Sunday, March 31, 2024

Happy Easter


Mom always dressed me from head to toe on Easter Sunday.  Here are a few old photos that I found.
With my grandmother.  Miss her so much.

Remember these crinoline dresses.

Making a pernil, gondulas and rice, and a big salad for dinner today.  Neither of us care for ham and we don't want turkey so this is perfect.  Will have dinner for tomorrow, too, which makes it even better.

Happy Easter.

Thursday, March 28, 2024

Magical Midlife Madness, Leveling Up Series

 I don't usually do book reviews, and to be honest, I don't even know how to begin, but I just had to talk about this series.  I absolutely love it.  Read all 10 books in a month and am now rereading the entire series.  Just not ready to say goodbye to the cast of insane, but lovable characters.

Jacinta (Jessie)  Evans is 40 years old when her verbally and emotionally abusive husband tells her he is divorcing her for a younger woman.  Rather than sit around and cry over it she looks forward to starting her life over again, so she accepts her friends offer to become the caretaker of an old mansion located somewhere in the Sierras. She had visited the place with her friend when she was 10 years old and loved it.  Little did she know that she would become more than just the caretaker.  In fact, Ivy House chose her to be the heir of it's magical powers.  She had no idea what she was getting into. She was to become the only living female gargoyle.

“Raise your voice until you are heard. Look however you want, be whoever you want, and demand people pay attention to you. Stop taking what you’re given, and demand the space in life you want.”
― K.F. Breene, Magical Midlife Madness

The supporting cast of characters in this book are hillarious.  At times I laughed so hard that tears came out of my eyes, and my husband looked at me like I was crazy.  

There is Earl, the butler, and aged gargoyle who prefers to be called Mr. Tom.  He takes his job very seriously, so seriously that it actually becomes comedy.

“People don’t mysteriously go missing around him, do they?” “It’s never mysterious,” Niamh answered. “They leave so they don’t have to listen to him.”
― K.F. Breene, Magical Midlife Madness

Then there is Edgar, an aged vampire groundskeeper who is out there in left field whose hobby is growing flowers and crocheting doilies (lots of them).

And Naimh, an aged Pooka, who sits on her porch and throws rocks at tourists who come to look at the mansion.  She can also drink any man under the table.  She and Mr. Tom are constantly bickering adding a lot of comedy to the books.

And Austin Steele the super handsome, super sexy bar owner who shifts into a polar bear.  Will he become Jessie's new love interest?

“I frowned at him, my response to the unexpected sensation. He frowned back, probably wondering what my problem was. Social-awkwardness, hard at work.”
― K.F. Breene, Magical Midlife Madness

As the series progesses other characters are introduced:

Ulrich, the young pink gargoyle.

Sebastion, a powerful mage, who helps Jessie develop her powers.  He has a secret

Nessa, his partner,  called the Captain.

Tristan, the super sexy handsome gargoyle whose past is a mystery. 

Dave, a flower loving Basajaun.

Phil, another basajaun who loves wearing funny disguises and drinking in the bar with Naimh.

Cyra the Pheonix and Hollis the Thunderbird. 

So many wonderful characters that make these books such a joy to read. K. F. Breene is so good at describing all the characters that she makes them come alive.  I can't wait for the next book to come out. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

March Birthday Party at the Center.

 Had a nice time despite the disappointment with the food.  Was expecting something special and what they served was pulled pork, polenta, and brocolli...a regular center meal.  Not that I don't like it, I do.  But, for a special day?  

The DJ they had is fantastic.  He sang and played for 3 hours straight.  

And it was a little bit of everything.  Oldies, Latin, Italian, even a little Greek.  And what a voice he has. 

Delicious cake.  Half vanila.  Half chocolate.

My freind Beatrice with her crazy glasses.

My beautiful friend Sati in the middle.

Some of the staff.


March birthday people.  I got stuck in the back.

Letting my hair grow.

My rock painting friend gave me this little bunny for my birthday.  One day I hope I can be half as good as she is.

As for today, it is drizzly and dreary. Not sure whether I want to go in or not.  I kind of think I need a break.  

Have a wonderful day.

Monday, March 25, 2024

Another Year Older

 Good Monday morning everyone.  We've had a pretty rough weekend, but the warmup begins today.  Lots and lots of rain and wind on Saturday.  Glad I could make it a stay home day.  This morning it's kind of chilly here--33 degrees--but the warmup begins today.

