Monday, August 2, 2010

The Seven Shamanic Talents

Good morning.  Hard to believe that Monday has rolled around all ready, and a new work week has begun.  Gosh, I almost called in sick today.  It's so beautiful out, but it's not as if I would do anything special, so I figured to save a day off until it rainy.  Nothing more relaxing than lying in your bed and listening the the sounds of the rain as it batters against the window.  Sadly, we haven't had that kind of rain lately.  We get a small rain shower, but nothing more.  

So, today we are going to take a look at the Seven Shamanic Talents.  These are derived from the seven principles and represent essential skills that we need to develop rather than specific techniques we should learn.

Seeing: (The world is what you think it is.) This represents the ability to operate in the world from the perspective of the principles, to see things from that viewpoint rather than in the ordinary way.

Clearing: (There are no limits)  This means keeping the connections clear between all parts of yourself and the universe around you.  This is done by continually releasing mental and physical stress and tension ans well as remembering to bring other aspects of yourself and the world into conscious awareness.

Focusing: (Energy flows where attention goes.)  This involves keeping your intentions, objectives and goals in mind....which means a frequent review of your motivations for doing what you do.

Presence: (Now is the moment of power.) Remain in the present moment as much as you can.  The greater your presence, the greater your influence and effectiveness.  

Blessing: (To love is to be happy with.) To bless is to reinforce actual or potential good by words, images, or deeds.  Something as simple as wishing someone to "Have a good day" is an example of a blessing.  Remember, too, that telepathic blessings can be effective as well.

Empowering: (All power comes from within.) We empower something whenever we attribute any kind of power to it.  Take crystals, for example.  Many people empower them to get more benefit from their usage.  Sometimes we may empower something by attributing human qualities to nonhuman entities or objects.  Many people do this with their automobiles.  Keep in mind that the skill of empowering also implies the skill of disempowering.  For example, the Shaman will disempower evil by depersonifying it so that they can learn to harmonize it. You will find that with practice you can empower or disempower anything at all....people, places...things...the past...or the future.

Dreamweaving: (Effectiveness is the measure of truth.) The Shaman can not only weave dreams for himself, but also can help others to do the same.  This is called Shamanic Healing. The goal is to have a 'healer's attitude' and to take healing action...mentally or physically over every situation  you encounter.


  1. I like this list of "Talents" - I need to work a little more on the clearing though.

    Hope your Monday is wonderful - even though you have to be at work!

  2. thankyou Mary, for sharing your wisdom.
    I have read over the past few posts. Imbolc has just passed for me.. still really cold here and chilly winter rains are falling.. some days are brilliant early spring days..
    it is good to be back :) ~ R xo

  3. I have been practising these talents but am unable to meet an animal when i reach the lower world. Any suggestions?

  4. I feel i have mastered all the above but am unable to meet an animal when i am in the lower world. Any suggestions? Namaste