--two legs and tail, to outstretched front legs, not so sure about the head.  Maybe I am just seeing things in nothing now.

Hard to believe that rain was on the way.

Final stop was the fruit stand for Mandarins.  Picked up some blueberries along with Muscat grapes and Heirloom tomatoes.  Always finding something new at that store.  

Have a good one.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wednesday Quote

The question, "Which is the happiest season of life?" was asked of an aged man. And he replied: "When spring comes, and in the soft air the buds are breaking on the trees, and they are covered with blossoms, I think, 'How beautiful is spring'; and when summer comes and covers the trees with its heavy foliage, and singing birds are among the branches, I think, 'How beautiful is summer.' When autumn loads them with golden fruit, and their leaves bear the gorgeous tint of frost, I think, 'How beautiful is autumn.' And when it is severe winter, and there is neither foliage nor fruit, then I look up through the leafless branches as I never could until now, and see the stars shine in God's home. 


Happy Earth Day

Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday Morning This and That

The best kind of rain, of course, is a cozy rain. This is the kind the anonymous medieval poet makes me remember, the rain that falls on a day when you’d just as soon stay in bed a little longer, write letters or read a good book by the fire, take early tea with hot scones and jam and look out the streaked window with complacency.

Susan Allen Toth, England For All Seasons

Happy rainy Monday to all. It's coming down in torrents this morning. You know that I will be staying in. Have a wee bit of homework to complete and some letters to write. I do love having penpals. It just feels so good to find something in the mailbox other than bills.  I've given up on the gift swaps though.  Seems like I was always getting the wrong partner, the one who takes your gift but sends nothing in return. 

Spent some quality time in the park on Saturday. We actually hit 80 degrees. I packed myself a nice lunch--peanut butter and apple butter on a whole wheat Tumaro wrap, yogurt, and a mandarin. Sat and ate my lunch while I people watched and then read a bit on my Kindle before taking my slow walk home.

No leaves budding on the trees, but the sky was simply amazing.  
It will soon be two months since my little angel crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and still I cry for her every day.  I miss her so darn much. I don't cry all day like it used to be, but I will be sitting in my rocker, and suddenly it will hit me that she is not lying at my feet. I still find myself gazing at all her special places--her many pillow beds, her food dishes--and when I see them empty tears begin to flow. As I posted last week I've been blessed to have several signs from her--photo, feather, fur, rainbow--and  I feel blessed that she has reached out to me. The other night something amazing occurred. 

In her elder years, especially during this past year, Miss Minga had a habit of 'screaming' for me. She never wanted me to leave the room, and she didn't want to come with me either. She'd cry out for me, and if I happened to be busy in another room, she'd muster up all her strength and let out the loudest scream. To the neighbors, it probably sounded like she was being hurt, but it was only my little angel being her spoiled little self. "I want what I want when I want it." And I am so glad that I took the time to give her whatever she wanted. I have no regrets.

I was sound asleep, having a nice dream.  I totally remember the dream, and cats were definitely not a part of it.  Suddenly,  I was awakened by one of her loudest cries.   I awoke with such a start and headed for the living room to look for her.  Hubby was watching me perplexed.  I just KNOW that that was her. Not only did I recognize her voice, but I live in the rear of an apartment house. My windows all open to a little square courtyard that is enclosed on all sides by the building. There are definitely no cats there so it didn't come from outdoors.  She knew that when I was sleeping or near sleep, my vibration is the closest it can get to the vibration she is in now,  and she mustered up everything in her to reach out to me. What a precious gift that was! 

Last night I made Italian Salisbury Steak. Couldn't figure what to make with it so I settled on some veggie pasta. Very simple to make, and cheap.  Few ingredients.

