Monday, March 30, 2020

Monday This and That

Good morning everyone. It's pretty rough here in New York.  The death toll is rising quickly, and it's just so frightening.  I couldn't stop the tears yesterday. We're the epicenter in this country, and it is devastating.   How did this all happen?  How did we let it happen?  

I understand we had been warned but no one did anything.  It was called a Democratic hoax.  Not going to get into politics here, but I have to say thank God for our Governor.  He's become the voice of the nation, and many are calling for him to be President. People all over the country are listening to him.  He tells it like it is and places a human value on it.  He talks of love and supporting each other, of family.  Even those who were against him are now touting praise about how he is handling this crisis.  The voice of reason.

I'm trying my best to stay busy.  This afternoon is my first zumba class, and I also plan to check out what Silver Sneakers has on line.  My legs are growing weak.  Not much walking to be done in a 3 room apartment.   I have started reading "The Red Tent" again.  Love that book.  It's the story of Dinah, daughter of Jacob and Leah.  What an awesome tale.  

 I highly recommend it.

They have continued delivering meals to me.  On Saturday I received 5 dinners--Pasta with Bolognese Sauce,  Turkey chili with rice, Salmon with rice, Chicken Florentine with brown rice and string beans, and Chicken with seven vegetable couscous.  It's not the tastiest, but I appreciate it so much.  Money is very tight here so everything helps.  And I appreciate those volunteers who are delivering our meals.  We elderly are not forgotten here in our city.

Have a wonderful day.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Friday Roundup

I used to have so much to say on these roundups, but now that one day is the same as the next, I'm at a loss for words.  Things are looking up, though, if I may say that.  First off, I received a text message from the trainer who used to teach us dance at the union office when I was going.  She is putting together an online class, and I was invited to attend.

Also received a call from the center today. They are going to be calling each of us twice a week to check on us.  And, they are working towards online classes for us.  The Tai Chi I loved so much begins the first week in April on Zoom with more coming. 

The virus has hit my family.  My Goddaughter's test came back negative.  My son lives with her so now he and her four children are under quarantine.  Son had his test yesterday.  So it is wait and see.  Please be sure to keep them in your prayers.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Wednesday Notes

Scary times here in New York.  We are reaching the apex faster than they thought, and there is just not enough people and equipment to take care of what is to come in the next two weeks.  I'm scared.  My kids and grand kids are out there working through this.  And hubby is so antsy.  He wants out so bad.  I know how he feels.  So do I.  But this is our new world for the time being, and we have to deal with it.  

Some spring flowers to brighten your day.  (Old pictures)

On a positive note, the rushed test on my granddaughter came back negative.  She had a very bad asthma attack.  This means her mom will be heading back to work.  She is not well herself but as she says, nursing is her calling and she is going to do all she can to help.

Also, my son's biopsy came back negative.  In all this, we'd almost forgotten his cancer scare.  

And the center has approved me for meal delivery.  Yesterday they delivered  7 meals to me, plus milk, fruit, bread and juice.   That way, I only have to concentrate on making sure that hubby eats....and since I can't get to the stores and shopping services are booked for a week, it buys me some time...and money that we don't have.  Never realized how important hubby's job is until now. Still hoping for a rent freeze for at least this month.

How have you been managing through this nightmare?

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Tuesday Ramble

Tuesday's over.  Birthday's gone for another year.  I'm 73 years old now, an old timer for sure.  I've been truly blessed with a wonderful family and awesome friends.  Couldn't ask for anything more.  So what if I couldn't go out to Olive Garden for dinner.  So what. More meaningful to me were the well wishes from friends and loved ones. That's what it's all about.   

Hubby surprised me with a gift from Edible Arrangements. 

I took everything out of the container and tossed it away quickly.

From my daughter.  Stones were chosen that help with anxiety and stress.

And I made my special dinner.  
Shepherd's Pie.  Been wanting it for awhile now.   

Now for some bad news.  My great granddaughter has been diagnosed with Covid.  She is barely a year old.  They expedited her test to get it back sooner. Her lungs were only functioning,  I think she said 50% and the gave her a good dose of steroid. Fixed that almost instantly. She had a really nasty cough. Seems she is doing a bit better this morning.

We are living through a nightmare, but we are strong.  We will survive this.  I like to keep that up front when I'm feeling sad.  The world will come back.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Monday Morning This and That

Good morning everyone.  Last night the 'stay at home' order took effect.  What this means is that 100 percent of the workforce must work from home unless they are an essential worker.  This places more restrictions on the entire state population, with different regulations for vulnerable and non-vulnerable populations.

