Tuesday, May 24, 2016

And More Fun

What greater blessing to give thanks for at a family gathering than the family and the gathering.

Robert Brault

Good morning. Weather is warming up here,  but we have lots of rain today.  Guess I will be staying in again.  Hopefully the books for one of my classes will arrive today.  I am so anxious to begin with my courses. 

Not all family could be there on Thursday. My grandson Scott had a wedding, and my daughter's husband could not fly out until Friday eve after work. So, on Saturday they packed into a car and headed for my house. This was something I had only fantasized about. Never thought it would happen, but dreams can and do come true. My granddaughters had flown out to a wedding on Friday morning so they were unable to attend. 

So, on Friday I did all the shopping for the party and put the sauce on.  Simmered it all day. 
Also did the last minute cleanup and baked the cake.
I made a huge pan of lasagne and a special cake.
 The lasagne got to him.
 This is me and Mary Ann, my daughter's childhood friend.  I remember going swimming in her pool.
Jerry and his sister digging in.
 Me, Mary Ann, Lisa and Jerry.
 My grandson Scott and his son Damian.
 Mary Ann, Jerry, and Lisa.
 A family picture.
 Me, my grandson, and my great grandson.
 Me, Lisa and Jerry.
 All of us outside my building.

All and all it was a perfect week, one I shall cherish forever.  I'm am so blessed to have them all in my life again.  Not everyone gets a second chance.

Have a good one. 

Monday, May 23, 2016

What a Fantastic Week

Having a place to go — is a home. Having someone to love — is a family. Having both — is a blessing. 

Donna Hedges

Hi all. I have been incredibly busy these past two weeks. We had the big family reunion this past week and I had so much to do to prepare. Everything had to be perfect. I finished up the book for my daughter on Tuesday and put it all together. Lots of work but well worth it. She loved it. 

On Wednesday I went for a haircut. Don't even have to comb it anymore. LOL!! And Thursday was the BIG DAY.  I've lots of pictures to share.  Hope you don't mind, but I haven't been this happy in a long time.  Loving every minute of my lost and found again family.  Only wish mom could have been a part of it, but it was her choice to keep us apart.  How much she lost out on just to hold a grudge.
 That is me and my grandson-in-law making s'mores in the background.
 A family picture.
 My three great grandsons eating s'mores.
 Me and my youngest great grand,  Macie.
All my great grands together.
 My son Jerry and his sister, Lisa Ann.
 My cousin Darlene and I.  She is a cousin on my dad's side.  As you may remember, my mom never wanted me around my dad's family so I never got to meet them until now.  Met her online through Ancestry 3 years ago, but this is the first time in person.
 This is my great granddaughter Ayva.  She was born at 26 weeks and almost didn't survive.  Needed heart surgery.  Look at her now.  a little miracle.
 My other great granddaughter, Maddie.

 My hubby.
 Granddaughter Kristen, her hubby, and Macy.
Jerry and my other great granddaughter, Kayla.
I was so happy and at peace.
And later we all stopped at the restaurant.  
And one last stop to go through my old house before it is sold.  First time I stepped inside in over 40 years.
More to come tomorrow.  Dinner at my house. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wednesday Check In

Yet sunshine brightens after rain,
The darkness comes and goes again,
So solace follows bitter pain,
As seasons wax and wane.
Elizabeth Chase Akers Allen

Good morning everyone.  Haven't been around for awhile, I know.  I'm all right.  I've been busy putting together the family tree book for my daughter.  Spending 8 hours a day typing, then heading to the library to print out.  Just finished it yesterday, and it is ready to go fortunately because tomorrow is the big day.  We're heading out to Jersey tomorrow.  First time Jerry will meet his sister and first time I will meet my grands and great grands.  Just so excited.  It will also be my first time back in that house in 50 years.  A few years back I thought this would never happen, and sadly, as long as mom was alive she wouldn't let it happen.  Sad for her that she has missed out on so much love.