1 Egg (beaten)
1 tsp. low sodium Worcestershire Sauce
1/2 cup seasoned Whole Wheat breadcrumbs
1/2 tsp. Garlic Powder
1/2 tsp Black Pepper
1 lb. lean ground beef
1 can Diced Tomatoes with basil, oregano, and garlic (do not drain)
1 can Tomato sauce
1/2 tsp. Red Pepper flakes (or as spicy as you like)

Mix first five ingredients.  Crumble beef into the mixture and mix well.  Shape into oval patties and brown on both sides.  Pour diced tomatoes and tomato sauce over the meat.  Season with red pepper flakes.  Bring to boil and simmer until done. 

Hubby doesn't like tomatoes, but he does like tomato sauce.  Go figure. So after sauce cooled somewhat I put it in the blender. 

Have a good one.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Roundup

Good morning. Ni hao ma. That's 'how are you' in Chinese.  Probably all I will master in this course.  I've always been poor at second languages.     It's a rainy morning  here so indoor plans are in order.  I just got a new book on drawing and painting fairyland, and this will give me a chance to read it. 

I've had a busy week.  First day at Curanderismo and Chinese class.  I love curanderismo, but not too keen on Chinese.  I guess I have to give it some time.  Spent a lot of time in the park on Wednesday after class.  Packed my lunch and brought it with me.  I've discovered Tumaro wraps.  Low in carbs, 60 calories, and only 2 WW points.  Had it with peanut butter and apple butter. 

Dinner the other night.  Cumin Spiced Pork with Chimichurra.  The Chimichurra called for one clove garlic. I love garlic and used three. Also used Italian parsley, cilantro, scallions, red wine vinegar, Olive oil and a wee bit of oil. The recipe called for pork tenderloin but I used pork strips sprinkled with cumin, added peppers, and cooked in my green pan rather than grill pan.

 For the Chimichurra.

Planning on heading to the park tomorrow to take advantage of this wonderful spring weather before the heat falls upon us.  I'm not good in the summer.  I cannot handle heat and humidity very well which is why, aside from snow and ice, I prefer winter if I had to chose between the two.  At least you can pile on layers and get warm. 

Got this book from Amazon yesterday. Looking forward to curling up on my chair and reading it.  Wondering if anyone here has read it.  Any thoughts?

Well, I'll be signing off for this week.  Hope you all have a good one.  May your weekend be filled with lots of rest, laughter, and love.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wednesday Quote

There is a road in the hearts of all of us, hidden and seldom traveled,
which leads to an unknown, secret place.
The old people came literally to love the soil,
and they sat or reclined on the ground with a feeling of
being close to a mothering power.
Their teepees were built upon the earth
and their altars were made of earth.
The soul was soothing, strengthening, cleansing and healing.
That is why the old Indian still sits upon the earth instead of
propping himself up and away from its life giving forces.
For him, to sit or lie upon the ground is to be able to think more deeply
and to feel more keenly. He can see more clearly into the mysteries of
life and come closer in kinship to other lives about him.

Chief Luther Standing Bear

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Signs from the Otherworld

 The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.  The must be felt with the heart.

Helen Keller

All my life I have believed that there was something more, that death was not the end. One life is not enough to experience all there is to experience.  And one life does nothing to explain the disparities among our status at birth.  Why are some born poor while others rich?  Why are some born sickly while others are gifted with health?  Why do some die young while others live to a ripe old age?  

Yes, this is what I believed in until my son had his near death experience.  When a nurse asked him what he saw, he responded 'nothing', I saw nothing.  One moment I was riding in the with my friend, and the next thing I remember is waking up with the doctors and nurses hovering over me.  And I began to question my beliefs.  But, then when I had a chance to think about it, I thought about people and dreams--some people remember all them while some people don't remember any.  And, if there is nothingness after death, how do I explain the many different experiences with the Otherworld I have had throughout the years. 

