Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Tuesday Ramble

Good morning all.  The heat and humidity has returned to Brooklyn.  Thank goodness for a cool center to seek shelter in.  I do have AC at home, but spending the day in the center not only provides me with socialization, but also saves me money on my electric bill.  And lunch?  Oh my.  Take a look at yesterday's lunch.

Beef goulash, egg noodles, mixed vegetables, bread and butter, and grapes.  Brought half of it home for dinner. 

Had an invasion of flying ants the other night, and of all places, in my bedroom.  There were so many of them, and our ceiling is so high it is hard to reach them.  Hubby was batting them with a towel as they flew down.  Awful.  I had a hard time sleeping.  Then, just as quick as the arrived, they disappeared.  You will never guess where hubby found them the next day....in one of his hats.  He just tossed the whole thing out the back window.

Meanwhile, I did buy a spray just in case.  We've never really had a bug problem.  6 years and no roaches because I allow the exterminator in every month.  Some tenants won't open the door for him even though it is a free service.  Once in awhile I have seen ants on the ground and sprinkled peppermint essential oil around.  That sends them running.  But, flying ants?  And 12 foot ceilings?  How do you deal with that?  I realized last night that I have NOTHING to use against bugs.   

Other than that, not much going on.  My carpal tunnel and sinuses are feeling a lot better now.  Just have to stop playing the game on my phone so much.  Magicton Mansion. I've passed 1,300 levels and less than two months.  Is it any wonder why my carpal tunnel acted up?  Backing off now.  Maybe a game or two a day, but no more than that.

Have a wonderful day.  Stay cool and hydrated if you're in this heat.

Monday, July 29, 2019

Monday This and That

Have been so busy lately.  I missed posting on Friday.  Sinuses have been acting up, and for a few days I was just feeling out of it with a sinus headache.  Also been having some carpal tunnel issues.  Just feeling pretty blah.  So I'll catch you all up from Thursday.

Skipped computer classes and went to my regular WW workshop.  Haven't seen my friends in quite awhile, and it was great seeing everyone.  Afterwards we all went out to brunch.  I had my usual--spinach and broccoli omelet with home fries smothered in ketchup.   Afterwards I went to get my new or almost new phone turned on, but discovered it only has 16 mgbites and my phone has 32 mgbites.  The new phone would not hold all my stuff.  So now I wait and continue taking pictures with one phone and using the other for all other business.

Friday I was feeling pretty miserable, but I headed over to the center anyway.  Took my mind off my aching sinuses.  Lately I've been participating in the arthritis exercises offered and did a whole hour of them. Had a terrific lunch-Shepherd's Pie and a huge pile of spinach.  Love both so I went to town. Stayed afterwards for jewelry class.  Made the following:

Saturday I had planned on making a second WW workshop, but I got up at 6:15 and went right back to bed.  Just too darn tired from running around all week.  Sometimes I tend to forget I'm 72 years old and can't run about as freely as I used to, but that doesn't keep me from doing things, though.  I'd go crazy sitting at home every day.  Watched a 'Good Witch' marathon.  One of my favorite series of films.

Sunday got up early, went to church, and then headed over to the bank.  Thank goodness TD has some Sunday hours.  Hard to believe it's bill time already....and just about to turn to August.  Before we know it, fall will be upon us...my favorite season of the year.   Afterwards continued with the 'Good Witch' marathon. 

Heading off to center today.  Wellness class, socialization, and lunch.  Happy times.  Have a good one.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Sunday Selections

The focus of July's Inked Goddess box was 'The Eclectic Witch'.  What a fun box filled with lots of goodies.

Love this purple paper.  Definitely saving it.

Contents of the box.

Dirty Witch soap.  A purifying mud soap made with sea clay and activated charcoal.

Yummy tea.  Already drank this one and plan on ordering more.  Black tea, calendula, safflower, cornflower, rose, mango and passionfruit.  Wow!!!

Rhyolite gemstone heart.  Rhyolite weaves the past. present, and future together.  This is important so you can heal past traumas and move on.

