Monday, February 12, 2024

Weekend Over

 What a wild weekend it was!  They went all out for Chinese New Year.  Didn't make it to the parade yesterday because, frankly, I was too darn tired.  Fireworks kept me up both Friday and Saturday.  Not very much sleep to be had, although I did manage to catch a few winks.  And when I did sleep, I dreamt.  Hopefully, two of the more vivid dreams are not signs of things to come, prophecies.

The first dream was about the center.  Tomorrow we are having our annual Valentine's Day party.  Tables are split up, 6 to a table, for those who paid for the party, they are reserved.  The decorating committee takes pride in their work and it shows.  The party basically starts at 11 and usually eat the snacks we bring in and socialize for the hour before we eat at noon.  This party is going to be different, and I'll admit, I'm not too keen on it.

(From a previous Valentine's party)

They want to have Bingo from 11-12.  Now, I'm trying to picture how people are going to get all those Bingo cards on a table when we usually have trouble finding room for our snacks.  Hmmm!  Plus, there will be no socialization during that hour because one is not allowed to talk during Bingo.  Heaven forbid.  They'll all give you a piece of their mind.  (I don't play).  That, plus the fact that Bingo does bring people in and not all of them are going to be coming for the party, so where do they sit?  

Hence, my dream. I come to the center, all dressed and ready to party.  I sign in and head over to my reserved table only to find a bunch of strangers sitting there with their Bingo cards.  There is not a seat available in the place.  I go back to the desk and am told to wait until the games are over, and then I'll get a seat.  But, the people sitting there are planning to eat lunch, so there will be no place for me to sit.  I say I am going home and leave.  This scene plays not once, but several times before I am awoken by the sound of a blockbuster.

(May not even go to the party tomorrow.  They are forecasting a storm, and I don't go out on the snow anymore.  )

My second dream had to do with my apartment.  Since our old super left, we have been blessed with the worst super ever.  I have been waiting a year to get a new faucet piece for the kitchen and a drip fixed in the bathroom.  He tells me he is coming, and then doesn't show.  Last time was two weeks ago Saturday.  Not even a phone call.  I'm still waiting.  Meanwhile, about six months ago I discovered that the pipe under my kitchen sink had a small leak and notified him.  Still waiting on that one, too.

(When a pipe upstairs burst.  My ceiling)

So, in my dream I am doing my dishes and suddenly find myself standing in a puddle of water.  Now you can see why either of these dreams have a possibility of coming true. 

Off to my jewelry class this morning.  Not feeling much motivation because I am so darn tired, but I don't want to let everyone down.  So it starts at 10, lunch at 12, and then I head home.  I can take 2 1/2 hours.

Have a wonderful start to the new week.



  1. I hope you manage to catch up on your sleep soon. May neither of those dreams be prophecies, just bad dreams.

  2. Sorry to read that you seem to have 'the worst super ever'.
    Hoping things will be fixed soon for you.

    All the best Jan