Tuesday, July 27, 2010

KALA--The Second Principle

Good morning,everyone.  Another beautiful day in Brooklyn.  Now, if only summer would be like this, I'd have no complaints. I don't know about you, but I seem to have so much more energy since the heatwave broken.  Amazing the part that weather can play on how we feel.  
KALA: There Are No Limits
Everything is connected.
Anything is possible.
Separation is a useful illusion.
Message: Be Free

Kala means to loosen, free, release, let go, to free oneself from any evil influence. With Kala there are no limits. In the Hawaiian perspective of the Universe, nothing is fixed; everything is in constant change, and in a world of change, the Universe is unlimited, and, therefore, our experiences are limitless, but, in our everyday lives, we experience limits. According to Huna, there are no limits to the possibilities....as long as one is willing to find a way. This includes giving up those limiting beliefs or habitual actions that stand in our way. We need to release those old patterns and and ways of looking at things and accept that the world as we know it is a dream.  

There are two kinds of limits we place upon ourselves--filtered and creative.  Filtered limitation is imposed by ideas and beliefs that inhibit creativity rather than enhance it...generating focus without the potential for positive action. Examples, of 'filtered limitation' is the belief that one is a 
victim or that the world is such a tough place, that you have to know someone if you hope to get ahead.  Filtered limitations instill one with anger, fear, hate, and hopelessness. 

Creative limitation assumes the purposeful establishments of limits within the universe in order to create particular experiences. They enable us to experience life as humans. Without creative limitations, we wouldn't be able to experience anything.  There would be only one color and one sound.  There would be nothing to compare them with; hence, we couldn't see or hear anything.  Think about the games we play.  These games are all based on rules....limits.  Without these limits would the game be able to exist?  If everyone was allowed to play the game in any way they liked, the game would cease to exist. This is why creative limitations are needed in this world.  

Kala'ana means forgiveness, absolution. There are times when guilt, resentment...or fear become obstacles to your goals in life.  The key for releasing these negative feelings is Forgiveness...letting go.  Everything is interconnected; hence, just a single thought of love or hate affects the entire Universe.  

"Forgiveness is basically a process of deciding that whatever happened is no longer important or doesn't matter anymore. In practicing blanket forgiveness assume that in any current condition of pain or discomfort there is some anger involved. We want to change the stress effects of that anger."--Serge Kahili King

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  1. As i read this i felt more relaxed. By the way, i have something for you on my blog. wink-wink