Provisions for us in the vulnerable populations, which the governor has called “Matilda’s Law,” include remaining indoors, but allows for outdoor solitary exercise.

All visitors must be pre-screened by taking their temperature and the vulnerable population cannot go visit households with multiple people. 

Vulnerable persons should wear mask in company of others, and everyone in presence of vulnerable should wear mask. Finally, all vulnerable individuals must stay at least 6 feet from individuals and should not take public transit unless it’s urgent or necessary.

My first birthday.
So, our families cannot even visit us.  I understand it's for our own benefit, but today is my 73rd birthday.  This will be one to remember for sure. 

So what did I do over the weekend?  Not very much.  Continuing with de-cluttering and cleaning.  I continued packing away winter and rinsing out spring. Wanted to take a drive to the waterfront yesterday and find an isolated bench, but it was much too cold.  Temp dropped to 34 degrees.  Much colder by the water. 

Have a good one.  And stay safe.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

March Subscription Box

The theme of this month's Inked Goddess box is Herbal Magic.  

The box itself was heavy so I knew it was going to be fun.

 The unveiling.

 Green Onyx Mini Mortar and Pestle.  From Pakistan.

Herb Garden Votive.  A blend of rosemary, basil, and coriander.

Frankincense Resin in Tin.  
 Herbal Magic Booklet.  

Herbs that add a magickal boost expansion for the Eclectic Witch Deck.

Set of Four Amplifying Herbs in glass jars.  Damiana, Dandelion, Juniper Berries, and Yarrow.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Saturday Short

Well, I'd prepared a post about my frustration that our governor had not ordered a 'Stay at Home' order, especially since we are now the epicenter of the virus in this country.  Well, within a half hour he gave a press conference and ordered everyone aside from  essential workers to stay indoors.  Oh, we can go out for food, medicine, or a short walk, but must stay away from other people.  Hey, you don't have to tell me twice.

Hubby and I have begun going on short walks in the afternoon.  We both need the exercise and the fresh air so we donned our masks and out we went. Yesterday was my first day out of the house in a week.  I don't mind telling you it felt good, but it also felt eerie just knowing that the invisible threat was around us.   And I have to say, even though I was masked and protected, I still felt afraid.  And I wondered, will the world ever feel normal again?

Friday, March 20, 2020

Friday Roundup

So Friday has arrived, and it spells the end of my first week in self-isolation.  I'd be lying if I said all was going well.  In fact, I'm going stir crazy.  I'm a social person, used to running about every day.  Now aside from my daily phone calls to friends, I'm alone.  Oh, I do have hubby, yes, but he's getting depressed.  In fact, he went for a walk to the park the other day (wearing a mask) but ended up getting in his car and going to a busy store to get some milk and paper towels and then went to hang out at his base and talk to the guys.  I am beside myself.  He admits he shouldn't have exposed himself in that way and will not do it again, but now I have to worry.

As far as the center goes, they are providing meals to us seniors, but we have to go stand in line outdoors to pick them up.  I really think that is wrong. They should deliver to us.  They already do meals on wheels and are delivering to some of my peers.  For my friend, Marie, they are bringing her 5 frozen meals a week.  They should be doing this for all of us rather than making the 'most vulnerable' venture out and expose themselves.  Stagger it out.  Do the 5 meals to some one day, then 5 to another the next, and so on so that each week each person gets a meal.  I can't go.  I refuse to put myself in danger by riding public transportation.

I've been having some fun with my Sticker by Number book.

I also have been digging out spring and summer clothes and rinsing them off and hanging on my window guards for that nice fresh air smell.  Also been packing away heavy winter sweaters.  Won't be needing them anymore.

How have you been staying busy?

Thursday, March 19, 2020

And Way Back When

Over 1800  cases here in New York City. It's moving quickly now. They are talking about a shelter in place order.  I wish they would.  Maybe it would stop these morons who obviously care about nobody but themselves.  Every day they keep working on this building next door despite our Mayor saying reiterating every day how important it is to stay in if we ever hope for this virus to end.  

Good news that China has reached its peak and is on the mend, but it would have been better news if China had not covered it up and allowed it spread worldwide.  Had they quarantined immediately, maybe we wouldn't all be in this pandemic.  However, I do have to say that  I resent our so-called president calling this the Chinese virus.  It has a name and he is just instigating racism and hatred.  Already several Chinese here in New York have been attacked.

