Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy July 4th

And I'm proud to be an American,
Where at least I know I am free.
And I won't forget the men who died,
Who gave that right to me.
--Lee Greenwood--

Wishing all of you a safe and Happy July 4th.

Also wanted to share with you that this is also my own personal Independence Day.  One year smoke free today. Check out my stats below.

One year, 9 hours, 26 minutes and 4 seconds. 5480 cigarettes not smoked, saving $2,685.64. Life saved: 2 weeks, 5 days, 40 minutes.


  1. Happy 4th and congrats on your 1 year of being smoke-free!!

  2. Woo hoo! One year -- way to go! Be proud of yourself -- it's a big achievement! (And isn't it amazing how much $$$ is saved by not smoking? Do you notice the difference in your budget? I bet you do!)

  3. Happy Independence Day and congrats on the anniversary :)

  4. Ohhhhhhhh I am so proud of you!!!! WooT!!!! Yes! Yes! Yes!

  5. Congrats on your anniversary! Your lungs are thanking you! You rock!

  6. Congratulations on your smoke free anniversary! That is really a reason to celebrate! Kudos to you!