There was the Angel who saved my life 40 years ago and the brand new makeup that went missing off my dresser the day I bought it, never to be found again.  The radios turning themselves on at 2 am every morning.  Or the woman who visited us every night when we went to bed, always on my side of the bed as if someone were watching over me.  I always thought it was my maternal grandmother, but after 60 years I cannot remember the scent of her cologne, but I do remember how she loved her Hydrangea bushes and how her front yard used to smell.  The other night that scent seemed to permeate my room, and I knew my grandma was paying me a visit.  

For months prior to Miss Minga's passing I'd been feeling a cat rub against my legs or heard the the clicking of its claws as it made its way across my living room floor.  I often thought that might be Miss Minga's daughter, Twinkie, waiting to help her mom with the transition. Miss Minga was fast asleep at my feet.  Since her passing, that has all disappeared.  Now Miss Minga has been visiting me, and leaving visible proof that she was there.   In fact, it is actually very common for people to receive some sort of sign or message after the passing of a beloved pet.

First I found the fur next to my computer. I know it was not there before I went to bed because I had just been sitting at the computer the night before, and it wasn't there.  Actually, I'd spent the previous day scouring the living room looking for some.  In her old age, Miss Minga's fur would fall out in small clumps when new fur had grown in underneath.   I couldn't find any.  The next morning this was by my computer.

Rainbows are a common sign.  Last Sunday I went to church and afterward headed to Met Food to purchase a few items for Sunday lunch.  For some reason I was drawn to the cat food and as I gazed at her favorite foods, tears came to my eyes and I had to pull myself away before I lost it.  Then, as I was waiting for the bus, I looked down, and there it was...a rainbow on the ground right at my feet, just as she used to lie at my feet. (The tip of the cane and the boot are mine) I have waited for this bus hundreds of times and NEVER saw anything like this.

A few days ago I found a white feather under the dining room table in the exact spot Miss Minga used to lie when I was sitting there.  White feathers are very well known as a sign from our loved ones that they are happy and are visiting us.

And finally, the picture I found on my phone, the picture I didn't take.  Notice Miss Minga's face on the right.  Look a little lower, and you will see the smaller, back of a head and ears of a darker cat.  Twinkie?

I've been blessed with these signs from my girl, my special little angel.  I know she is with me, watching over me.  Perhaps one day the tears will stop. 

How about you?  Any signs or symbols from the Otherworld be it human or pet?  Would love to hear about it.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Monday Morning This and That

Sometimes the easiest to understand grains of wisdom are the best. I am glad and grateful to read this as I start my new week! May you live every day of your life. 

Jonathan Swift

Happy Monday.  I may be in pain, but my spirits are high thanks to the wonderful spring weather these past few days.  Even made it to the park for awhile yesterday and savored the warm spring breeze.  Took my sketch pad along with me, but nothing caught my eye, so I sat and wrote letters to my penpals instead. (I go prepared).  

I've signed up for some classes.  The first I will begin this week, and I am so excited.  I've always been into alternative treatment, herbs, vitamins, etc. so this course on 'Curanderismo', traditional medicine of Mexico, is right up my alley.  The course will cover herbs, tinctures, juice therapy, acupuncture, and healing through water to name a few.  So looking forward to it.

I've also signed up for 'Chinese for Beginners'.  I live a block away from Brooklyn's Chinatown, and it would be nice to be able to have a basic understanding of their language. Also signed up for 'Economic Issues, Food and You".  Don't know if I will like that one, but I do want to take up nutrition and health, and I guess the present state of economics has a lot to do with the food we put on the table. 

Speaking of food, I made the following dish the other day, and it was so healthy and delicious I had to share it with you.

Boneless Chicken Breasts
Yellow, Orange, and Red Sweet Mini Peppers, sliced
Green Pepper, sliced
Italian Seasoning
Sazon Goya Low Sodium Seasoning
Dash of Cayenne Pepper
Balsamic Vinegar
I love using these sweet mini peppers.

Marinate all ingredients in a plastic bag in refrigerator for 'at least' five hours. Spray baking pan with Pam.  I use Pam Purely Olive Oil.  Bake in oven until chicken is lightly browned on both sides and thoroughly cooked.

