Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Monday Morning This and That

The stormy March has come at last,
With wind, and cloud, and changing skies;
I hear the rushing of the blast,
That through the snowy valley flies...
For thou, to northern lands again,
The glad and glorious sun dost bring,
And thou hast joined the gentle train
And wear'st the gentle name of Spring.
William Cullen Bryant
Good morning friends and family. February has come and gone, and now we move on towards spring. Welcome March. Not going to be bad temperature wise today, but I'm hearing some rain is on its way with snow showers tonight. I also heard on last night's news that the Northeast is going to have a very wet spring. Well, it sure does look that way already and spring hasn't even arrived yet.
Sorry I haven't been around much.  Been a busy time.   School began again, and although my schedule is not as full as last year, it still keeps me busy.

This morning I am off to 'Poetry Workshop'. Figured I'm learning how to paint. Might as well learn how to write poetry too. Time to get the creative juices going. Afterwards I have a class on comparative religion. Namely we are studying the splitting of Judaism and Christianity and Easter and Passover. Won't be home until late today. 
I'm hoping to do some homemade gifts for my daughter and grandchildren next Christmas.  Yeah I know it's early but what I have planned will take some time.  For my daughter I want to put together a family tree along with some family stories I have gathered.  For my grands, I hope to paint a picture of my great grands, looking pretty far-fetched right now.  I've much to learn and a lot of practice before I can even attempt it, but Christmas is a long way off. 
This past week was kind of rough on me.  On the 24th it was one year that Miss Minga crossed the rainbow bridge and on the 28th it was my mom's first birthday in heaven. Shed quite a few tears this week.
Have a good one.