Actually, Saturday was my birthday.  I turned 77.  Can't believe I am that old.  My mind doesn't feel it, but my body sure does, but I don't let it stop me.  I keep myself busy and try to get out almost everyday.  Socialization is so important.

Since Saturday was a washout, my son surprised me Friday night with a carrot cake from Lloyd's.  They are famous for their carrot cakes.  Lines form around the block on holidays, and it's well worth it.  Delicious.

Finally got my kitchen sink fixed.  Super lied to us again.  What's new?  Said he would be there 1:30.  Called at 1 to say there was a flood downstairs in the basement and he had to take care of that.  Would be here about 5:30.  6:45 no super.  Of course he was lying.  He wasn't even in the building.  Sent his brother in about 7 pm.  Job didn't even take an hour.  I'm usually pretty easy going, but I am really frustrated at the treatment we got.  I have never missed or been late with my rent in the almost 10 years we have lived here, and I deserve better, so I am going to call management today and lodge a complaint.

Meanwhile, all I got from my daughter was a FB 'Have a good day.  Happy birthday.'  So cold, unfeeling.  No phone call.  Her Elvis Presley impersonator husband has changed her, and she has changed my grandchildren.  Ever since she married him, she has been so distant.  I continuously snooze her for 30 days on FB because it hurts so much to see her gushing over his family.  I think I mentioned a long time ago that I saw this coming at their wedding.  As soon as she sat with us, he came along and hauled her off to his family.  But, hey, she is over 50, has a mind of her own, and chooses to distance herself from us.

It hurts to see her do this to her brother, too.  They had such a special loving relationship.  I remember one of her birthdays where he surprised her with tickets to a New Kids on the Block concert.  He'd gotten the tickets from Donnie while working with him on Bluebloods and even arranged to take her backstage to introduce them.  Now she doesn't even speak to her brother.  That bothers me more than her treatment of me.

But enough of that.  I have jewelry class today and a party tomorrow which celebrates all who have birthdays in March.  Looking forward to it.  

Have a wonderful day.

Friday, March 22, 2024

Friday Roundup

 Another Friday.  End of a busy, fun week.  My jewelry class on Monday was packed.  Women love that group, and it's actually one of the most popular there aside from the exercise classes.  I haven't been able to sit long in my class, so I haven't been able to make anything lately, but things should calm down soon when the newcomers learn how to make things.

Stayed home on Tuesday.  Just didn't feel like going out. Some days are like that.

Wednesday was a busy one.  Rock painting in the morning.  Then a pot roast lunch followed by Healthy Video hour.  There was a man in class who turns 97 today.  He was amazing.  Walks a mile every day.

On Thursday we had the Grand Opening party at the center.  Lots of people there.  Lots a faces I never saw before, but hey, when there is free food, everyone shows up.

Yummy croquettes. The chicken one was delicious.

Chicken Fricassee.  Pretty good.

We've had a cold couple of days here after a spring warmup that spoiled us.  Winds were howling out there on Thursday and temperature felt like it was in the 20's.  Today is pretty cold, but with less wind, it won't feel as bad.  Heading in to the center for my coloring class.  And then the weekend begins.

And that was my week.

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Tuesday News.

 Wow, Tuesday already, and I realize I haven't posted for a few days now.  Been kind of busy here.  I think I had mentioned that we had a leak under my kitchen sink.  Well, my super was supposed to fix the leak and put in a new cabinet because the floor of our cabinet rotted from the leak.  Ralph and I moved everything from the top of the cabinet and within the cabinet.  First he said Saturday at 1 pm and then when I called to confirm, he lied and said he said was coming on Sunday.  See, that's what he does.  He lies about things and tries to make you feel like you heard him wrong.  But, Ralph heard him, too.  So then he says Sunday at 1 pm.

At 12:30 on Sunday he calls to tell me he is downstairs ane will be up here about 1:30.  1:30 no super.  2:30 no super.  Ralph calls him this time, and his story is he is caught in traffic because of a parade (that was NOT happening) and would be here in 20 minutes.  Forgets his own lies.  Well, long story short he gets here about 5 pm.   Then he comes with this story of why the work wouldn't be done. "Oh, they sent me the wrong size cabinet. They only sent me a 36" cabinet and we need 47". I can put it up today and let it the top overhang until I get a new one for 25 " to add onto the end. And I don't want to do the pipes until the cabinet is in because it may not fit. " I think he forgot that he had already told us last week that he had a 36" cabinent downstairs. So my guess is that he hadn't even ordered the new cabinet.

