Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Loom of Time

It's Saturday already. Once again the hands of time have passed by quickly.  Soon July will end, and August will roll in. I have to wonder what it has in store for us.  Will it bring an early coolness, and early fall?  Or will we have more of the same as now?  Last night I was going through the poetry I have saved and I found the following that I wanted to share. 


Man's life is laid in the loom of time
To a pattern he does not see,
While the weavers work and the shuttles fly
Till the dawn of eternity.

Some shuttles are filled with silver threads
And some with threads of gold,
While others often but the darker hues
Are all that they may hold.

But the weaver watches with skillful eye
Each shuttle fly to and fro,
And sees the pattern so deftly wrought
As the loom moves sure and slow.

God surely planned the pattern:
Each thread, the dark and fair,
Is chosen by His master skill
And placed in the web with care.

He only knows of its beauty,
And guides the shuttles which hold
The threads so unattractive,
As well as the threads of gold.

Not till each loom is silent,
And the shuttles cease to fly,
Shall God reveal the pattern
And explain the reason why.

The dark threads were as needful
In the weaver's skillful hand
As the threads of gold and silver
For the pattern which He planned.

--Author Unknown--

Such a lovely poem, isn't it?....Yet, the author chose to remain unknown.  He/She chose to bless us with this special gift, these moving words that send one's Spirit soaring, that speaks of the interconnectedness of life, yet chose not be credited for the words.  There are several lessons  to be found within these words. 

The first is that should be given from the heart with no expectations in return.  A gift can be something simple as washing dishes for a friend or helping someone to cross the street.  Or, even the gift of time....just spending some quality time with a family member or a friend...never expecting anything from from the heart...feeling the joy of making another smile.
Secondly, we are all here for a reason.  We've something to complete, yet when we are born, we know not what. Each of us is here to learn. Some of us may have been told that our birth was a mistake, but none of us is a 'mistake'.  We are all a part of the pattern.  

There are silver threads, gold threads, and dark threads, and all are interconnected; all are necessary to complete the pattern...the hobo who sleeps in the cardboard box, the millionaire in his golden bed, to those of us who are considered 'average'...there is a plan for each of us. From the little brown field mouse, to the great black bear, to humankind...we are all interconnected, and whatever we do may in one place has an affect the entire universe. We survive here because we are dependent on others, on the Earth itself. And it all comes back to us for our moment-to-moment decisions not only shape our own lives, they shape the world as well; it all begins with us.  Let us make sure that the decisions we make are the right ones, that our decisions will not hurt another nor anything living on this planet.  Let us live in harmony and balance...and let it begin today.

Thanks for letting me share. 




  1. Great thoughts to start off a weekend! Enjoy your time off!

  2. From the poem: "God surely planned the pattern:"

    You said: "...there is a plan for each of us."

    Please, does this mean you see it as....... God made a pattern for us [and all living things] to follow? .......... Then comes the issue of Free Will. Do you believe in that? I ask, because I think, some do not. So, I ask.

    These questions are not picking holes in anything. I'm just trying to get what you believe, straight in my own mind. Only way to get things straight, for me, is for me to ask questions.

    Please and thank you.

  3. I'm so glad to hear that you are staying inside, over this unhealthy weekend.

    When I looked at the NYC weather yesterday, I did get concerned. 'Cause you do have to do the 'getting home' part. There is no magic carpet to whisk you from work to home. ,-)

    Up in my "neck of the woods," it's just toooo hot to be out in the yard too. I went out to say something to my son, next door... [To ask him if he was trying to get heat stroke, by continuing to do yard work, actually!?!] And I realized that I'd get heat stroke, if I stayed out in the sun. Yishhhhhh...

  4. Lovely poem, thanks for sharing it. You know, it made me think of the three Norns in the Norse mythology. :)