Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thursday Ramble

"Mama said there'd be days like this; there'll be days like this, my mama said...(Mama said, Mama said)"  Anyone out there remember this old song from the Shirelles....Anyone remember them?

What a great day it is!!!!  I'm home, I'm in my jammies, and no work until Tuesday.  When I saw we were closed on Monday for the holiday, I jumped at the chance to add a few extra days off to regroup.  All is well, and I am at peace....but, I don't think this is exactly what the song was least I don't recall so.  Actually, I think the person in the song was having a not-so-decent day...a day like yesterday....

...Yesterday was one of those gosh awful days when all of your plans go awry.  Murphey's Law was out patroling in full force.  At one point I wanted to throw up my hands and scream out "I surrender."  Hey, but we can't expect all of our days to go smoothly now, can we?  After all, if the sun shines every day, nothing will grow and everything will die from lack of water....Such is the same with us...If everything went smoothly, day after day, how would we grow?  There would be no lessons for us to learn.  

"Just as silver linings can be found on dark clouds, rays of hope can be found when one is facing hardships."--M.K.Soni

Adversities are a part of living; nothing ever moves smoothly day after day, but nothing is all bad either.  No matter how bad it is, there is always the possibility of something good coming out of it. It is what we do with the situation that defines it. Take yesterday, for example not only did a pharmaceutical company come in to discuss their new medication, but they brought a great Mexican meal along with it. At first, I really didn't want to give up that hour of my workday because I was playing catchup, but I went and actually had an enjoyable time....And, you will not believe this.  That metrocard from last week, the one I lost?  I found it.  I must have taken it from my bag to get ready to leave work, and then it slid under the keyboard.  (I don't even remember taking it out of my bag, but that's another story all together.)   

These tough times that we all face teach us much about ourselves and bring us face to face with our sense of responsibility and how we deal with life's blows.  Initially we may want to bury our frustration, our pain, rather than experience the painful emotions.  But each adversity brings with it a lesson in life if we only take the time to look for it. This reminds me of the time when hubby and I were in the very early days of our relationship.  We'd had an argument, and to me, it was the end of the world.  I still was dealing with my self-esteem issues and was at a time in my life when I'd cry if someone even looked at me cross-eyed.  I was so sure at this point that our relationhip was about to end.  Then, a very wise person said, "People argue; it's a fact of life.  It doesn't mean that he is going to leave you.  It only means that you had a difference of opinion, and without those occasional differences of opinion, you have a relationship in trouble...for a couple cannot grow."

"If we never go through any valleys, how will we know when we have reached a mountain top?  How will we know if the mountain is even any good if all our lives we stay up on the mountain and never experience any valleys?  I know we would all like to avoid these 'valleys' at all costs, but the most growth for anything happens during adversity."--Kim Bloomer

Our bad people hold the seed of a blessing and a pathway to growth.  We may not see this as we are steering our way through our uncomfortability, but by moving through it, we have become wiser and have learned a valuable lesson. It is our responsibility to learn each lesson that comes before us, and the lessons we are meant to learn will continue to re-appear until we learn them.


  1. Sounds like the faeries hid your Metrocard! They're so mischievous!

  2. I wouldn't doubt it. Actually quite mysterious the way it showed up. Either the fairies or our office ghost. We have one, you know.

  3. So happy for you taking a long weekend and finding your Metro card! You are so right, if we don't learn from it the first time, we will for sure get to do the lesson over until we do. You scored big time with a Mexican lunch! Makes me hungry just thinking about it.