In other news, my jewelry class is taking off. I had to put in a big order because I don't have enough stuff to go around. I also asked a friend to co-lead with me as it's gotten too much for one person to handle. I haven't been able to make anything the past two weeks as I've been on my feet running from person to person teaching. However, my coloring class is not faring so well with other classes going on at the same time. I may just let it go.

Big grand opening party on Thursday. Hopefully it won't be as crazy as the first party. This time we had to sign up beforehand.

State of the art exercise equipment developed for seniors.

The dance and exercise room.

Class on balance. Very important for us seniors. Mine is very bad. I sway when I am standing still.

Lunch room. Turkey meatfalls, spaghetti, and brussel sprouts.

From the papers.

Have a wonderful day, and don't forget, tonight at 11:06 spring arrives.

Friday, March 15, 2024

Smile, It's Friday

 Good morning everyone.  We've had some lovely weather here for the past few day, but today some rain is on the way.  Don't mind it though, as long as it is warm.  A cold rain chills my bones for the entire day.

Decided to take a day off yesterday.  Actually lunch at the center was chili, and although I love chili, I don't like the way they make it.  The put way too much cumin for one thing, and it repeats on me all day.  There is also no liquid in it by the time we get it.  Here's a picture of it.  Doesn't look very appetizing does it?

That's not liquid.  That's melted cheese.

So I stayed home and accomplished quite a bit in the house.  Put some stuff out in the lobby.  We do that in this building.  We share with each other.  I put a lot of books out there, some knicknacks, and some ready made rice I had gotte from the center.  Better than tossing it out.  I've put brand new clothes out there and a pair of sneakers my son had bought me a year ago that I had not been able to wear because they hurt my bunion.  Others have put chips, cookies, juices, and other things as well.  I like that. Usually the food items are still good, but there is someone who will put expired items or opened cereal boxes out there.  We know who it is.

This was my Healthy Video class on Wednesday.  That's me in the corner.  Letting my hair grow.  I love this class and there's great information.  The instructor is very knowledgeable.  Yet, we always have only a few in the class.  That's because they have scheduled it at the same time as crochet.  

Have a wonderful Friday.

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

St. Patrick's Day Party

 Oh my.  First party at the new center and again I went home with a headache.  And I'm not alone.  Several of my friends are feeling much the same.  The new place is too stressful.  It's not fun.  Four friends told me yesterday they won't be attending anymore of the parties because they just didn't feel comfortable.  Parties are supposed to be fun, and you just can't have fun if you are packed in like sardines.  My friend said she almost broke her neck trying to get through to go to the potty. The are crowding too many people in.  It's loud and disorganized.  

I am willing to give it a chance, though.  As much as I dislike it, I feel they are still working things out, and that there will probably be some dropouts as the weeks go on.  It's the newness that is drawing people in.  Maybe, too, it's just my age.  I'll be 77 in a couple weeks and in my youth I loved going to those underground clubs in the village where the music was loud and we were packed in like sardines.  But, the older I get, the less I like it.  

The lady with the hat on in my friend, Mary, an Irish woman with a real brogue. She has battled cancer twice and beat it.  Next to her and holding her arms up is my friend, Yvette.  She's been deaf from birth.

One thing we do is pig out at our parties.  Plenty of snacks.

The corned beef and cabbage lunch they served.  Have to say it, too, was a big disappointment.  The cabbage was obviously made from packaged cole slaw mix and the potatoes were canned.  Neither had any taste whatsoever.  I sure could have used some mustard.
Another section of the room.

That's me with the ponytail and green sweater.

Monday, March 11, 2024

The Grand Opening

 For the center it was great, but for me, it was the day from hell.  Winds were 50 MPH when I left the house.  Was going to take a cab but then figured 'why waste $12' when I can take the bus?'  So I braved the wind.  Fortunately I had enough weight on me that I wasn't blown over.

The center was crazy.  So many people.  So much noise.  I don't do well in crowds.  Never did.  Don't know if it can be considered an anxiety attack but I get real stressed and end up with a headache.  The lunch room was unreal.  The picture below is from when they started with bingo.  There had been plenty more who had lunch and then left. I couldn't wait to get out of there, wind or not.

The room for my jewelry class was very nice.  Large and new smelling.  

Sati is so talented. 

My friend Carmen.  Will be my co-facilitator from now on.  So many new members.  It's hard for me to set up, put away, teach the newcomers, etc.  So I asked if she would do it.

My jewelry class was the first class ever at the new center.

Tomorrow is the St. Patrick's Day party.  Let's see how that goes.

Have a good one.