Friday, August 10, 2018

Friday Roundup

Hello there.  Another week in the books.  Must admit, it was not one of my more exciting weeks.  My big day out on Monday was a trip to the fruit stand.  Bought a few items and headed back home.  Not only was it far too hot and humid for much of anything, but I was feeling something coming on....and sure enough by afternoon I had a full-fledged head cold.  I moan and groan when I get sick, but I still take care of what I have to do.  That's the way of us women.
Those plums were super juicy and very sweet.  Hope they have more of them when I go back.  Everything there changes so frequently.

Tuesday was a stay in day for me.  Cold medication, a good book, and plenty of hot ginger tea.   By Wednesday hubby was feeling really bad and admitted that he might need to see a doctor, but could I get him to go?  We have a hospital 10 minutes away that is rated one of the top hospitals for COPD and pulminary, and I offered to call a cab, and he would not go.  I asked him what he was waiting for.  To have an episode where we would have to call an ambulance, and then he would have no choice what hospital.  They always take to Lutheran, and he hates that place.  "Give me a couple of days" he says.   Does he not realize how hard it is on me to watch him suffer like this?   By the end of the day yesterday he was feeling a bit better and a lot less coughing.  He started taking the Z Pack the doctor had given him last time this happened.  We'll see how he is when he gets up today.
Getting ready for autumn.  Got some new wax melts in the mail yesterday.  Just can't wait to use them.  Purchased a new wax and tart warmer, and I can't wait until I try it out.  Until then I am using up the summer scents I bought this year. 

Was planning on making two meetings this week, but with this cold and hubby getting worse I didn't make any.  When I am sick I just don't want to spread it amongst my friends or even strangers on the bus.  Just not fair.  Wasn't feeling up to traveling anyway.  2 buses, in the midst of a heat wave, and all congested.  Not for me.  

Bought a Chinese tea preparation at the Chinese Market.
 I believe in traditional Chinese medicine. 

Signed up for  The Art of Spiritual Living Online Retreat.  It begins with the New Moon on August 11th.  The emails with links to the daily sessions will continue until September 9th.  This is definitely something that I need and I am looking forward to it...and it's totally free. 

Hubby's sister has invited herself over on Sunday, and I asked him to tell her 'no'.  First of all, we are both sick, and it's not fair to me to have to cook a meal for a whole bunch of people.  She NEVER just comes with her husband.  She always brings her GROWN children and their children.  Don't need all that noise.  Secondly, there is no space. We have a loveseat, a rocking chair, and 3 dining room chairs.  No room for people to sit and last time I ended up standing.  And thirdly, to put it bluntly, they are all a bunch of hogs and despite how much you feed them, they still go in the kitchen and clean out your refrigerator.  No lie.  They are the kind of people who will bring you a bag of fruit and be sure to eat it all before they go.  Last time I bought all kinds of fruits for desert--grapes, cherries, apricots, plums--and they STILL went out in the kitchen and finished off our bananas, which hadn't been put out for a reason.  I have one each evening to help with cramping in my feet at night, and hubby has one in the morning so he can take his medication.

What worries me is that hubby is a wimp when it comes to his sisters.  He'd best say 'no' this time.  

Have a good one.


  1. I am sorry to hear both of you are not feeling good. It stinks when we have little control over our own bodies!

    I do not know what it is about men and being wimpy about certain matters? Hopefully, your hubby will stand up to his family on this.

    Hoping that you feel better soon.

  2. Oh, Mary, you poor dear. We can choose our friends but not our relatives. It would be nice if your hubby could at least ask his family to be of some for them each to bring something for the meal. This is what we do in our family ànd it works beautifully.
    The fruit does look delicious! Something for the tummy and something to scent the atmosphere in your home...both great choices!
    I do hope that you are both feeling better very soon. Good luck 💮


  3. There's nothing worse than a head cold in the midst of a heatwave! I hope you're feeling better soon, and your hubby too.

  4. I am so sorry that both of you are having health issues. I suspect your husband will not tell his sister no (my partner wouldn't). If that is the case I hope that they catch a good dose of your cold.

  5. I was going to say make a cake and don’t do a full meal...but it seems as if that wouldn’t stop your in laws!!! Yikes! I can’t imagine! I help myself to my mom’s food in her fridge (come on it’s my mom!! Lol) but wouldn’t think of doing that at my brothers house...if Jason’s parents or sisters house!!! That’s crazy!!

  6. I hope your hubby said no!
    I also hope you and your hubby are feeling better!!
    The fruit looks so good!
    Big Hugs!