Thursday, January 31, 2019

Thursday Odds and Ends

 My daughter and son enjoying their lasagna. 
Put this family tree book together for my daughter.  I knew she would take care of it and pass it on.  My boys are just not so into it.  I typed every single family line out and then went to the library to copy the pages.  I could have put the tree together with a lot less work with Ancestry, but they just repeat over and over again.  Each colored file signifies another family line.
 This is my little Mary Magdalene.
This is one of my cutout books.  I love the dolls and clothes, but somehow the childhood imagination that once brought them to life isn't there right now.
 My dad and I in front of the tree, 60 years ago.
 My mom and her sister Dorothy. 
 A painting I did several years ago.  I really need some improvement...a lot of improvement.
I buy ornaments for all my deceased pets.  This was bought for my beloved dog, Susie, my very first pet. 
 I was taking a course at Brooklyn College given by author and founder of Share-a-Smile.  Her motto was 'change the world one smile at a time'.  It was such a fun course.  One homework assignment was to look in the mirror every morning and sing happy birthday to ourselves.  Other assignments included handing out these pins and bookmarks.  What a special lady!  She was a thyroid, breast, colon, and liver cancer survivor and author of six books of self-healing techniques that can positively energize your body and mind. 
One of my downfalls is jelly donuts.  That's why you don't find them in my house very often.
This was one of the snack subscriptions I received awhile back.  Wouldn't mind paying the price if I like anything that they sent me, but all the stuff tasted nasty to me.  Maybe I'm just not used to healthy snacks like this.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Tuesday Ramble

Morning all.  It's calm before the storm here this morning.  Some intrepid weather coming later, either snow, sleet or rain, who knows?  But the worst of it will be the plunging temperatures.  By tomorrow morning we'll be seeing some of the coldest temps of the year and it will go on for several days.  I went to my classes yesterday, but tomorrow is looking more and more like a stay home day.  Not up to standing around waiting for buses.  

The electrician came about 9am. I told him I was on my way out.  Besides I already had 5 outlets in the kitchen, I don't need another one.  He said it wasn't the outlets; the inspector wants another line for the outlet behind the sink.  Then he proceeded to show me what they planned on doing.
He said they were going to put a line (meaning a hole) from about a foot above the light switch and over to about a foot off to the side so they could put in the line.  I said, "What about my paint job?"  He told me the plasterer/painter was already there and would be following right behind.  "With white paint.  Have you notice that my walls are off white?"  "He'll get the paint for you.  It will only take us 30 minutes.  Yours is one of the easier apartments.  Let us just get it over with."  I stood my ground.  I had to leave....and good thing I did.

Just as I was putting on my jacket, there was a knock at the door.  It was the electrician's boss.  He came in and tested everything.  All is fine in my apartment.  No work needed.  Had I not held my ground they would have destroyed my living room for no good reason.  I was blessed.

So yesterday was a busy, busy day.  In line dancing I did the Electric Slide, Cuban Shuffle, The Wobble, Saturday Night Fever dance, and the Tango.  So much fun.  Afterwards a half hour of yoga, then meditation.  I am very careful with the yoga.  I know what it can do to me.  Then, in arts and crafts I almost finished my bracelet.
 Just have to put the hook on next week.

Today I'm off to do my banking and to pick up a few things.  Will be too cold tomorrow for sure.  Going down to 4 degrees.

Have an awesome day.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Monday This and That

Good Monday morning everyone.  Another week begins.  I'm off this morning to my classes.  There was a list in the lobby of days electricians needed access to apartments.  Mine was supposed to be today.  Went straight to the super and told them I wasn't going to be home.  I had class and wasn't going to miss it.  I'm so sick of this crap and feel bad for those people who have to have their kitchens torn up again.  I am refusing it, but I already have 5 outlets.  I don't need another.  It seems as time passed they became more and more anxious to complete the job so they cut corners.  Now the building inspector has ordered more outlets in the kitchen.  

This is what I find when I walk to the subway to add money to my fare card.
Is it any wonder why I want to move?  The neighborhood is changing now, and not for the best.  So sad.  At one time I loved it here.

On Friday I mentioned my ex and that because of him, I had no savings.  Well, I was with him for 15 years.  I had good credit, and he had none.  He wanted a credit card but couldn't get one, so I co-signed for him.  I don't think they ask for co-signers anymore, but back then, 40 odd years ago, credit cards weren't as plentiful as they are now often asked for a co-signer.  Moving forward now, I left him in 1991 due to emotional and physical abuse. Little did I know that he had run up the card to its limit, never made a payment, and received a judgement against him which he never paid.  He passed away in 1996. 

