Friday, July 30, 2010


Good morning, everyone.  It's Friday.  Another work week done.  Seems like it was only yesterday that I last said that.  Wish I could find a way to make time slow down.  Well, the weather has cooled off some, and it was quite pleasurable out today.  The only unfortunate thing is that we didn't get much of the promised rain yesterday.  Only a brief shower in the morning.  The trees and the plants...and the grass desperately need this rain.  I looked this morning and my neighbors lawn was strawlike and yellow.  Where has the beauty of summer gone?

The fifth principle of Huna is ALOHA--To love is to be happy. The universe exists because of love.   What a wonderful principle, isn't it?  Aloha is so often taken to mean only hello and good-bye. But, Aloha is so much more than what most of us think of as love. In fact, Aloha has so many meanings that it is like an underlying tone for living life.  The Hawaiians use the idea of Aloha to define their society and their philosophy of life.   As with most Hawaiian words, each syllable of ALOHA is a sacred sound and its own esoteric meaning.  

A = AKAHAI =Kindness to be expressed with tenderness.
L -Lokahi = Working with and in unity, to be expressed with harmony.
O = Oiaio = Truth; honesty...being authentic to the self       responsible to others.
H = HAA-HAA = Humility, to be expressed with modesty.
A = AHONUI = Patient perserverence.  

Being in Aloha allows one to see that the universe exists because of love in its being and becoming, and that the more love you create in your world, the happier you are and the better everything actually is.  To love is to be happy with.  Aloha requires loving without conditions...accepting and not judging.  The more we can allow ourselves to be in Aloha, the easier it is to think positive thoughts about ourselves and those around us...which, in turn, creates more love and joy for us all...(MAKIA =Principle 3 = energy flows where attention goes.)  

Huna Prayer
By Max Freedom Long

If I have hurt someone today
With thought or word or deed,
Or failed another in his need,
I now repent.
If I can take those steps again,
Tomorrow will I make amends
And heal with love those hurts.
I do this pledge.
And if a hurt has struck me deep
And no amends are made,
I ask the light to balance all.
I count the debt as paid.
Parental Spirits whom I love,
And who I know love me,
Reach through the door I open wide.
Make clear my path to Thee.
So mote it be!


  1. Only rained briefly in my neck of MA also.
    Ahhhhhh, but yes's outdoors doable.
    Have a gr8 weekend Marliyn. (((hugs)))

  2. I would love to have some rain... what rain we did have come went all around us... the next stretch looks to be very hot and dry....

  3. Would love to share some of our rain. Once again we're being drownded. X.