Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

And a good morning to all.  It's a gray day today; the sun is not in sight, but it is just a great day.  It's cool, and there is a wonderful breeze...a short respite in the midst of torturous weather.  It's so sad to see the trees and grasses dying this early in the year.

Thanks everyone, for your comments yesterday.  It's actually quite uncomfortable here.  Can you imagine how it is to have to share an office with someone who doesn't even say good morning or good night?  Well, it's tough that she should feel that way; after all, I and my other co-workers are expected to arrive on time.  What makes her so different?  If I didn't have to share an office with her, the snubs wouldn't really bother me, but there is such an unhealthy aura in there the past few days.  I'm struggling so hard not to let it affect me, but gosh, I have to admit that it's hard.  

Speaking of auras, I was reading something recently that reminded me of something that occurred over 20 years ago.  At one time, a New Age fair was held in the city every year.  It was really special with lots of lectures, booths, books, experiments...I always looked forward to it and tried to attend as many lectures as I could.  One of these was on seeing auras.  The lecturer discussing ways to teach ourselves to see auras, and at one point, he turned on some type of machine that allowed us all to see each other's aura.  I have no idea today what it was, but I do remember it as being fascinating...and although I have never learned to "see" auras, I have learned to sense them all about me.  

"The aura given out by a person is as much a part of them as their flesh."--Lucien Freud

All living things that need oxygen to survive--people, plants, animals--have an energy field that can be sensed, felt, and even sometimes seen around the physical body.  Sometimes we even use them to describe the people around us..."She has a glow about her."..."Such a dark aura surrounds him."...We can also tell when someone is full of anger or if someone really does live within their heart.  Sometimes when a person walks past you, very close, they unintentionally take some of your energy.  This explains a common phenomena here on the New York City Subway system when someone squeezes in next to you, they are in "your space."  It's actually quite an uncomfortable feeling. I know for myself, I feel my whole body tensing up; I can no longer concentrate on my reading.  I want to move, but where would I go? Not only are they draining your energy, but you also are picking up on the emotional, spiritual, and and physical aspects of the other person...and this may not be very good.  Thus, no matter how pure a channel you may be, you still pick up on other people's  stuff. Thus, it is always good to cleanse your aura.

Dried sage is an excellent herb to cleanse both the self and your home from negative energy.  Burn a few leaves in a pot, and when the smoke fills the room, hold an intention that this is a strong energetic cleansing and realize that you are protecting the entire area.  You may want to chant "Out with the old energies and in with the new, more positive and loving energies."  You may also want to spray your aura with the essential oil of lime.  Is a great pick-me-up and aura cleanser. 

You may want to meditate and visualize yourself surrounded by white Divine energy, allowing it to pour all over you as gentle rain drops, rinsing off all the negative energy surrounding you.  Afterwards, you might want to recite, "I am totally protected now."  

A smokey crystal quartz is excellent for psychic protection.  Please it in your home or on your person and designate it as your own personal psychic protection crystal.  


  1. Sounds like what that lecturer was using was Kyrlian photography. (I believe that's spelled right?)

  2. It is Kirlian photography. It was a Russian called Semyon Kirlian who discovered it by accident! He wrote a book about it too, but it was a huge disappointment.... :)

  3. We have a lady, Ms Kay that comes to town about every three months. We usually go every time she is here. This is a family thing that we have done for some time now. The last time that we went, she wanted to do a couples aura, we said sure. Not sure why, George and I did it. We waited, for the picture to develop, she announced what a wonderful aura we had and we even liked each other. We just laughed, still not sure what she thought she was going to see. This is her link if you want to check her out.
    Wishing you a sweet week!