Well, that was it for my weekend.  How was yours?

Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Roundup

 There is one spectacle grander than the sea,
That is the sky;
There is one spectacle grander than the sky,
That is the interior of the soul.

Victor Hugo

Good Morning, everyone.  What weather we have been having, huh?  Yesterday it seemed more like late Autumn than Spring.  Heck, when I opened the door to leave Weight Watchers yesterday, a pile of dead leaves blew in.  Sure felt and looked like snow.  Actually needed my gloves and hadn't brought them.  Today the rain may not be falling at the moment, but it is gray and damp with more rain on the way.  The good thing is that it will be warming up, and we are in for a great weekend of weather.

Lost another .08 pounds this week.  Slow and sure is the way to go if one hopes to keep it off in the long run.  Lost 33.2 pounds so far.  Have another 30 to go.  That will take off all the weight I gained since I stopped smoking.  After that I will go from there, and see if any more has to come off.  I could just shoot myself for gaining all this weight and that "I don't care" attitude I held onto for so long. But, no sense crying over spilled milk.  I can't take it back. All I can do now is move on and take better care of myself in the future. 

Hubby is doing great now.  The liver medication worked, and he is now in total remission.  And his erratic tests results on his kidneys have also stabilized.  I know the medication works wonders, but I also know that proper nutrition helps a lot.  Everything I cook, I make from scratch.  Always have.  Even when I was doing that crazy two weeks worth of cooking while I was working.  Only difference is my menu is now more varied.

Not much on the agenda this weekend.  Been having a hard time getting around because of all this pain--fibro flareup.  I DO make sure I get out though. If Saturday is warm enough, I am hoping to go to the park with my sketchbook.  That's something I always wanted to do...and at least now I can do more than a lopsided stick figure. LOL!!!

Lately I have been experiencing many signs from the Otherworld, both from Miss Minga and from, I am almost positive, my grandmother.  I know many may think this is wishful thinking on my part, but I have visible proof of most of it.  Next week I will share it with you.  Perhaps I am more open now than I once was.  I don't know, but whatever the cause I find myself paying more attention to the signs and symbols that appear around me.

Well, that's about it for this week.  Let's hope Spring finally arrives for good next week.  Have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Wednesday Quote

Yes, I felt closer to my fellow human beings, too, even in my solitude. For it is not physical solitude that actually separates one from others, not physical isolation, but spiritual isolation. It is not the desert island nor the stony wilderness that cuts you from the people you love. It is the wilderness in the mind, the desert wastes in the heart through which one wanders lost and a stranger. When one is a stranger to oneself than one is estranged from others, too. In one is out of touch with oneself, then one cannot touch others. How often in a large city, shaking hands with my friends, I have felt the wilderness stretching between us. Both of us were wandering in arid wastes, having lost the springs that nourished us--or having found them dry. Only when one is connected to one's own core is one connected to others, I am beginning to discover. And, for me, the core, the inner spring, can best be refound through solitude.

Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tuesday 'What do you Think?"

Constant complaint is the poorest sort of pay for all the comforts we enjoy.

Benjamin Franklin

Morning all.  Rain on the radar for today, tomorrow, and Thursday.  Not liking it too much, but it is April so I can't complain.  I've been feeling kind of down lately.  Major flare of my fibro. Don't know whether it is the change in weather, or maybe I've been pushing myself too hard.  All I know is I hurt right now.  But, I don't allow it to keep me down.  This morning I am off to art class.  Speaking of art class...

My first attempt at drawing a fairy.  I used watercolor pencils.  Didn't even know they had them until a peer in art class showed them to me.

Okay, question for you all.  Need some advice.  As you probably know, I belong to a couple of penpal groups on FB, and have been corresponding with a few very nice women...and one cranky old bitty, who, as you have probably guessed, I'd like to stop writing to.  It all started out okay with her, but then I began noticing that she was criticizing her penpals on the group.  For example, she posted that one of her penpals 'places her words too close to each other, and could she please spread them apart so that she could read it'. The NERVE of her.  The woman is supposed to change her style of writing for her?  I also correspond with the woman in question, and I have no problem in reading her letters.