The bill was turned over to a collections agency, but I didn't know anything about it.  Whatever bills were sent our old address, and I never even knew there was a judgement out there.  Fast forward almost 20 years later.  I got to the bank to withdraw my rent money, and I find I am -$5000 in the bank.    Turns out that a judgement is good for ten years.  After ten years the party can renew the judgement for another ten years.  They obviously never tried to reach me in all that time because they sure did find me only a couple weeks before the second ten years was up.  They had held onto the judgement all this time so they could get the most interest out of me.  Talk about unscrupulous companies.  That should not be allowed.  So, they cleaned out my entire bank account and left me in arrears.  Not only that, my salary was garnished for almost two years thereafter.  I was 62 at the time. Was never able to build anything back up.

Made this healthy soup on Sunday.  Have enough in the freezer to last me for awhile. 
Brocolli, cauliflower, corn, zucchini, string beans, peppers, onions, corn, celery, carrots, chick peas, tomatoes, sodium free chicken broth, cardamom, parsley, garlic powder, thyme, Harissa spice, Baharat spice, coriander, red pepper flakes, and white pepper.

 About 10 minutes before done a quarter of a cup of red wine vinegar.

Have a wonderful Monday.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Sunday Selections

This week's selection is the $5 grab bag I got from Inked Goddess Creations.  Oh, how I wish I had gotten more, but it was my first year, and I wasn't sure what I would get.
This was the complete bag as I took it from the box.
 Prehnite crystal on brown leather chain.  Encourages peace and calm and links you to the power or nature around you, eliminating anger and nervous energy
The fragrance of amber is delightfuly soft and sweet. It is known for its soothing, calming effects.
Golden Tiger Eye Star.  Protection, Creativity, Balance
Peridot gemstone chips. Associated with solar energy and the Sun. It is a stone believed to be able to drive out the forces of darkness and instill the power of the light. Provides self-confidence, drive fears away, calms tempers,  and promote forgiveness.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Saturday Thought

Nobody grows old merely by living a number of years. We grow old by deserting our ideals. Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul. 

Samuel Ullman

Friday, January 25, 2019

Friday Roundup

Friday greetings.  Oh, what a week it was.  Temps were up and down.  The snowstorm fizzled out, and we had heavy rain instead, but afterwards.  the cold air sure hit us.  On Monday the temperature went down to 4 degrees with  so much wind that it woke me up.  No way was I going out in that weather.  So I stayed nice and cozy in my apartment.
Picture I got of the moon the other night.  Was too cold to go outside so I took it from my window. 

Tuesday was a bit warmer, but I still stayed in.  No place to go.  And no money even if I did have a place to go. If it were warmer I could have headed to the park or the beach, but not in this weather.  Wasn't feeling so hot anyway.  My body was aching all over.  Not a part of me didn't ache, including all of my fingers.  I tell you, growing old is no joke.  Just have to deal with it.

Wednesday I had planned to go back to class, but I woke up with vertigo.   It was only when I was lying down.  Once I sat up it went away, but I was so tired. Must have had a restless night.  I had wanted to sleep more, but I I could even feel the room spinning when  when I closed my eyes.  That's not a first for me.  Had it before.  Fortunately, yesterday morning I woke up with no spinning.

I decided not to go to my WW workshop yesterday.  The rain was coming down and the wind was blowing.  I'm not giving up on WW, but I just don't feel the same towards it now that it has become so corporate.  And so many changes.   Basically I go now for socializing with my friends, and I do get something from the meetings. It's the petty little things that upset me such as not allowing our leader to send out a group email to all of us on Sundays. I used to look forward to that. It was nothing special, she'd only touch upon the topic of the week, offer some positive thought, and usually a little recipe. It was the personal touch that mattered. Now all emails have to come from corporate....and they are all about money.  

We also used to get little bravo stars when we did something the little stars they give out in school.  It made you feel good to get one. I mean, how much could they cost, but they stopped them.  Our weeklies used to be a little booklet with so much good info.  Now it's a one page piece of cardboard.  I could go on on and but I think that gives you some idea.

I did have an appointment with my opthalmologist this afternoon, but I cancelled it when I saw there was a $45 co-pay which I cannot afford this week.  Actually, it's hard to afford at any time when you have a limited budget.  It's a scary feeling that I can't see a specialist because my co-pay is too high.  Not fair for someone who worked 50 years.  I know you are probably wondering how someone can be a  professional and work 50 years and have no savings to fall back on.  Well, it's a long story that started with an ex-husband who ran up credit in my name and then screwed me over. Will tell you about it one day.

Meanwhile, the electricians never came this week.  Not very professional, are they?