It' s another cool day out there. Looks like we will just head into summer this year, no spring. This morning I am off to get pampered a bit. I'm off to get my hair cut and in a Chinese salon, you get so much more than a hair cut. I'll get a 20 minute upper body massage along with it while I am getting my shampoo. Can't tell you how awesome it is...and, oh, so cheap. Last time I went it was only $20 for the whole thing.

Well, I took the plunge yesterday. I've had a few things on my bucket list for awhile and now that my daughter's book is finished, I can concentrate on something else. Signed up for a herbal class with Susan Weed. It was just what I was looking for. Since I'm not planning on making a career out of this and learning basically for my own benefit and to fulfill a dream, the price was right, and I have several friends who took her courses and swear by her so I know I am not wasting my money.  

I have also enrolled in a  course at the Bach Institute. I've always been fascinated with the Bach Flower Remedies and decided it was time to delve in and really get into it. Who knows where this will bring me in the future. I'll have a certificate in Herbal Healing and Bach Flower Remedies. And with all the nutrition courses I've been taking. Surely there is something out there for me.  Maybe I will get a job.

Have a good one.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Friday Roundup.

Now that... my kids are grown, I understand how much work and love it takes to raise and to keep a family together. The example of your strength, devotion, and patience is now rippling through the generations. Thank you!

Forest Houtenschil

Good morning. It's the end of the week. Another Friday has arrived. With today's wet weather it's 6 straight days of rain. Was planning on doing my food shopping this morning, but they say this is going to be a very, very wet day so I'm going to put it off until tomorrow. It's not like there is nothing in the house to eat, and I did pick up a few items yesterday.

So, what to do today. I guess this will be one of those days I play it by ear. Some work on my project, maybe putting together my sauce for tomorrow, time will tell. It's nice to have days like this. For so many years every day I had something on my agenda. It's good to be free.

Woohoo!!!! Lost 1.2 pounds this week. 2.2 pounds to hit the 50 mark and then only 26 pounds to go. Recognizing that I was eating emotionally this week was a big help. Have to keep that up front when hunger hits one hour after dinner.

Made this awesome dish the other day. Lots of ingredients as you can see, but so worth it.

All this plus smoked chicken sausage and chicken chunks.  And the finished product.


Thursday, May 5, 2016

School's Out

Your schooling may be over, but remember that your education still continues.

Author Unknown
Good morning friends and family. The weather continues to be far from springlike, but I am thankful to be able to be up and about.  I am blessed.
This morning I am off to Weight Watchers. Not even looking for a loss. That way I won't be disappointed. Haven't been able to get out and do much due to the weather so not much exercise in. Even today I am not sure if I can walk to the second bus. Will rain fall before I get there? And aside from the walks, And then there is the emotional eating. Worried about having the work done on my mouth, tired of the soreness and not being able to enjoy many of the foods that I love, and feeling sorry for myself. So I eat, healthy foods yes, but 4 Halos, as good and healthy as they are, are full of sugar. Grapes are full of sugar. So now that I am aware of what's going on, it's time to change things around.

School's out. Wow, what a flashback when I bolted through those doors for the last time until September. Reminded me of how I felt in grammar and high school when summer vacation was upon us. Of course, this is really not the same because college is my decision...and there will be a few summer sessions to attend. But, it was just the feeling I got. Funny how little things can trigger old memories.
Took some pictures yesterday. I wasn't in school last spring so this is my first on campus.  It looks so beautiful I just had to share.

 My teacher.
Have a good one.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

And the Rain Continues to Fall

The richness of the rain made me feel safe and protected; I have always considered the rain to be healing—a blanket—the comfort of a friend. Without at least some rain in any given day, or at least a cloud or two on the horizon, I feel overwhelmed by the information of sunlight and yearn for the vital, muffling gift of falling water.

Douglas Coupland

"Rain, rain, go away, come again some other day".  Yup, you guessed it.  Another rainy morning.  Been raining since Sunday, and I saw this morning there is still two more days of showers ahead of us.  Yikes!!!! Haven't been able to get my walks in this week.  So, another day of indoor stuff. I will say one thing. I've made a huge dent in my daughter's family tree gift  this week. Now I have to get to the library to get everything printed out. That will be for next week. At any rate, the flowers should be beautiful this year. 

