Sunday, September 30, 2018

Sunday Selections

Received my latest Therabox during the re-wiring of my apartment.  This box is a keeper.  So far I've not been disappointed in the least, and items that I may not use are good enough to put aside for Christmas.  It's a little pricier than the other boxes, but the goods you find in it are pricier than most.   I went to the website of each of the products, and the loot here would come out to over $100 if you purchased it separately.  I also love that everything is natural.  This is my 'me' box.  Each month it sends things that soothe my soul and body.
This was the complete box this month.
Breathe Well Aromatherapy Inhaler. Ingredients: Essential Oils (Sweet Orange, Eucalyptus, Opopanax, Tea Tree)   Use to unwind anytime of the day.  Simply breathe the aroma through your nose.  I love it.  Helps me relax.
Chemical free. Key ingredients are Hemp Seed Oil, Ylang Ylang, and Lycopene. All products are made from the purest natural and organic ingredients, and completely free of harsh chemicals for hydrated healthy looking skin.Brings nourishment and oxygen to the skin without clogging pores. I like the way this makes my skin feel and look. 
Loaded with antioxidants.  Made with  Raw Unfiltered Organic Apple Cider Vinegar,  Virgin Marula Oil, Geranium Oil.  I use this morning and night.  So far so good.
Satin sleep mask filled with dried lavender. I can't sleep with anything on my eyes no matter how nicely it smells.  This went into the Christmas gift bag.  I'm thinking of all the things I get that I don't use and all the little necklaces and earrings I have made and putting them into Christmas stockings for the females in my life.
Helps calm redness.  Haven't used this one yet.
Whipped Body Butter made with Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin E lightly fragranced  with essential oils  Lily of the Valley, Tuberose, and Sandlewood.   Makes my body feel so smooth...and smells good, too.
31 little cards containing self-care activities  providing a targeted focus for daily well-being.   Draw a card and live it out.  Example:  I drew this card this morning: "There is always something to be grateful for.  Create a list or collage of all you're grateful for at this moment."  Love using this.  I draw a card every morning.
Gypsy Soul Organics Moon Cologne.  Made from Rose Water. Ylang Ylang, Rose . Jasmine,. Lavender,  Sweet Orange Peel and Jojoba Oil.  Smells fantastic.  I like to wear it when I go to bed.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Saturday Thought

Awesome Book 
Half the annoyances of life will disappear if one is only patient under them. Almost all the other half will go the same way if one does not worry over them. 

Frank A. De Puy
"Happiness in the Home: Be Patient," 1900

Friday, September 28, 2018

I'm Back....Almost

Good morning everyone. It's been a long haul here, but the end is in sight. They SAY this should be the last day, but I hear this every day so I will believe it when I see it. They finished plastering the bedroom and now for the paint. In the kitchen they still have to do the outlet tiles and behind the stove. Don't need no mice coming in here again. In the hall I happened to notice that they left the spot where the old light fixture was broken open. I think he thought that was new, but it must be closed. And the bathroom has to be painted. I wonder. Will they get this all done today?  Maybe if they put in more than 2 or 3 hours.

I do have to get to the bank for bill time, but I hate not to be here to supervise this guy.  I just don't think he is professional.   Up in the air about going today.  Actually, I haven't been anyplace since this began, no WW, which by the way is no longer Weight Watchers, but I will explain that in the future, no classes, no church...only one trip to the store.  Not much of a life, is it?  In fact, I had a strange dream last night that I'm pretty sure relates to my life as it is now.

Hubby and I went to the movies, only when we got there, it wasn't your normal movie theater.  It seemed more like a church outing.  And men went to one place and women to the other.  The huge room we were sent to was not even movie theater like.  We were seated on folding chairs and there were hundreds of us.  Suddenly, in the middle of the film, an announcement came that everyone had to evacuate.  Nothing serious happened, it was just that movie time was over and the place was closed.  Talk about a mob scene.  And suddenly, there I was left, everyone gone, and my coat, pocketbook with all my ID and credit cards, and cane was gone.  I looked all over the place but couldn't find any of it.  Then I couldn't find hubby either.  I stood in the parking lot in the snow, yes, it was snowing, with no money, no ID and no way home.  Don't remember the middle part, but the dream ended when I went back the next day to check out their lost and found.  

The dream was so realistic that I got up and checked for my purse the first thing.  It then hit me that much of my identity HAS been taken away with all this mess.  Not only have I not been able to participate in the activities I love, but my home is an extension of me.  It's my wonderful quiet place filled with magic and fantasy, and it's all been taken away.  Right now I am searching to find it again.  Did manage to get a little decorating done again:

On the plus side, this disaster has brought all of us neighbors together.  Even the lady next door who used to slam the door in my face knocks on my door to see if I need anything.  My other neighbor, the young girl I have been help, hugs me warmly when I see her.  A Chinese women who never said anything, only gave nasty looks, now stops to chat when she sees me...and that's only the tip of the iceberg.  I'd say I know just about everyone in my building now.  We are all in this together.

