Friday, August 30, 2019

Friday Roundup

Friday has arrived.  It's going to be a long weekend.  Funny how when I was working I looked forward to these long weekends, but now all I can think of is missing my friends on Monday.  The center has become so important to me even though the classes are frequently canceled.  Think I'm going to be the one to cancel jewelry class today.  My buddy is away and not sure if I really feel like making anything today.  I get those days.

Spoke with them yesterday about the art class.  It will be fit into the schedule in September.  Good.  Mr. Half Moon is quite lonely hanging in the group room. Looking forward to the September schedule to see if anything new is added.  I know next week someone from the Board of Health will be coming to speak about the diseases which come from mosquitoes and our Assemblyman is coming on Friday for a visit and questions.

Oh I am so looking forward the Autumn.  Ordered my new tablecloth and have been itching to get out my decorations.  With September just about here, I think I will slowly starting digging out Autumn and packing summer away.  I have to do it slowly now because of pain.  It never went away since last October, and I have had to give up a lot of the things I loved--Zumba, line dancing, qigong, but I've filled the void with other activities--jewelry making, tai chi, arthritis exercises, and an occasional dance at the monthly party. 

Has anyone read this awesome book.  I've had it for several years and dig it out as the season's change...especially in Autumn.  I devour every page which contain a combination of folklore, practical spells,  and a reverence for the simple joys we experience in everyday lives. It is really inspiring to follow some of the recipes and advice.

Amazon description of the book:

"The changing of the seasons can feel magical-greens changing to browns and golds, snow melting to show fresh buds. We all recognize these tell-tale signs, but few are aware of the powerful impact each season has on our spiritual lives. Four Seasons of Mojo infuses ancient techniques, rituals, and methods from around the world to use each season's inherent energies to supplement body, mind, and soul.

Designed to further spiritual practices by learning from neighboring cultures, this book provides readers with useful ideas unrestricted by geographic borders, ethnicity, religion, or magical path. Included are recipes and concepts from the Caribbean, African American soul food, Buddhist Meditation practices, sacred Hindu rites, Old European traditions, Australian Aboriginal dreaming lessons, and Native American wisdom."

Have a wonderful long weekend.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Thursday This and That

My favorite Applebee's dish--Southwestern Steak Salad.  Love, love love it.

Made this frosted fairy candle holder about a month ago.

The last of the cooking class.  They canceled and changed dates so much that everyone else dropped out.

Gift from my daughter.

My son and one of the stars of Blueblood's before he dropped out.  Wanted to get more talking parts.

Some of my angels and Mary statues.

Two of my grandchildren with Santa, hubby and I, my crone statue, a gift from my son, and a ballerina musical globe I have had for about 25 years.

Myself, my daughter, and my son's girlfriend.

 My 7th great granddaughter.

 My son with the Easter bunny.

My Aunt Ruth with my grandfather.  She was mom's older sister and wanted me to come live with her.  She did not like the way I was treated at home.  Mom said no.  Meanwhile, mom was always so cold and distant.

 An awesome book.  A journey that lasts from her 17 year old first love to her 64 year old run in with him again and all that happened in-between.  Now I am wanting to read it again.  A tale of love, hope, heartbreak and growing older and wiser.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Tuesday Ramble

Good afternoon everyone.  It's a little warmer than yesterday but still cool enough to really enjoy.  Wellness Group was canceled once again yesterday (that's 3 weeks in a row), but lunch was well worth it.  We had a huge barbecued pork chop, collard greens, and macaroni and cheese....along with an apple and a pineapple juice.  Came home with 3 apples from friends who didn't want them.  Didn't get any on Sunday so I'm thankful to get these.  In return, I gave my peer my turkey and cheese sandwich. (They send you home with a sandwich every day)

It's gone now, but this was the bus that was blocking the drivers from their base, Prince.  It is actually the size of a greyhound bus and took up almost the entire block.  So glad this nightmare is over.

Went to use my metrocard yesterday morning, and it got stuck in the slot.  Got it out, but it has a scratch on it so it is unusable.  Darn.  Had to report it and now every day I have to either go to the subway station for a day's rides or use up all the change I have been saving.  Just the day after I put money on it, too.  Of course, I will get that money back, but it will be a few weeks.

Oh this was so delicious.  Virgin Pina Colada from Olive Garden the other night.  I could have drank another one, but they are so darn filling.  

Made these for three of my great granddaughters.  The 4th is still too young.

Have a wonderful day.

Monday, August 26, 2019

Monday Morning This and That

Morning all.  The start of a new week.  

On Friday I had jewelry class.  Wasn't feeling up to par because I hadn't been sleeping well, so I only got two pairs of earrings made.  Saturday I devoted to jewelry making.  Here's few items I made:

On Sunday I headed out to the Farmer's Market.  The center gave each of us vouchers for $20.  My friend got, but she doesn't go and didn't want so she gave hers to me so I have another $20 for next time.  In turn, I give her my sandwiches, bring her treats, and made her a necklace.  She didn't want anything in return, but I feel better when I do something nice for someone.

Sunday was one of those days.  Had so many plans but they all went awry.  Took the bus out to 18th Avenue.   Got off the bus and walked to the subway station to put money on my card, then walked the rest of the way to the bank. About halfway there I saw it. The 18th Avenue feast. I had planned all week on going to the Farmer's Market with the vouchers but it wasn't meant to be. The bus had to turn off the route and then lets you off quite a ways from your destination. It's okay going, but carrying bags to go back? Nope. I don't think so.

