Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Tuesday Odds and Ends

 Oh, my what beautiful weather we had yesterday.  Temperature rose to 50 degrees.  It was wonderful to put on a lighter jacket.  Heavy winter jackets weigh me down.  I certainly didn't mind waiting for the bus.  Of course, I know it's not going to last.  Rain coming tonight and tomorrow with temps reaching close to 70, but by Thursday the bottom falls out.  Well, not so bad.  32 degrees in the morning, but after this nice warm weather, we'll feel it. 

Made a few new peices in my jewelry class yesterday.

This is for our St. Patrick's Day party at the center.  

Chakra bracelets I made for gifts at Christmas.

I love dangly earrings.

My galaxy bracelet.

That's about it.  Monday is usually pretty quiet.  Today will be even quieter.  Going to do a little watercolor painting this morning.  

Have a great day.


  1. Nice looking jewelry!

  2. I like your jewellery.

    I'm hoping this comment comes through as I think my others may be in spam folder?!

    I have asked Debra (She Who Seeks) to put a comment on your blog for me as I'm not sure that mine come through.

    Blogger does cause glitches from time to time!

    Sending my good wishes.
    (Who knows this comment may be okay)

    All the best Jan

  3. Hi Mary -- This comment is not from me, but from Lowcarb Team Member who is having difficulty commenting on your blog. She says as follows:
    "I am leaving comments on 'Moontides' blog but they do not seem to be appearing! I am wondering if they are going into spam folder? Yours seem to show up okay. Can you please copy this comment and put it on 'Moontides' blog for me so she can perhaps check the spam folder. With grateful thanks. All the best Jan"

  4. So pleased to see my comments have come through okay.
    Many thanks to Debra, for the help, much appreciated :)

    All the best Jan