Have a good one.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Enough is Enough

I'm not doing very well right now.  I'm struggling to hold on, but enough is enough.  Still living in a war zone.  14 days now on a job that should have been done a week ago.  It seems that the painters they hired to do my apartment not only doesn't know what he is doing, but also allows himself to be intimidated by others.  Like today.  Yesterday I was told that they would be here early in the morning to finish the plastering in the bedroom so they can paint.  So, I had to wake hubby up early, and he went out to sleep in his car.  Meanwhile, they didn't show up here until 10:30 (they keep banker's hours).  After a brief walk through, the boss said the worker was going to go upstairs and give a one coat to that apartment, then be back to me in short while.  Finally, at 1:30 I had enough and went upstairs in a tiff.  He came running down and went to my bedroom and only did along the walls...forget about the ceiling.  At 2:30 he tells me he will be back at 12 tomorrow.  12?????  What's with that?  And where did he go?  He went upstairs to finish their apartment.  So not fair.  Tired of being the nice old lady.

Meanwhile, I have holes in my bedroom ceiling, a small hole in the living room ceiling where he screwed up, the bathroom still has a hole in the ceiling and painting has begun.  I have a hole behind my stove and my refrigerator. The kitchen outlets haven't been touched.  Plaster covers my floor.  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.  Calling management the first thing tomorrow and demanding this be done as well as money off my rent.  If not, I am calling the city in.  I'm a senior citizen and should not have to live like this.   

Sometimes it doesn't pay to be nice.  The electricians broke:

Our first anniversary portrait.  Hubby and I had bought new outfits for our special night out and had our portrait done.  This was not a normal picture that we just need a new frame.  The picture itself was glass.  

In wood shop class in school, hubby had made a llama on an oval of wood.  He made it in 1972.

They broke the door on my microwave cabinet. 

I know there is something else they broke, but my mind is gone right now.  Definitely time to stop being the nice guy and fighting back.  

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Checking in

Just checking in to let you know how things are going.  I am still without a computer so doing this from my phone which I'm not very good at.  When it rains it pours.  They are finally done with the electrical work and now it is time for the plasterers and Painters.  The electrician's allowed all that garbage to fall into my tub and you know what happened.  I now need to have it snaked.  They took my broom when they left and I cannot even sweep my house. It is so dusty and dirty that I have developed a cough.  As if that's not enough I'm doing my dishes and suddenly my feet get drenched.  A burst pipe under my kitchen sink.  So now when I can finally start cleaning I have no broom and I can't use the water.  Suffice it to say it's been hard to keep myself together it through all this and I've cried many a tear. But in a sense I am glad that it is all happening at once so everything is fixed now. Below is what my living room looks like now.  A friend said well at least you have the colors of Mabon.  So much for my much planned celebration.  Hope you all had a good one

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

I cannot take much more of this.  I want my home back.  This is not the way it should be.  5 days now.  Should have been done already.  I'm like a shopping bag lady. 

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Such a Mess....My 2000th Post

Just to give you some idea what is
going on.  No computer hooked up.  Thank goodness for smart phones....although I can't type on it.  One fingered typing. So this will be very short.

This is my foyer, kitchen and living room...not even half done.  I put on a brave face, but today I just sat and cried.  Been holding back for awhole now.

And they still haven't done anything on my hall, bath and bedroom.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

And It Begins

Posting will be sporadic for the upcoming week.  They knocked on my door last evening and are starting the work today instead of  Monday.  I'm tired, so tired.  Been rushing all night to finish protecting my goods.  
And this is just the stuff from my living room.  I piled the books onto the sofa and will cover with plastic.  They took off the cover of my neighbor's sofa and put their tools on it, ruining it.  I figure with it covered in books, they won't get the same idea here.  All this from one room?  When did I get so much stuff?

So, I'm thinking I'm going to get off lightly anymore.  Turns out I am Ground Zero for my line.  That means, all four apartments above me are attached to my line so my little foyer is going to be pretty torn up.  I also thought that since I had 3 outlets and switch overhead lights in the living and bedroom I'd be okay, but turns out they are going to put more outlets in each room and rewire the overhead lighting.  This is going to be the week from hell.  

Just letting you all know that if I don't post, I haven't disappeared again.  I can't find the cord to charge my laptop and can't type too well on my phone.  I'm here, just waiting for the nightmare to end.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Friday Roundup

Good Friday morning.  I've been busy packing here.  Sure does feel like I'm moving.  Wish I was.  I've so many breakables, cherished items to pack away for safety.  Will definitely be on top of things when they are moved to the lobby.