Have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Thursday Odds and Ends

My son when he met the Easter bunny.  All dressed up.
Hubby escorted his mom on her trip to Puerto Rico 24 years ago.  He brought me back this parrot.  Since that time he has moved 3 times with us.  Will never part with him.
Hubby and I at the BBQ's in the West Village.  Oh, those Pina Coladas were so delicious....and the ribs?  OMG!!!  They fall right off the bone.
This is one of hubby's 'ugly' masks.  It's made from a pineapple shell.
Hubby and I  27 years ago.  He was quite a skinny guy when he met me.  Took a few years, but now he's a 'chubster'.  I often tease him about the loss of his 6 pack.
This is the ornament I hang on my tree in honor of Miss Minga.  I miss her so much.  Just the other day I started crying for her again.
One of my paintings.  One day I have to get my stuff out and start practicing again.  The problem is, it's such a pain to dig out and put away.  I do need a bigger apartment.
Some baked apples and pears.  Boy was this yummy.
Family night at Wahlburgers a few years back.
My mom with my grandson.  I missed out on so much because of her.  She lived a strange life, alienated her entire family, including myself.  I guess she didn't know any other way to act. In the end, I think she realized her mistake because she left my picture album on her bed for my daughter to find. It had been hidden for many years.  I have forgiven her.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Tuesday Ramble

So I got up early yesterday, and the electricians never came.  Not going to let them work here anyway, but I didn't want to be in my jammies when they knocked at the door.  I do feel bad for all my neighbors.  Here everyone gets their homes in order, and then they are going to come in and punch another hole in the wall.  According to the super's wife,  I am the only one with five  outlets which should make me exempt.

Did you every meet a dream character that you just can't forget?  It's almost as if they are a part of your waking life.  One night last week I had a dream that I returned to an old place of employment.  I knew I wasn't allowed to be there, but I snuck upstairs.  I remember everyone was glad to see me.  Then when it was time to leave, I went downstairs and the doorman was seated in a booth much like you would find amusement park or a feast.  I remember he wasn't very tall, about an inch or two taller than me, a bit chubby, in his 40's, and wearing a dark orange and brown plaid heavy flannel shirt.  "Good bye, Dwayne," I said.  He then looked at me and said, "No one remembers my birthday."  The last of my dream that I recall, my friends and I were off to buy Dwayne a birthday cake and presents.  Very simple dream, but thoughts of Dwayne continue as if it really had happened.

Several years back I read this book and obviously lost it in the move.  When I decided to read it again, I searched up and down, but couldn't find it so I loved it so much I ordered another one.  Started it yesterday and can't put it down.
This is real life historical fiction at its best.  

About the Book:
Pompeii was a lively resort flourishing in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius at the height of the Roman Empire. When Vesuvius erupted in an explosion of flame and ash, the entire town would be destroyed. Some of its citizens died in the chaos, some escaped the mountain’s wrath . . . and these are their stories:

A boy loses his innocence in Pompeii’s flourishing streets.
An heiress dreads her wedding day, not knowing it will be swallowed by fire.
An ex-legionary stakes his entire future on a gladiator bout destined never to be finished.
A crippled senator welcomes death, until a tomboy on horseback comes to his rescue.
A young mother faces an impossible choice for her unborn child as the ash falls.
A priestess and a whore seek redemption and resurrection as the town is buried.

Six authors bring to life overlapping stories of patricians and slaves, warriors and politicians, villains and heroes who cross each others’ path during Pompeii’s fiery end. But who will escape, and who will be buried for eternity?
Made a huge pot of spicy vegetable soup on Monday, and that's been my dinners all week.  Warms you up for sure and opens up the sinuses.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Monday Morning This and That

Good morning everyone.  It's a cold one here in Brooklyn, NY.  Only 7 degrees. Wind chills make it feel like -15, and ice is everywhere.  All that rain has frozen over.  You couldn't pay me to leave my house today.  Just going to hang out and relax.

So, on Friday I received a jury duty notice to appear in the courthouse at 8:30 am.  Such an ungodly hour in the dead of winter, the coldest month of the year. Who knows what the weather would be like then.  I had already postponed once, and there were no more postponements so I called ready to plead with them to postpone one more time, at least when the weather was a bit warmer.  I can't take subways and with buses would have to leave my house by 6:30 am, the latest, in order to get there in time. Imagine a 71 year old woman with a cane standing around in the cold darkness waiting for a bus.  

Well, I was prepared to plead and beg, but didn't have to do either.  Seems that due to my age I could automatically be taken off the roster if I chose.  She explained that at one time there was a law in effect that stated no one over 70 should be called for jury duty, but when some people started complaining it was age discrimination, the law was changed and now it is by choice. Awesome.  Of course I said 'take me off'.  My friend at WW didn't know this and she went and suffered in pain for a week afterwards. The chairs were so uncomfortable so I dodged a bullet. I have to get up and down to keep my back straight, and I'm sure they wouldn't appreciate that if I was sitting on a jury. 

Received my latest succulent box.
At least USPS did not leave this one sitting on a hot radiator for hours like the last plant.  Fortunately it did survive.
They threw an air plant in also.  Last one I had didn't make it too long, but this one looks in much better shape.  Actually, to be honest, I have no idea how to take care of this plant. 

