Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday Ramble

"It's raining; it's pouring, the old man is snoring. He went to bed and bumped his head and couldn't get up in the morning."

Remember when we were kids and how we used to say this little rhyme every time it rained?  Ever wondered where it came from?  In all honesty, no one really knows.  Some suggested it started in England which is renown for its rainy weather...sung by children when they couldn't go out and play.  But no one knows for sure; it's just another one of those little tidbits bouncing around out there that lack an explanation.

Well, it is raining, but it's not pouring...and it has done nothing to quelch this darned humidity..hope it at least helps save the trees and the other greenery that is dying all around me.  It's not so hot out today, but by the time I got on the train, the sweat was beginning to run into my eyes.  And, tomorrow, it will be going back into the 90's again...with at least a four-day heatwave.  That's another one I don't understand.  Why does it have to be in the 90's to be a heatwave?  The upper 80's are pretty darned hot, too.  This morning I was wishing I was rich so I could relocate in a country with cool temperatures for the duration of the summer.  The winter of Australia sounds pretty darned good right about now.

Hey, before I forget, I think you all would be pretty proud of me.  Yesterday I had an incident with my office mate and haven't let it bring me least not all the way.  It hurts, I won't deny that, but when you don't do the right thing, sooner or later it catches up to you...and that's exactly what happened to her yesterday.  She comes in late and leaves early every day; no one says a word.   But let the rest of us do it.  Immediately, we're told to put the time on the calendar.  

So, yesterday, I'm scheduled to run "Women's Group" at 10 am; the nurse is scheduled to run "Men's Health" at the same time; and my office-mate is scheduled to run "Stress Management".  It's 10:25 and my group of 12 women is in full swing.  The ladies' look forward to this group because they have a chance to talk about issues they cannot share about in front of the, menstruation, childbirth, relationship issues,  weight name a few.  Then, suddenly, there is a knock at the door.

It's my superviser.  It seems my office mate had not arrived yet, there are two clients who came to the program drunk who the nurse has to tend to since they are her clients, and there is only myself, my superviser, the nurse, and one other counselor...all to handle 3 groups and these 2 emergency clients.  Totally, totally unfair...not only to the  rest of the staff, but to my women.  

I replied to may superviser,"NOW????  My ladies are already sharing on a topic and you want me to go in there and tell them that group is over?...that they have to go combine with another group?....and just because one counselor does whatever she wants and gets away with it?...Did you not think this would come back and bite you in the ass one day?  Well, it has, and I am not doing it.  I am not covering her ass."

Don't know where I got the courage to speak to my superviser like that;  I guess I am just fed up with it all.  At 10:35 my co-worker finally arrived.  I went back to run my group.  The other counselors both went to my supervisor during that time and expressed their feelings as well.  My courage rubbed off on the others who've been frustrated with her special treatment as well.  And then, after group my supervisor calls my co-worker into the office.

Well, I don't know what was said, but it seems "I" am now the target of my co-workers anger. She refuses to speak to me and slams the door when she goes in and out.  I'm always bringing her food from the restaurant where my son works, but yesterday, she was ordering out and didn't even ask me if I wanted something.  It just so happened that I didn't have lunch.  I'm sorry, but that hurts.  I know I was right, but it still hurts to be treated so meanly.   And my question is, if YOU are the one who was in the wrong, how can you take it out on others? 

I have no answer for that one either.  Fortunately, I had my trusted headphones and music which got me through the day.  I'm not gonna lie to you and say they were the cure.  Yes, some of the negativity rubbed off on me. When the negativity is so close to you, and you are an empath, it's very hard to avoid it...but that's something I continue to work on.  I've got a ways to go, but I am getting better. 

"Sensitive souls draw in the negativity of others because they are so open."--John Gray

Thanks for letting me share and get that off my chest today.


  1. Good for you for refusing to enable your co-worker's prima donna behaviour!

  2. ~mary...good for you for taking a stand...there is no excuse for someone to waltz around and come and go as they are right for being frustrated and taking a stand...weird how courage may rise when we are least expecting just have to grab hold and let it is selfish of her to to such to you all and those relying on you...her anger is probably from shame and embarrassment...chin up and walk were not in the wrong and if she feels the need to walk around as a child putting of her negative vibes well so be it...keep smiling and eventually she may realize its not worth being angry and grumpy towards others...its down right draining...well sorry for the long winded reply...i wish for you a joyful day...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  3. Proud of're okay and she's just being ornery because she might have lost her privilege...

  4. I love rainy days.... they bring so much blessings...


  5. Good for you, Mary. Well done! :)

    It isn't raining here either. I wish it was. We need thunder and rain and almost a miracle to have some cool, comfortable air again!

  6. Hooray for you Mary & shame on your supervisor for allowing this to go on.
    It should never have gotten to that point, but since it did.................Tough Shit for your co-worker!
    She is embarrassed & she is just continuing her unprofessional behaviour.
    She is probably someone's Princess. ugh!
    Home is home & work is work !
    She is using reverse physcology on you by
    putting you on the defensive.
    Hold your head high my friend & don't fall into her trap. (((hugs)))

  7. You have no idea how happy and proud I am! It's about time too! People do have some nerve, so easy to blame others instead of carrying the burden of being wrong. Childish and irresponsible. Continue my dear friend, you are on the right path! XO (I'm already cringing waiting for the disgusting heat, ugh!)

  8. a "good for you" from me too...i'm a lot like you but i think we know when enough is enough.

  9. So proud of you Mary for saying what should have been said a long time ago. Shame on her and your supervisor! Wet, hot and humid here too. Suppose to be that way through Saturday.