Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Rant

Sorry all, just have to get this off my chest.  Last night it took me 2 1/2 hours and 3 trains and a bus to get home. I am only 12 stops away from my train.  What I want to know is...where is my money going?  You keep raising the fare year after year...and the the service just keeps on getting worse and worse.  I'm sure that, even though most of you do not have to deal with the evils of public transportation, you do have something...someone who keeps raising prices, but lowering it health care, electricity, etc. that you can, in some way, identify with what I am feeling.

Now, mind you, transit says they are broke.  BROKE!!!!  So, in the meantime, the transit workers get these extravagant raises.  This year, because of the mess the city is in, they are asked to forgo their raises this year.  Their answer is "NO"; they don't care that services will be cut.  The heck with the public.  The heck with us who pay their salary.  We can struggle.  Now, I can totally understand their feelings; if asked to forgo my raise, I would balk, too.   But, the starting salary of a transit worker is over  $52,000 a year.  That is STARTING salary. I make almost $20,000 less...and get this, the starting salary for a police officer is $25,000. I've also read that there are over 8,000 people employed by NY Transit that make over $100,000.

Of course, I cannot blame the workers for such shoddy service, but it really does irk me when I go to the booth to put some money on my metrocard and have to wait for the clerk either to finish reading his newspaper article or finish his telephone conversation...which, I know is not business because he is laughing away in there.  Then, one time he had the NERVE to make me wait while he not only finishes his conversation, but changes his music in his radio.  And for that he makes $50,000. Complaints to the transit authority are just a waste of time.

Now, suffice it to say, I don't have the answers of how to fix this to make the subway run like it used make it safe again...because, I will be honest with  you, it scares me...scares me badly. I don't think the high salaries are totally at fault and don't even know how much would be saved if the salaries were lower, but what I do know is that not much is being done in the way of repairs. This isn't the first time something like this has happened since the heatwave began.  It's happening all over the city, on all of the trains...and it is all heat-related power shortages.  Last night my son was in the train ahead of me.  He was stuck in the tunnel for 55 minutes.  Thankfully, he had AC, but what if next time there is nothing but darkness.  (Slap myself.  Stop thinking that way) But, I can't help but worry.  We've got a long, hot summer ahead of us....and I just don't think they are equipped to handle it.   

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.  Tomorrow, we'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming.


  1. ~uugghh...i am sorry you have to deal with thiss...and how frustrating it is when you are recieving such service both workers and route delay...hopefully today will go much more smoothly...and please do not think of darkness and heat...yikes...that will not happen! wishing you well and blessings to you and yours~

  2. I would be scared to death, if I had to use such! I would. And I know, you have no alternative. As most people do not have an alternative, in city living.

    Less for more. It's the way of the world, is it not? When does it get "too much"? This new 'way of the world'? And when it does get "too much," what do we do then?

    Like when the powers-that-be let insurers squeeze the life out of ALL the drug stores, especially the small ones? Squeeze their life out, by not paying them on time, or enough to make a profit? [Mmmm, all stores need to make a profit, to live]

    This is the way of keeping health care cost "down"! Squeeze the people who get your meds TO you. We know. Our 150 year old family drug store had to stop filling regular Rx's and only do a different aspect.

    We are little. Even the big chains are hurting the same way. What happens when all suppliers of people's med, dry up? Have to close up?

    What happens then???

    Excuse my jumping on my soap box, in your comments.

  3. Two and one half hours to get home?!? I would have been a crazy woman. That is just insane. There isn't any service any more, it has been gone for a while now. I sure would like to have one of those jobs, can talk on the phone and listen to the radio too, while making a great salary. I bet the perks are great too. The sad thing is, they know we are at their mercy and there is nothing we can do about it. Wishing you a great weekend! And a speedy travel time home this evening.


  4. Thanks, gals. Felt good getting that out. Dede, you're so right that we are at their service. They go on strike if they don't get their way and none of us can work.

    Aunt Amelia, jump on your soapbox over here any time. I agree with you. The entire block where I work was once thriving with a Petland, a deli with the greatest tacos, a cheap women's clothing store. They're all gone now. Squeezed out by a greedy landlord who wants to build a an area that should remain as is for its history. Ask anyone from New York about Delancy Street.

    Thanks Faerwillow, I struggle not to think that way. That's why I always have my nose buried in a book.

  5. My answer is ammonium nitrate and deisel fuel. Opps, sorry that was my evil twin talking.
    Sorry you have to deal with that kind of stuff Mary. I guess there are some positive things about living out in the hinterlands where I am.
    Vent anytime you feel the need. I know it helps a little. X.

  6. OMG, omg, omg.!
    R u sure u weren't having a nightmare.
    Sorry to jest.
    Work ethics have gone the way of the horse & wagon. Poof!
    Come to think of it..looks like they should be put back into service in NY. ;0) (((hugs)))

  7. I don't blame you for venting. That's what friends are for, so don't apologize! During my last visit to Spain last year I could not help but compare their subways, stations, trains and buses to ours. That was no match. Their transportation is clean and new. I could not believe I was in a subway station that had no foul smells and no rats. Can you imagine?! Europe in general have a superior public transportation. Our system is absolutely disgraceful, there is no respect for consumers anymore. Anyway, hope you have a chance to relax and refuel your energy XO