Saturday, July 31, 2010


Good Saturday afternoon.  It's a gorgeous day outdoors.  I was out in the back for awhile today just soaking in the breeze, and it was wonderful to have the place to myself...for awhile at least...because it wasn't long before the next yard was filled with about 20 kids who immediately ran over to the fence to gawk.  I'm an alien, you know.  LOL!!!  Seriously, though, it's very annoying to have a bunch of little kids laughing and teasing you. I am 63 years old, not a child, and it's so disheartening when kids act that way.  I am fascinated with the religion, but I just wish the mom's would teach their kids some manners...or at least pay attention to them.  Maybe if they SAW what they were doing.... 

The next principle of Huna that we will discuss is MANA (all power comes from within); this is often a misunderstood word which is usually taken to mean energy alone. But it means so much more.  Mana is the energy that gives us life; it is our life force, the energy that you can utilize to create what you want to be experiencing in your life.  It is the power of the waves of the sea; the wind that blows across the land and the sea. Mana is found within the trees, the rocks, and all the rest of the elements and objects of our natural Universe...including the earth herself. It is the source of power within each thing in this great Universe of ours. 

Most of us in Western society have been raised to believe that power comes from without...from the Sky God who is separate from his creation, from our government, from our spouse...our parents...virtually any place but within oneself.  We give our power away.  But, even though there are laws in our society, at our places of employment, laws that we must obey, no person can have power over our destiny unless we allow them to have that power.  No other person can have power over you unless YOU decide to let him/her have it.  When we think that another person has more power over our lives, we diminish our own power...a lesson I very painfully learned.  The same holds true that no one else can make us unhappy.  We make ourselves unhappy or sad because others don't act the way you want them to or the way you think they should.

The key to  creating comes from owning our own recognizing that we have the power in our lives...and acting in ways that express this.  One way we might do this is to begin speaking with authority when we talk about what we believe about ourselves and what works in our lives. Each of us has free will. For example, if we choose to live in a certain country, then we also CHOOSE to abide by its laws or be punished for various transgressions against those laws. This is where we hold power.  The Mana flows through us and gives us the power to do what we believe we can do.  

Thus, when you begin working to consciously create what it is you want to experience in your life, it would be helpful also to notice how you might be habitually reacting to situations and then choose to respond with awareness in a way that serves you in your life.  Remember what works and forget what doesn't. Remember how long I was unhappy about and ranted about my office mate until I found a way that worked?  You will find that when things begin to flow more easily, it is easier for you to remain positive....and when you are being positive, everything also flows more easily.


  1. As for the gaggle of kids next door, you are waaaaaaaay to polite and well-mannered to do what I would do...which is to knock on their door and stare at the Mother until she asked me what I needed/wanted at which point I would say "I need you to speak to your children about staring at me like this (cue to make the creepy staring face) while I'm outside enjoying my yard". I'd be happy to come over and take care of it for ya ; )

  2. Unfortunately, I wish it was that easy. We're actually amongst the minority here, and suffice it to say, that these people have a great deal of power here. Why, at one point even the police would not ticket their cars because of riots. They pretty much do as they please. Let's just say it is the fundamentalist version of a very old religion.

  3. More parents that just send them out the door just to be free of them.

  4. There are few things worse, than out-of-control kids. :-( I'm so sorry you don't have peaceful privacy, from such. :-(

    "We make ourselves unhappy or sad because others don't act the way you want them to or the way you think they should. "

    Oh wow yes!!! Now I'll just go and write that about 9,900 times. And maybe, just maybe, it will begin to sink in and stick, for me. -sighhhhh-

    All kidding aside though, I know it, but it's so hard to remember. Duhhh me. Thank you for the reminder.

    Gentle hugs on a lovely evening, of a day with was a purrrrrfect Summer day, it seems.... :-)

  5. Or in the words of Yoda: The force will be with you... always! :)

  6. Good morning Mary! So very sorry to hear about the kids. I don't blame the kids, I do blame the parents for the behavior of their children. I do feel sorry for the children, it seems that no one wants to spend any time with them or be "bothered" with them. How sad... You are so right, it is so much nicer to be positive. I have learned not to allow anyone to have any control over me or my attitude. It sounds like your weather gave you a little break from the heat. The breeze sounds soooo nice! We are still having evening storms, so it is still very hot and humid. Wishing you a tranquil weekend!


  7. Mary I know exactly which religion you are referring to. I grew up near Lakewood NJ and that is basically the entire town. I think the community in NY is "connected" if ya know what I least that's what I've heard anyway.

  8. oh mary... I am so sorry for your incident with the kids... That is one thing I have strived to teach my kids and grandkids... there are so many different people out in the world.... and to some you are as different as they are to you...

    I can say that some will learn and others will not learn as well. It is something somewhat born in a character as one. Plus also ignorance sometimes makes one do strange things... that later we may look back and see the true folly of our ways... even a child.

    hope you have a blessed lammas..