It's been a pretty busy week here.  I had a quiet day on Monday.  It was so stormy I chose not to go to class.  Good to be able to make a chance without losing a sick day.  On Tuesday I found out that they are going to start doing the electrical work on my apartment on Monday.  They tell me that I don't have to start preparing until Sunday, but heck, I'm 71 years old with chronic pain disorder so I have to do things slowly.  I can't be moving things around like the young people next door.  And, oh what a mess they have.  Dust all over the place.  I worry about hubby and his COPD.  I told him to find a place to stay for these few days.  I'll stay here and watch over our things.
This is what they did with a lot of the stuff from next door.  Out in the lobby.  And they don't have half the things I have.  She took me in to look around, and oh, what a mess.  All I want to do is cry.  And I did.  That is how I handle stress.
Hanging in the lobby.  Our instructions.
Our neighbor's entrance.  The entire apartment looks like this.  Holes all over the place.  Dust and broken sheet rock on the floor in every room.
 The neighbor's bedroom ceiling.
The neighbor's kitchen living room combo.  We're one of the lucky ones.  We have a much larger apartment than the rest.  Her only closets are in the cooking area.
 The neighbor's bedroom.  All around the baseboard is holes.  Now I have to worry about mice again.
 The bathroom.  Disgusting.  Oh, please don't ruin my pretty bathroom.

There are 59 apartments that are going to look like this, one by one.  We are talking now about standing together for housecleaning when done and money off of our rent because the apartments are unlivable.  It's totally unacceptable that we  should be left to clean the mess.

On Wednesday I went to classes and gave in my money order.  Continued packing my breakables when I got home.  Didn't make my meeting yesterday.  It was 8:50 am when I was just finishing up a FB message when I heard a loud pop, and my power was gone.  Crackling noises in the walls and the smell of burnt wires.  Scared the crap out of me.  I ran upstairs for the guys.  Turns out that one of the guys in the basement had pulled the wrong cord, realized what he did, and then plugged it back in.  Made a mess of my computer.  Had to re-log into everything.  Not easy with a 71 year old brain.

No cooking done this week.  I want to use up what I already have in the freezer.  No telling how long the refrigerator will be off.  Didn't do any shopping either.  Won't be able to fix meals for a few days.  I such an unhappy camper right now.  I am so worried about my breakables, and I have to miss all my classes next week.  

My Autumn decorations are now down and packed away.  A whole week's work that I was able to enjoy for one week.  But, to add insult to injury, I lost a hundred dollars because of this.  The focus group place called me to participate in another survey on Tuesday that paid $100, and I had to turn it down.  Darn.  Darn.  Darn.

On the plus side, at least I will have been one of the first ones to have it done.   I can sit back when everyone else is having their apartments torn apart and know that I no longer have to worry about it.  I had bought a book not too long ago entitled "Bless this House"  by Mama Donna Henes.  I had put it away for when we move into our new place.  Now, I guess since my place will be pretty much new (new walls, paint job) it would be very appropriate when we are ready to settle back in. And I will still have time to enjoy my Autumn decor before it's time to set up for Christmas.

As I sit here listening to the news, I realize I'm sounding whiny.  Just thinking and praying for all those people in the Carolina's.  People are already on their roof waiting for rescue.  Now they put more lives in danger.  The rescuers must now fight to get to them.  Broke my heart when I heard a family with a baby chose to stay.  Are your material items more important than that baby's life?  So sad.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Thursday Odds and Ends

My two sons when they were little.  I think we had gone to Dorney Park in Pennsylvania.
Took this picture of the Verrazano Bridge on a rainy day.
The large fruit stand I go to for my fruits and veggies has a lot more than just that.  They also sell a lot of different products from Italy.  I tried this tomato sauce....delicious.  They've been out of it for awhile but I keep looking.  One day it will show up again, and I'll grab a few of them.
5th Avenue in Brooklyn.  Stores in both directions as far as the eye can see.  Whatever you need, you will find it here....and cheap.
I really wanted my hair this color, but once my stylist told me I'd have to bleach all the color out to get it, I decided I didn't want to go in that direction.
My granddaughter Ayva.  She wouldn't leave my side that night.
Bought myself some paper dolls  awhile back.  Reminders of my childhood.  I had boxes and boxes of them.  My grandfather and I used to drive to the small town every Saturday morning and he would give me a dollar to spend.  Guess what I bought?  My poor grandmother had to hide her magazines and catalogs because I was always cutting them. 

This one is very cute.  Please note*  I haven't cut any of the paper dolls out and played with them.  LOL!!!  It's just a memory thing with me.
My grandson, Scott.  He fought in Afghanistan.  Had some problems with PTSD when he came home, but he is doing well now.
This was our art teacher.  I am so mad at him.  One day he simply disappeared and the class was over.  Everyone has a right to move on, but he could have at least said good bye to everyone and let us know he wouldn't be back.  The first week he was gone we sat there for a whole hour waiting for him.