To another she posted not to send letters on pink paper anymore.  She can't read letters on any color paper but white.  What the ....?  And she complained that another writes too short letters.  When someone commented that perhaps she would get longer letters if she asked questions of her penpals because then they would have something to write about, she remained silent.

And that's true.  She has never asked me a question, but she did have the NERVE to ask me not to put perfume on her letters.  How laughable is that?  I live on a limited budget.  I am not going to waste my precious cologne spraying a letter going out to her.  Probably when my arm rubbed against the letter it left some scent on it, but I WILL NOT take a shower to specifically write to write her letter.

And talk about atrocious handwriting.  I could barely understand half of her letter.  She wrote something about a family issue and I offered sympathetic advice to be rather rudely told "You didn't read what I said correctly.  I said that..."  I would have said something like  "I'm sorry if I didn't explain myself properly" or "I'm sorry you misunderstood."  I would never automatically accuse someone of not reading their letter properly.

Needless to say, after reading this letter I had a knot in my tummy, and decided I didn't want to write her anymore.  This is supposed to be fun.  I shouldn't have to feel like a student sending my paper off to be graded and then receiving a stern correction.  But, I also don't want to hurt feelings, either, no matter how cranky a bitty she is.  I'm thinking of just not writing anymore and hoping she doesn't even notice, but what if she does?  What do I tell her?  Or should I just tell her upfront I don't want to be penpals any longer?  I do for bad for her.  How can one 'really' be happy when they are so miserable with everything?  What would you do?

Have a good one.  Stay dry. 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Monday Morning This and That

Without mysteries, life would be very dull indeed. What would
be left to strive for if everything were known?

Charles DeLint

Good morning, everyone.  Another Monday, another week begins.  I had a nice weekend despite the fact that I had about 4 hours sleep in three nights.  For about three days there was  an awful beeping in the courtyard.  Sounded like an overly loud alarm clock. Tick tock, tick tock.  I thought originally it was a smoke alarm with a battery dying out, but then I thought, no one could possibly live with that incessant beeping in their home...and besides it would stop for a few hours at a time and then begin again. Made me think that perhaps the new people next door had set up an alarm on their home.  Seemed to coincide with their moving in, and perhaps they turned it on when they weren't there.  So, when I saw the light on I marched over there, my jammies under my coat, and asked.  Not them. And they were the nicest people.  

Then I thought maybe the timer on the outside light was acting up.  By now I was desperate.  I needed some sleep.  It was starting to effect my health.  I was getting light-headed, cranky, and had stomach pain from stress. On Sunday I went around the block seeing if it was coming from something over there.

Well, early Sunday morn, about 12:30 am to be exact, it started beeping and didn't stop until after I returned from church.  By then I had left a message on the super's phone, and he had gone to check on it.  You will never guess what it was. Recently tenants upstairs moved out and when someone moves, they completely redo the apartment. This time they used a new company who lowered all the wood and other garbage from the third floor window and left it all there. In one of the garbage bags containing their tools was the smoke alarm from the apartment. I guess I was right in the first place. Sleep felt mighty good last night.

On Saturday I made a huge pan of lasagne with beef and sausage, and my son came over since he couldn't make it for Easter. I really ate more than I should have.

Went to church on Sunday.  The altar was gorgeous, my sinuses were not.  Couldn't smell any of these wonderful flowers.

Outside the church.  Note the police presence.

Inside the church.

They were so friendly.  Even posed for a picture.

Yesterday's dinner.  Chicken Paprikash simmering on the stove.   Those who eat at my house never know what kind of ethnic food I will be serving.

And that's pretty much it for my weekend.  Felt real good to get some sleep last night.

Have a good one.