Votive candle.

Altar bell.

Karma bracelet.  The energy you put out is the energy you get back.

Eclectic witch card deck which provide various pieces of magical knowledge.  The following are some samples from the deck.

Velvet bag to keep the cards in.

Magickal Muse of the month:  July's cultural energy in the US is one of independence and freedom from limitations.  Lady Liberty, one of our symbols of liberation, is believed to be a representation of the Greek Goddess Athena and Roman Goddess Minerva, both goddesses of wisdom, strategy, and was.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Saturday Quote

Truth is like the stars; it does not appear except from behind obscurity of the night.
Truth is like all beautiful things in the world; it does not disclose its desirability except
to those who first feel the influence of falsehood. Truth is a deep kindness that teaches us
to be content in our everyday life and share with the people the same happiness.

Khalil Gibran

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Thursday Odds and Ends

These turnovers were so good.  Made them in cooking class.  First on the far end is mine.

Yummy.  Curried chick peas with spinach.

My dad and his twin.

Cooking class.  I miss it, but now we have painting which is even better.

 Mexican salad.  Deeelishious.

 One of our lunches at the center.  Yummy.

 Sun breaking through the clouds over the water.

 Made this necklace awhile back.

My son with the Penguin on the last show of Gotham.

 This will be here before we know it.

Don't get dressed in a hurry.  Two different shoes.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Tuesday Ramble

Good morning.  It's a wet one, but thank goodness for a break in the heat.  My biggest problem this morning is how to juggle a cane, an umbrella, and my iced coffee.  This is a time one needs three hands for sure. Had some pretty powerful storms last night,  but let's face it, it took something pretty powerful to not this heat away.

Got my first electric bill  for the summer, and it was up by $60.  Next month should be more expensive because this is been a brutal weekend.  I'm thankful though that I had my AC.  Many had to go without power.  We already had plans to go sit in the car should we lose power, but thankfully we didn't have to.

Last year they came to the lot next door and mowed down the sunflowers.  For what reason I know not.  Just plain meanness I guess because they left all the weeds.  But surprise, surprise.  The sunflowers did not give up that easily.  They are back, and once again reach for the sun.

I wish I could say the same for my kitties.  It's been at least a month now.  I'm hoping the reason they are not coming is that food is more plentiful now in the summer months, and they are okay.  But feral or not, I just can't see a cat nut coming around for treats and water.  I am fearing the worst.  Especially with the brutal heat we just had.  Where are they getting their water from? 

Today I'm off to the Center for computer class and arts and crafts.  I donated most of my paints.  I had plenty of them and really no room to keep them.  I wasn't using them so they were just going to waste. Donating them to the center was a good way to de-clutter and still have use of the stuff.

Have a wonderful day.

Monday, July 22, 2019

Monday Morning This and That

Good morning everyone.  What a heat wave we have been having.  Saturday the heat index went up to 114, and guess who was out running around in it.  Errands had to be run.  Went to two banks in two different directions, Walgreens, put money on my fare card, tried to get my new phone on but it was too hot to wait around for them to open, and did a big food shopping.  I was running in all different directions.  Six buses in all, but the buses were so cool.  I didn't mind it in the least.

 A friend gifted me with this book.  So much fun.  

 Made this on Friday.

 Made this one on Friday, too.

After running about on Saturday, Sunday was a day of rest.  And, the heat index was 116, worse than Saturday.  Started working on earrings I plan on giving as Christmas gifts this year while marathon watching 'The Golden Girls' on TV Land.   There are Christmas movies on Hallmark, but they keep showing the same ones over and over again.  Boring.

Today I am off to the center for Wellness class and lunch.  After a day in, I am raring to go.

Have a good one.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Sunday Selections

This was my last Awakening in a Box subscription.  It actually came in several weeks ago, and I totally forgot it.  The box was so small that I put it aside and didn't remember it until I was looking for something and came across it. 

Upon opening the box.

Everything from inside.  This month's focus was inner peace. 