Me and one of my Easter outfits with my Susie.  She'd been hit by an oil truck and lost a leg. My girl  lived a long and happy life despite it all.

"Smile Susie.  Give me a smile." and she would grin from ear to ear.

Me with my grandmother.  My mom was a change of life baby.  I was born in 1947.  My grandmother in 1881.  That made her 66 when I was born.

Me with my grandparents.

My first birthday.

My dad and me.

My grandparents.

Mom with me.

My 4th birthday.

My Aunt Ruth and Uncle Colis.

That's me on the end with my hair pinned up.  I don't even remember being in this club.

My grandfather and me.

Dad with Tiny.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Remembering Happy Times

At last count we have over 850 cases here in New York, and our mayor is contemplating shelter in place.  Should be doing that any day now. Most of us have been doing that anyway, but some just don't seem to care.  They continue working every day on this building next door to me.  That certainly isn't something that is essential. We're in the midst of a pandemic.   Indeed, they should not be out and about.  Makes it even harder sheltering place because the noise all day is unending.  So, I decided that for the next few days I am going to concentrate on happier times. 

 One or our parties.  That's sweet Henry dancing away in the white shirt.
My friend Mary.  She is an amazing woman.  Rides her bike back and forth to the center every day despite the fact that she was battling cancer.  She is okay now.

Ralph, me, Anthony, Jerry, and Tahnee at holiday time.

Members of the cast of the play the center put on.

Mary Lou.  She is a sweetheart.  Rumor has it that one of these men is her hubby and the other a boyfriend.  I'm not sure which is which but they all get along well.

February's birthdays.  Marie with the cane turned 91, Henry with the hat turned 95, and next to him is Sylvia, just turned 97.

Me at the Halloween party.

My friend Marc at the Halloween party.

My sweet friend, Marie.

Maureen and Judy.  

Dorothy and Harvey at a picnic we went to.

Carmen and Christine at the same picnic.

 Henry in his glory...dancing.

 Sweet Harriet.  She is a bit slow and such a lovely woman.

 Ron and Maureen.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Tuesday Ranble

Had a very rough night last night so will probably be heading for a nap today. My bones ached and my mind was working in overtime. As I said to Ralph last night 'just 2 weeks ago our lives were normal. We were going about our daily business. Life was so good, so normal, and now, the world has turned upside down'. 

I'd so looked forward to today's party. In fact, my son had given me a lovely green sweater for Christmas, and I purposely didn't wear it because I wanted to save it for the St. Patrick's Day party. And last week Ralph had asked me if I wanted to go out to dinner. My back ached so I said no, let's go to Olive Garden for my birthday dinner. Now, that's out. I don't mean to sound selfish, but those of you who know me, it's not easy for me to be isolated in the house....even though I have things to do. I don't mean to sound selfish. I hope I don't.  I'm an active person, always on the run, so this is going to take some training for me. I will be okay.

Then I was worried, how am I going to be able get my rent money from the bank? And sadly, family members may not be able to visit because they may be carrying the virus. So many things went through my mind.

What's most scary about this is that it is something you can't see. You don't know when it is around you. The lady sitting next to you on the bus can be a carrier. I understand why all this is being done. It is being done to save our lives.  

I'm calling my friends every day.  It's important that we stay in contact.  My friend, Marie, is 91 and almost blind.  I hate thinking of her being so alone and wish we lived closer.  But even if I took the bus to visit her, I'd still have a long walk afterwards...and I don't want to endanger her anyway.  Telephone contact every day will have to do for now.  

And Henry.  He's almost blind like Marie, and it's dancing that keeps him going.  With everything shut down, he has no place to dance anymore.  

There is goodness left in the world.  Found this shoved under my door this morning.

 Brought tears to my eyes.

And the  center called yesterday to say they are giving out dinners.  It is being done outside the church because they can't have too many people in the center.  Today will be corned beef and cabbage, and I was welcome to come and get some.  No one was allowed inside. Meals are being handed out outdoors. I was tempted, but right now I am pretty stocked up so why take that chance on public transportation for something I don't need. Maybe in a week or so. It will definitely save me money to get my meals since Ralph can't work anymore. Life has changed so drastically.

Asking  for prayers for my daughter, granddaughters and all others--nurses, doctors, fireman, police officers, transit workers--who are out there on the front lines. May God bless them and watch over them.