When I got home from shopping on Saturday there was a notice in the lobby. The electricians want entrance to every apartment, starting today, so they can put another outlet in each kitchen. Come on now. It would be different if everything was put back as it was, but they leave holes and then the painter comes in and paints white around it. My apartment is finally back in shape, and it's not white, it's an off white.  Don't have any more of the paint to touch it up. Nope, not gonna happen here. Besides, I already have 5 OUTLETS in my small kitchen, and I only use 3. How many do I need? 6?  For what?

Have an awesome day.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Sunday Selections

At the end of the year Inked Goddess offered grab bags for $10 and for $5.  I tried one of each.  They are so nice, I wish I had bought more.  This is the goodies from the $10 bag.
All the goodies stuffed into a plastic bag.  Couldn't wait to see what was in there.
This is such a gorgeous throw.  The picture does not do it justice.  It is huge. I love Bohemian and this fits right in.  Just trying to figure out now where to put it.
For some coloring fun.  Probably do some work on it tomorrow since it looks like I won't be getting out any place.
Nice little necklace.  Will be changing the chain, though, to make sure it's nickle free.
7 chakra crystal healing wand to direct healing energy where needed.
The red rock earth found in this glass vial necklace was charged at the Boynton Canyan Vortex in Sedona, AZ.  It's energy is a balance between the masculine and feminine energies of the Earth.  It is great for promoting balance and harmony. 

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Saturday Quote

And as the seasons come and go, here's something you might like to know. There are fairies everywhere: under bushes, in the air, playing games just like you play, singing through their busy day. So listen, touch, and look around — in the air and on the ground. And if you watch all nature's things, you might just see a fairy's wing. 

Author Unknown

Friday, January 18, 2019

Friday Roundup

Good morning.  Whew!  Was this ever a busy week, and it's not done yet.  On Monday I went to my classes.  Totally enjoyed every moment of the day.  Felt so good to be out and about, and once that music started playing, I was raring to go. 

Tuesday was a stay in day for cooking.  Spent most of my time in the kitchen. Hubby will be eating well for the next couple of weeks.
Bought this awesome magazine from Amazon.  New year, new beginning.  Can't wait to dig into this.  A friend of mine has raved about it. 

Wednesday I went back to class. Didn't go to knitting.  Sitting in those uncomfortable chairs hurts my back, and right now exercise is more important to me.  I did the entire hour of qigong and almost the entire hour of dance.  And I walked out of there pain free.  Qigong really does work miracles on me.
Isn't she pretty?  My newest fairy.  You can't see it in this picture, but that is glitter on her wings.

When I came home Wednesday, I checked the bank, and yes, my payment was accepted.  I am not longer past due and only have to pay for one month.  My credit has been restored.  Sigh!!!  What a relief.

Thursday was WW day.  Scale day.  Lost .4, but that still left me .2 over goal.  More money.  Might as well kiss that $21 good bye as now half the month is over, and if, no WHEN, I go under next week, at the most I'll get $10 refunded.  Big disappointment.  I was so sure I was going to get it today.  So this weekend I am going to dig out all of my weeklies and WW materials and read over them again.  Have to do this.

Today is the monthly chapter meeting at the union.  Lectures on health, socialization with friends, and an awesome lunch.  I was planning to make it, but the weather is not cooperating.  Not much snow, but what was is now turning to slush.  Slippery.  Not going to chance it.  There will be other meetings.

Have a wonderful Friday.  I know the weather is bad across the country so stay safe.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Thursday Odds and Ends

This little tract of land is located at Picatinny Arsenal, a military research and manufacturing facility,  in New Jersey.  During the early 1700's this land was owned by my ancestors, the Waltons.  This is the entrance to the old Walton Burial Ground which is being preserved.  
 The Whip.  This was one of my favorite rides at Bertrand's Island Amusement Park.
This is like a 3rd great uncle of mine.  His last name is Whitehead.  Interesting story.  When I was 18 I met my first 'real' boyfriend.  His name was Whitehead also. Richie and I were  together for nearly a year when I broke off with him.  I'd pretty much been isolated when growing up due to constant punishments for what I see now as month grounded for not buttoning my coat.  Went like that all through high school.  So, when we started dating I still had yet to sow my wild oats.  50 years later when I started doing my genealogy I saw this picture and realized that maybe breaking up was the best thing I could have done.  He's the spitting image of Richie.  Too close for comfort.
One of my 0 point meals.
Hubby and I about 25 years ago.

These are two of six Roman statues on a building around the corner from me.  The building was recently sold and turned into a spa, but the side of the building with all the statues was left intact. 
My two beautiful granddaughters.
 My ballerina music box.  About 30 years old.
 A deserted Coney Island beach.