Friday, July 16, 2010

Huna ---Update. I'm home

I know Aunt Amelia was concerned about me making it home in all this heat.  I so appreciate that.  I cannot tell you how much.  I made it...took it very slow.  It is so brutal out there and now I am home til Monday.

Ugh!!!  The heat and humidity are making a comeback, but did they ever really leave?  Yesterday morning was wonderful with a nice cooling breeze, and by the time I left from work, the breeze had gone and the air was stifling. Well, at least we are half through July.  Then all we have is August and part of September, but I'm sorry, that is far too long for me.  

Well, I finished reading Spirits of the Earth.  A thumbs up from me.  Great book and one that I could not put down.  Received Animal Speak yesterday.  Don't know why it took me so long to get that one.  I've heard so much of it throughout the years.  Next, I would like to get Nature Speak.  Does anyone have that one?  

Well, I haven't started to read Animal Speak as yet.  Instead I chose another little book I had ordered. (Always make sure I order over $25 for the free shipping).  It's called Urban Shamanism.  The author is Serge Kahili King.  What struck me with this book was the word, Urban.  I've always loved learning out shamanism, but kind of felt out of touch since I DO live in the city, so when I saw the title, I said "That's a book I have to have."  What I didn't know was that the book was about Huna, something I have never delved into.  But, because I always say "Everything always happens for a reason" I will see what it's all about.  I actually liked it right from the start.  Huna means secret as well as the esoteric wisdom of Polynesia.  I've always loved things that are secret and esoteric.  Huna is a knowledge of the hidden side of life; its roots lie deep in the ancient past and have been traced throughout several spiritual paths including the Mayan, Tibetan, and Egyptian.  It is a universal teaching about nature, mind, and spirit.

From what I gather, the in the Hawaiian tradition, the typical way of the warrior is not followed; rather, they follow what is called the way of the adventurer.  As it is explained, the warrior shaman focuses on the development of power, control and combat skills to deal with fear, illness or disharmony while the adventurer shaman treats these things as effects, not things and deals with them by developing skills of love, cooperation, and harmony.  My goodness, just writing that gave me goosebumps. It just seems so healing to me...and the benefits of Hawaiian shamanism are:

  • It is easy to learn and apply.
  • It can be practiced alone or with a group.
  • It may be practiced anywhere at any time...home, work, school, while traveling.  This is because it is worked primarily with the mind and body alone.  They do not use drums to induces altered states nor masks to assume other forms.
  • And, while you are healing others, you are also healing yourself.  Thus, while you are transforming the planet, you are transforming yourself.
I know what must be thinking.  This woman cannot make up her day she is reading about animals, the next day huna.  I know, that is what it seems like, and you are absolutely right. But, I love learning and believe that no matter how old you might be, there is always something new out there.  Druidism will always be my path; it has my heart and soul.  But, after so many years of study, I seem to be going over the same materials...over and over again.  I want to add something new.  I want to see what else there is out there, and Huna looks like it just might be what I am looking for.  Who knows?  By next week, it may be a thing of the past...All I know is that I once again I am searching...and this book may offer the answer.

So, I am ending this today with two questions.  Has anyone studied or know about Huna?  And, is there anything on your agenda that you would like to study and learn more about?


  1. Thurs. Heat/humidity back. Ugh. I hear you. Had to "hide" in A/C den immediately, this morning. But, I've got other stuff to do!!!!! -whine- The house is "falling apart," before our eyes, as it were. But if we don't take it easy, in baddddd weather, we won't be here, when it gets cooler.<--Wisdom, I guess.

    OK, back to your post! I am the same way, as to [sort of] jumping from interest to interest, or so it looks. Used to sort of worry about it. Don't anymore. I agree.... Stuff happens [and we find things] when we are ready, etc.

    Glad you found more things to read, to add to your already found knowledge. And if it works, it does. If it doesn't, it doesn't. Such reading is never wasted.

    Cooling gentle hugs.......

  2. Oooops! Your questions...

    Huna, no.

    And nothing in particular I'd really like to find out more about, at present. Which sounds like a slug, I know. -grin-

    Guess I'm strictly in a gotta'-read-light-summer-reading-now-state. I've jumped off the vampire/werewolf wagon [mostly] and onto the paranormal one. As in heroine being a "sensitive" and ghost hunting, in the deep South.

    Believe me, years ago, I would never have thought that I'd be reading ANY of these things. So, when I look at it, this way...... I guess I have grown, in this way. Even with fun stuff. :-)

  3. I have a need to learn, but don't seem to be able to absorb anything any longer...don't know if it's a age thing or just not enough time to actually sit and concentrate...all this that you are reading sounds great...maybe I'll get books and hold them until I have more time to sit with them instead of light reading which I don't have to absorb...

  4. Read Read Read! It's all about the learning experience. What better way to be a well rounded person that to learn learn learn.

    I don't know anything about Huna....yet : )

  5. ~you a rich with wisdom from all your read and seek...and spread your knowledge attained with us...keep at it!

    "these things as effects, not things and deals with them by developing skills of love, cooperation, and harmony."

    a lesson so many need and could surely benefit from...can't wait to hear more...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  6. I've heard of Huna and have read just a wee little bit about it. I knew a woman once who practiced it. I look forward to hearing more about it from you! Keep searching -- the spiritual quest never really ends.

  7. Fri. 2:30PM. Mary, be careful when you go outside. I just looked at NYC weather, and it's brutal. :-(

    Wish you'd post, when you get home later. Just a quick one to say you made it, without melting or choking on the air. :-(

    Gentle hugs.....

  8. No to Huna.
    Yes, to having an agenda.
    Which I will take to task soon.

    Like yourself, I go off in all directions.
    Even have 2 books going at a time.

    Now I will take leave & look up what Huma is. :0)
    (((hugs))) Thanks for the comments you take the time to leave on my blog.

  9. OKay ....dead end with Huma... bird..whatever.
    Let's try Huna like it's spelled correctly.
    I'm so giggy that my son fixed my computer today that I can't read right. :0)

  10. The journey I am on is a new one to me. I am thirty five years old, raised in a christian church. I have studied the bible in depth and have felt as if something's I can believe but others are written by man and made for man. I have witnessed several occasions where someone calls themselves a christian and then has hatred in their heart. I believe in a higher being and in all faiths.

    I have started to study wicca and am in my 366 days. With that though, I am intrigued by all historical facts and myths surrounding us. I believe too that "everything happens for a reason" so this is the path I am on at this time. Druidism, alchemy, Celtic Lore, Cornwall Myths are just a few of my interests as of now. I diagnosed myself with adult ADD a while back so have to keep moving from thing to thing. However, I am not bored with any of my learning, just want to learn more and more and more. I enjoy it to no end and it makes my heart smile.

    Last night, I stayed up late and have read almost all of your posts on all of your blogs. You are a very wise woman whom I wish to learn from thru your own path and consciencessness. Blessed Be~ Onreeone