I  love a rainy day indoors, but tend towards depression when it goes much longer.  Right now I haven't been out since Saturday, and now I find myself focusing on my teeth.  Yesterday I cried.  Perhaps it was something I needed.  I've been bottling up my feelings for so long now. Yes, I've resigned myself to the fact that they have to come out, but it all seems so final.  Once they are gone, they are gone.  There is no growing them back like a haircut.  Yet, I am anxious for some great new teeth so I can finally eat the foods I love, but then I am scared of getting teeth that don't fit.  It's been a heck of a long time since I had a salad and it's even become difficult to chew grapes (the skin).  No wonder I hit this weight loss plateau.  Not only can I NOT eat the foods that helped me to lose the 46.2 pounds I have lost, but I find myself emotionally eating, hungry when I shouldn't be. 

I was so disappointed last night.  I had bought some Weight Watchers Frozen Blueberry Yogurt bars the other day.  Sometimes I want a sweet treat and these only have 2 points.  So, I took one out last night, and something told me to check the date, something I usually do before I buy but for some reason didn't this time.  Perhaps because the aisle was so packed and people waiting to get through.  Well, they expired two months ago.  Probably still good,but I am fussy about food.  Don't think they will take them back now.  Don't have a receipt and I bought last week at a store that's not one of my regular stores so they don't know me.  And they are so expensive.  $7 for 6 bars.  

Have a good one.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Monday This and That

Hope is a roving gypsy
With laughter on her tongue,
And the blue sky and sunshine
Alone, can keep her young;
And year by year she lingers
Under a budding tree...

Dora Read Goodale

Good morning everyone.  It's another cool, wet morning here in Brooklyn.  Yesterday it was just plain nasty all day.  Picked up the things I needed at the market on Saturday because I just knew I wasn't going to venture out in that weather.  Don't think I'll be heading out today either.  No place to go and no money to spend. 

On that note, I hope you all had a joyful Beltane or May Day.  I wasn't into it this year.  It was too cold and dreary to, and my heart wasn't in it. I guess so much is going on right now, and the weather so blah. 

Well, the saga continues. Someone is upstairs. I don't know who. Last night someone came in. At first I thought it was  Mr. Leadfoot, but then I heard a toddler running about. My first reaction was "Oh no. They're back. Best prepare for a 5 am wake up", but that didn't happen. In fact I slept quietly until 6:30. They just got up a few minutes ago, and everyone, including the toddler seems quieter. Time will tell.  I really don't mind a toddler running about, I realize people have to live, just don't have her doing it at  5 am over my head.  Take her out in the living room.  Be considerate in your neighbors.

Well, I've decided to have my teeth done after the reunion, probably the end of May.  I just can't take it anymore.  Can't eat a lot of my favorite foods because they are too crunchy.  Can't even eat a salad.  And I'm tired of these darn gum infections and pain.  It's something that I have to have done. Can't put it off any longer. Not looking forward to losing my teeth.

Fortunately I found out I have insurance, and just for the heck of it I applied for instant credit when the bank teller asked since I was pre-approved, not expecting it to go through, so you can imagine my surprise when I was told that I was not only approved, but had a credit line of $10,500.  Not going to go crazy with it, I've been through that and cleaned up my credit,  but if necessary to get some really decent teeth, I'll pay for it.  You know how sometimes the dentist will give you crap if he is not being paid enough.  Sadly I have found this to be true and have the dentures home to prove it.  Never did wear them. No matter what, I've resigned myself to having a life.  Not a good quality of life for me right now. 

This week is my last week of school.  How fast the semester went!  I am in total disbelief that it is already over.  Once it warms up I'll be spending a lot of time in the park.  There will be a few summer classes available, hopefully some that peak my interest.  I do know that the comparative religion class I enjoy so much will have 4 summer sessions.  

Have a good one.