So I go to the bank to draw out some of the bill money. Neither ATM works. Meats were sky high in C Town and I only walked out with one, some fruit for me, mandarins for Ralph, tuna and ham for lunch. The bus route is changed because of the feast so I just walked the entire way back to 60th. On the plus side, I did get in a lot of walking, over 16 blocks in total.

But it all ended well.  Went out to Dinner at Olive Garden and enjoyed a relaxing meal.

Have a good one.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Saturday Quote

Don't miss all the beautiful colors of the rainbow looking for that pot of gold. 

Author Unknown


Friday, August 23, 2019

Friday Ramble

Had a fantastic week.  A busy one, but that's how I like it....and the best news is the police bus moved, and now hubby and the others are back to work.  Hoping that maybe my contacting the Community Board had something to do with it, but I highly doubt it.  Our Community Board doesn't really care about the little people

On Tuesday we had the monthly party.  I have to say I was disappointed in the food.  It was supposed to be stuffed shells and salad, but what we got was the cooks regular veggie lasagna and cold slaw.  Tummy started to ache later in the evening.  Took some pictures of the party:

 She is in my computer classes.  One of the sweetest people I know.

 Both ladies are in their 90's.  Looking good.

The one in the plaid shirt and I are going to join a group which puts on shows.  We both plan on singing in the group.  Will know more about it on Friday.

From my jewelry class. You can get some idea of the paint job in the background.  All different colors.

This man is partially blind and dances every dance.  It's his greatest joy.

 Some of the party goers.

Thursday was computer class and a quiet afternoon at home.  I seem to be having a flare.  Everything hurts.  Going to try Tai Chi today but not going to  push it.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Thursday This and That

My Spanish teacher.  After the third semester I dropped out.  Never got beyond basic Spanish.  Each semester new people would enter the class and we had to go through the same lessons....over and over again.  

My daughter and her childhood friend.  They met each other in grammar school and have been friends ever since.  Mary passed away this week at the age of 52.  She had many health problems.  May she rest in peace.

My favorite spot at the the top of the hill overlooking the water.

When I was still a blond.

The little pond on the grounds of Brooklyn College.  Such a beautiful, peaceful little place.

My dad and his Tiny.  Even in his older age he resembles my opinion.

My grandparents.  They were already fairly old when I was born.  My grandmother died at the age of 82 when I was 16.

My senior picture in the yearbook.

My friend at the center.  This is when I met her in art class two years ago.  Her hair is a beautiful white now.

Me about 26 years ago.

This is how I used to feed hubby.  Chicken, rice and beans and veggies.  Now that he is diabetic I've changed his menu quite a bit.

The first sign of spring at the park.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Tuesday Ramble

Good Tuesday morning.  No Wellness class yesterday, but that's okay.  They gave each of us $20 worth of Farmer's Market checks which will sure come in handy now that hubby isn't working for the time being.

As you know, hubby works at night driving a cab.  He doesn't make much, but it carries us through.  Our benefits alone are not enough.  It's expensive living here in the city, and even though I wouldn't mind moving to a cheaper state, realistically I know I cannot do it because I don't drive.  I'm really an independent sort so I'd go crazy if I had to depend on others for a ride.  Besides, hubby has lots of health issues.  Needs to be close to his doctors.

So, they have been doing some work on the subway line around the area he works.  When train isn't running, they use shuttle buses instead.  Now hubby works between 59th and 60th Street.  The subway station is between 61st and 60th.  Instead of having the bus drop off and pick up passengers where the train station is, they decided to have the drop off point RIGHT IN FRONT OF HUBBY'S BASE.  

And to insure that no one parks the area where the buses stop, they set up a huge police van, the size of a bus, right in front of his base...and smaller police vans with lights flashing in front and behind.  Many of their clients come to the base for a cab, but now the drivers can't park there.  They have to drive around and around the block wasting their gas.  Most have already given up.  There are also several businesses-a chicken restaurant, a laundry, and a deli--on that block that are losing business right and left.

Now, doesn't that REALLY DEFEAT THE PURPOSE if the police vans park  in the very spot the buses have to stop just to keep the public from parking there?  This is where our tax paying dollars go.  Police officers are stopping hard working individuals from doing their jobs and getting paid for basically nothing.  Makes me shake my head in wonder.  No idea how long this will go on, but while it does, it's not worth it for hubby to put in 12 hours of work to bring home only $40.  So while this goes on we are on a VERY, VERY TIGHT BUDGET.

So I treated myself to a WW unfriendly meal last night.

Whole wheat rigatoni with meat sauce....and Cherry Garcia ice cream for dessert.

Today I'm headed for the center.  It's party day.  Always a good meal and dessert.  Will be sure to share on Friday.  

Have a good one.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Monday Morning This and That

Greetings to all on Monday morning.  A new week begins, and I am looking forward to it.  Lots of good stuff happening this week.  Wellness group today, computer class and monthly party tomorrow.  Things have happened here that have me a bit depressed and in quite a financial bind.  Will tell you about it tomorrow, but for now I want to start the week out on a happy note.

Since Friday I have been working on Christmas presents.  Saturday I spent the entire day putting these together, choosing who they will go to, and boxing them.  All I need now is to wrap them. 

 Made this necklace for my Mindfulness leader.

 Turquoise.  Not sure who is going to get these.

 I am keeping this set.  It's right up my alley.

 I just have to put the hooks on the following:

 Made a bunch of these.
Terrible camera on my phone.

Sunday I slept late and didn't make it to church, but I did get out to put money on my metrocard and do some shopping.  Came home and slept for three hours which is why I couldn't sleep at all last night.  Tossed turned.    

It was brutally hot and humid out there.  Same weather for  today.

Have a wonderful week.