Thursday, July 22, 2010


Finally, a lovely morning...low humidity, a pleasant breeze.  Too bad it's only a tease, but I could sure use a lot more teases like this. For once, no complaints about the weather.  Of course, though, I come to work early so it hasn't really hit the 90's yet.  So Talk to me later about this one.   

I'm finding something odd here in blogland and wonder if any of you have ever encountered the same problem.  Actually, I don't even think it's a blogland problem; I think it may be more computer related.  Yesterday when I came here to Moontides on my work computer, I noticed that my new background was gone.  When I tried to get onto the background website, but a message came up and said the site was basically 'gone'; it was not able to be accessed.  So, there I was thinking that, after all that work, I was going to have to redo my blog; but, lo and behold, when I got home, not only was the background there, but the website was also able to be opened. I come here to work today, everything is gone again.  Strange...and unexplainable to a computer nerd such as I.

Ka po nui ho'olakolako, ke ao nui ho'ohemahema.  (The inner world provides, the outer world ignores.)

As you all know, I've begun a study of Hawaiian Shamanism, Huna (Healing Using Natural Abilities). I really have to say I am loving it.  The book itself, "Urban Shaman" is very readable, one of those books you have trouble putting down. Gosh, I feel like I've already learned so much. Huna is a Hawaiian healing system which utilizes natural healing principles focusing on the  seven natural abilities found in all individuals--awareness, freedom, focus, presence, love, confidence, and flexibility to change.  Thus, along with the aid of other natural products such as plants and herbs, an individual can institute profound changes in their life. 

Hailona is the art of creative intuition.  One method of divination I have used the I Ching while others use skrying, the pendulum, or tarot cards.  There are many methods. Hailona is one of the Hawaiian methods of divination. It's literal meaning is 'to cast'. The process of casting can be found in the roots of the word.

Ha is the word meaning the breath, to energize.

I means to affirm or to state one's intent or question.

Lo means to obtain.

Na is to be peaceful and calm.

Thus, the first step is to breathe and energize yourself.  For this step, almost any deep breathing exercise will suffice. The purpose here is to relax the body. This sends a message to the ku which is the aspect of our consciousness that contains our memories, helps us to learn, develop skills, and maintain a balance within the body. It is our subconscious self.  Next, ask and focus on your question.  This allows the ku to search the universe for the answer. In Hawaiian shamanism as with other practices, everything is interconnected. Your focus creates an energy connection with your answer (the third step). Finally, you should receive an intuitive answer without the use of force or expectations.  

There are several ways to use stone casting for divination.  The one I will discuss today is called Oi-paha, which, in old Hawaiian means "odd-even" or "successful-unsuccessful". This is a rather simple technique which can be used when you want to determine the outcome of a certain event or a venture. For this you will need a small piece of cloth or a bowl and a pile of stones. You may also use plastic beads or marbles.  

First, lay out the cloths or bowls.  Next, designate one as representing yourself; the other will represent the person, venture, or event that you are concerned with.  Now, relax your body (breathe and energize)and focus on your question, Out of a pile of stones or marbles, take a random handful with each hand and place them under the cloths or in the bowls. Focus, focus, focus. Next, count those in your pile by twos.  This will save you time because if your pile ends up with an even number of stones, forget it.  This means that no matter how many are in the other pile, this is a sign of failure. Your venture will not work.  If your pile has an odd number and the other pile is also odd, this, too, can be seen as a sign of failure.  Actually, the two odds cancel each other out.  The final result, in which your pile is odd and the other is even, is a definite sign of your success.

Remember, though, that whatever information you receive has nothing to do with the future.  It is only a 'probable' outcome of your present attitudes and plans.  Change those and you change the result.


  1. I think which internet browser you use to access your blog makes a difference sometimes with how the background appears? But I have no idea how to handle this problem.

  2. I'm glad you've had a temporary respite from the heat.

    Thanks for info on Huna. I have a friend/mentor who studies different forms of Shamanism and this is one of her favourites too. I'm looking forward to hearing more as you delve deeper!

  3. Occasionally I get a message that there is an error and can't get into my blog.
    Only to find at my next attempt whether it be seconds or minutes,it's " Open Sesame ".
    Hmmmmmmmm looking at your writings on Huna, I do believe that I don't have enough brain cells left to comprehend. Kapeeeesh! ;0)