Ruby in zoisite enhances psychic abilities, and when placed on the crown chakra, enhances spirituality, engaging the body's own energy fields.

Meditating with Emerald can help you to connect with Divine Love, open the heart to accept all things in life as gifts, and acquire the gift to discern when others are speaking the truth.

Sodalite is a great stone to use when focusing on cultivating your intuitive abilities.  It is also very helpful when you are encountering a lot of difficulties in your life.

The monthly picture.  I'm saving all of these for an album or framing.  These I love.

Shasta Sage Bundle.

There was also a small 'peace' pin which was too small to get a decent picture of.  Speaking of pictures, these are a bit clearer.  I used my new phone, but then had to send to my old phone and then save to computer so some was lost in the process.  

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Saturday Quote

People talk about the middle of the road as though it were  unacceptable.
Actually, all human problems, excepting morals, come into the gray areas. Things are not all black and white. There have to be compromises.
The middle of the road is all of the usable surface. The extremes, right and left, are in the gutters.

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Friday, July 19, 2019

Friday Roundup

As we reach the end of another hectic week, I find myself wishing I could take it easy tomorrow, but errands must be run...and now that I am on the go 5 days a week, Saturday or Sunday is it.  And since banking is involved, Saturday it is.  

Suffice it to say, all week I went to the center.  Great place to be in this darn heat wave.  On Tuesday I attended the monthly birthday party.  Had a hot dog and a hamburger, foods I don't normally eat....and I have been craving a hot dog for a good long while now.  Don't eat them often because even the healthy versions have high sodium levels.  They served that alone with homemade potato salad and cole slaw with spumoni for dessert.  Hopefully, the dancing I did afterwards worked some of those calories off...but not many, I'm sure. 

A couple pictures from the party.  Boy can these seniors boogie.  That little man with the skinny legs is pretty much blind and he danced every dance.  Took more pictures but darn phone camera.  Should be rectified this weekend.  Hubby gave me a phone he had bought awhile ago and only used a few times, a Samsung J2 Prime.  Not the latest model, but pictures are awesome.  Hoping to get to a Metro PCS to transfer this weekend.

Had computer classes both Tuesday and yesterday...and also had homework.  I'm somewhat savvy about computers already, but there is always something new to learn.  I've never learned Excel so I am hoping that will be a part of it. 

This is Ruth, the little lady they pick on.  Yes, I have seen her mean side as well, she actually can be nasty. but I let it go. We have no idea what she is going through.   That's my ice coffee, pen, puzzle, and top of cane in the picture.

Yesterday I had been planning playing hooky and heading over to my Thursday WW workshop.  It's been awhile since I have seen my friends there, and I was looking forward to seeing them and having brunch afterwards.  But, when a couple of my friends cancelled out due to the weather, I decided to put it off another week.  So, I'll be attending tomorrow's workshop instead and then head over to do my banking.

Have a fantastic weekend.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Thursday Odds and Ends

This was my ex-boss and the lady from the bank we worked with.  This was my 'farewell party'.  I was working for an expediting agency.  What we did was get car registrations, visas, passports, etc.  for the rich who didn't want to deal with bureaucracy themselves so they hired us to do it for them.  We also process car registrations and insurance for many of the dealerships in New Jersey.  After 9 years there, I decided to change careers and went into substance abuse treatment.
The ring I made in class.  I am so mad at myself.  I lost it.  

This is my mom and her sister.  It's a shame that mom alienated her and her other siblings in her later years.  I remember that lamp.  We had a second one sitting in the window behind the tree.  During a severe thunder storm lightning struck it.  Mom and I ran out and rode around in the car until the storm was over.  From that day on I was in awe of the power of a storm.

This is one of the Roman soldier statues on the building around the corner.  There are several of them.  When the building was torn down for construction, this wall was left up and the new building was built around it.
I just live the sun shining through the leaves.

Me and my mom.

My two beautiful granddaughters.

This is me on the left and my two cousins.

Grandma, me, and granddad.