Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Nature's Wisdom

Good morning.  Rain's in the forecast today, and it looks as though this time they may have finally gotten it right.  We sure could use some about now what with another heat wave on its way.  The heat seems to be non-ending this year...just when  you think there might be some relief, it heads back up in the 90's again.  

"Listen to all of the teachers in the woods.  Watch the trees, the animals, and all the living things--you'll learn more from them than books."--Joe Coyhis--

You know, I've always been an animal lover, always been as close to nature as I can get.  Perhaps that's why I have always refused to live in anything other than a first-floor apartment with a back yard.  That way I can be as close to nature as I can get while living in the city.  So, I ask myself now...why has it taken me 63 years to show interest in learning about the omens and symbols of nature?  Perhaps it is because I am settled.  When I was younger, I loved nothing more than a night out...and it wasn't a night out in my yard. No, I absolutely loved the New York City nightlife.  Now that I am older, I cherish a quiet night out in my yard.  Nothing gives me more peace and serenity.

Remember I said at the eclipse I wanted to learn more about animal totems and such?  Well, I've recently started reading Spirits of the Earth: A Guide to Native American Nature Symbols, Stories, and Ceremonies by Bobby Lake-Thom...a book I've had on hand for awhile and have done nothing with except for admiring the cover.  Now that I have started reading it, I cannot put it down.  Already I have learned so much.  I've always known that nature sends us messages about the 'big things' such as the weather..."Red sky tonight, sailor's delight."   But, there are so many other little signs that we fail to pay attention to...or scoff at as nonsense.  

But, the fact is, there is so much we can learn from nature...if we only pay attention to what is being said.  For example...

...that time so long ago when I was just a little girl sitting in church.  I looked down on my lap to see the largest bumble bee one earth (or so I thought) walking along on my lap.  My stomach tightened as I felt the grip of fear take over my body.  I couldn't move, so fearful that if I did, bee would sting.  Out of all the laps in the church, why did he choose mine?  What message did he have for me that day?  And then there is...

...Robin, who came into my life so unexpectedly and stayed with me for a little over a year before crossing over.  What was Robin's message to me?...

...And Mouse.  Well, this is an easy one.  I was watching television one night, oh, about 20 years ago, when a mouse wandered out onto the middle of the floor and began running in circles.  Early the next morning as I was lying in bed, I heard a rumbling and felt a slight shaking of the house. Then it went away.  Later, when I arose, I found out there had been an earthquake on Long Island which had been felt all the way into the city....

...and Crow, who, last year found his way to my back fence and became a daily visitor...

Or Cardinal, Squirrel, Raccoon, and now Oppossum.  What of their messages?  And then there are the insects...the spiders, the bees, the fireflys, the butterflies...what of their message?  Or the trees, the rocks...there is just so, so much to pay attention to.  

Animals have been living on Earth and dealing with nature a lot longer than us.  A pet can sense an illness with their owner before their owner does. birds, insects, and other animals have evolved and adapted to deal with floods, changes in the climate...other dangers that occur in their lives.  Paying attention to and using their reactions and knowledge can help us to deal with our own dangers.  


  1. I'd love to learn all those things...unfortunately, my attention span is not long enough...and my memory...I forget, what were we talking about?

  2. Most bugs I find inside I gently place outside,except for flys,mosquitos and ants.
    Japanese beetles & aphids that find their way to my flowers,I am not kind to either.
    Spiders and little four footed critters don't freak me out.
    My ex co-workers loved me for excorting those things out the door. :0)
    Never learned the how & why they are here, but know there has to be a good reason.
    Like food for another of God's creatures & to keep the amount of some bugs down for a few.

  3. I don't believe it. I posted about the same thing on my blog (changes with seasons, not home of the faeries). I read Animal Speak by Ted Andrews. He writes about the spiritual meaning of animals. It is truly an amazing book. I will look for your book as well,as I find this subject fascinating.

    I think I blogged a long time ago about my mother's hibiscus plant. She looked after it for years and it is a big one. As big as me. When Mom died I took this plant. It bloomed well for me for a few years and then stopped blooming altogether. Last year, there was one bloom - on my mother's birthday. It hasn't bloomed since. Coincidence? I think not.

  4. This sounds like a very interesting book Mary. I will be looking it up.


  5. Mary - I had to come back and make another comment on this post today, Wednesday - in my Celtic Spirit essay book today the essay was on The Language of Birds - you might want to check it out... also I put up a post script on the plight of the birds in the oil debacle of the Gulf. Sign, so, so sad.


  6. I would love to learn more about this. We have had so many dragon fly's, they are all different colors, this year. The doves and cardinals are always here.


  7. Very interesting post. I have to be quite frank and honest with you, I have never ever ever been an animal lover. My youngest daughter on the other hand is drawn to them as they are to her. I believe my fear came from being attacked by a dog when I was little and just never wanted anything to do with animals after that. With that being said...this year I have noticed more butterflies, bees, cardinals and other birds in my yard than ever before. And the rabbits just love out yard. I counted ten of them one time just chilling out. And we do not seem to bother them one bit. They know they are safe I guess is why they do not run off when we go out in the evenings.
    I found Wendy's comment to be something that I have experienced as well. See, my family now lives in the home that my husband grew up in. We gutted it from the inside out and redone everthing (but that is another blog topic). However, my father in law loved his yard and had a beautiful rose garden. When he passed on, no one here to tend to it and eventually my mother and I cut through it all and tore them all out. I mean down to the root: however the following year one rose bush came back up and I have left it there ever since. I believe it must have been Bill's favorite one and he just couldn't bear to see it go too. And amazingly enough each year it blooms. It has even bloomed two colors. One year it was pink.

    Now that I have rambled long enough I will go- hope your staying cool in this horrid humidity.