Friday, July 27, 2012


Reflection is in many ways a lost art. It is an eyepiece to a world hidden
away, the world within ourselves which is alive with truths and beauties
and darkness we have never glimpsed. It seems sad that we slice our
time too thin for dreaming long dreams and thinking long thoughts.
We've grown uncomfortable with that sort of thing. For a long time
I had been uneasy left alone. I would snap on the television or grab
a book or make brownies. Anything. I suppose we are restless all
alone with ourselves, all alone in a room with a stranger. What if we
face ourselves and find we don't like the person we meet? I didn't
even want to spend much time in prayer because God might
confront me and I'd have to look at myself.

Sue Monk Kidd

Friday came very quickly this week, not that I am complaining. Looking forward to some quality alone time. Hubby will go visit his son on Saturday, and I will have the day to myself. After a trip to my favorite fruit stand, I've really nothing pressing that just HAS to be done. I'll probably chop up some red, yellow, and orange peppers, onions, and garlic and saute with a little salt-free tomato sauce and some Mrs. Dash to make some kind of flavorful topping for the foods that I find extra bland.  In the beginning, it was thrilling to try out new foods with new and different spices, but it is becoming a bit boring right now.

I am so trying to get this diet together...and now there is a second diet that I have to include...a diet for Graves Disease.  From research I have learned that certain foods aggravate  the thyroid.  Seafood, aside from tuna, is not a problem.  I don't like it anyway.  But dairy products are another story.  No more milk, even 1 percent, yogurt, and cheeses...not that I like lots of cheeses; in fact, the only ones I eat are Swiss and cheddar. It seems that our dairy products are loading with iodine, toxic for thyroid issues.  Almond milk here I come.  Anyone ever tried it?  

So, I guess what I am trying to say is this will be a weekend spent on food, but in a good way, finding healthy alternatives so I don't feel so left out when I see my office mates eating the foods that I once and still love, but are not on my menu any longer.  

Before closing, I've a question to ask.  It's personal and feel free not to answer.  This thyroid issue is all new to me, and I am wondering if anyone here has had to deal with it.  I'm especially frightened of the thyroid scan they scheduled for me on August 9th and 10th.  Taking something that is going to make me radioactive, albeit only a small amount, is really scaring me, and the more I read, the more frightened I get.  I've a hubby and an old kitty at home.  How do I steer clear of them?  I've only one bed now so one of us will be on the floor, but how do I keep a kitty who loves my feet away?  I also read in several sources that RAI treatment has, on occasion, made the condition worse. Seriously, I'm thinking about asking for other alternatives.  And perhaps, I am just worrying too much. And doing too much reading.

But hey, I am not going to let this spoil my weekend.  After all, the test is still a couple weeks away.  For now, I am going to relax and enjoy and treasure my special alone time.  Bought some of my favorite scented candles, a Kindle recipe book for making comfort foods with low sodium, and some new body lotion to pamper myself. 

Here's hoping you all have a fun-filled weekend?


  1. Sending (((hugs)))to get you through this Mary. I cry for me, I cry for you. Pat

  2. I don't think you'll be be so radioactive that you have to avoid the husband and cat. If the dosage were that high, they'd have to keep you in isolation in the hospital. I'm sure everything will be just fine! Focus on Ommmmmmm this weekend!

  3. Please don't let the Search for New Healthy Food Alternatives, become boring. I know, easier said than done. But please try.

    And as to feeling -pouty- when not able to eat the stuff which co-workers eat for lunch..... Gotta' make a mind-set-change here too. (I'm just full of ideas, hu??? LOL) If you try, you will see that CRAP which they are eating... For what it is!

    Full of too much salt, and saturated fats, and hydrogenated oils, and the worst-kind-of-sugar, and etc. You will be repulsed!!!!!!!!!!!! Work on seeing their lunch choices, in this way!!!!!!!!

    Then sit back smugly, and know you are TRYING to HELP your health. And they are stuffing their mouths with CRAP. -chuckle-

    Don't know about graves disease or this test... Sorry.

    But do know that I USE ALMOND MILK. :-)

    And one can learn to avoid all that dairy stuff, even though it's hard at first. Really! :-)))) With having a teeny bit, once in a while, to keep us sane.


    Gentle hugs....

    "Blow upon a dandelion,
    Close thy eyes,
    This year,
    Next year,
    If one clock remains,
    We will be together."

    ~Old song

  4. I was presented with a situation with my endocronologist whereby he wanted me to do the radioactive dye and I told him no. So this just did the scan and he gleaned the info anyway. Maybe not as exclusive as he wanted but there you have it. It all depends on your stance on this Mary. Personally I can't see shooting toxic dye into a body system to ferret out something else that is causing toxicity but as I said that is my opinion.

    Secondly, my daughter has thyroid problems and takes meds for them...her doctor works pretty inclusively with her and I don't recall her ever having to do this test, but I'm going to call and ask her and let you know. In my humble opinion I think Doctors are way to quick to want patients to do scans and order far too many of them, and bottom line is we are our own best advocates where our health is concerned. Whatever you decide Beloved is what is right for you but try not to sit around and worry...I'm walking with you hand in hand!!
    Have a great day tomorrow cooking and experimenting. I've heard the almond milk isn't all that bad...try just a small quart of it to see if you like it, or cooking with it as a replacement for cows milk.
    Anywho...have a great weekend Sister Love...I'll be thinking of you!

  5. I"ve never had to deal with thyroid issues like you have but I'd be nervous too but I don't think I'd avoid hubby and kitty. They're pure medicine and if you were exposed at a level like Debra said, they'd keep you in isolation. It never hurts to do some more research to see what other people in your situation have done. Sending you lots of blessings for a beautiful and tasty weekend.

  6. We love almond milk, unsweetened, better than regular milk. It's lower in fat, calories and carbs, and it adds a lovely taste to oatmeal or cereal. Don't know how it would taste in a cream sauce or soup, but we don't do those anyway! Check out diabetic recipes: they have lots of flavor but are lower in fat and carbs. I know you'll do fine!

  7. ...kindred soul sister! ~ fear ~ broken down into ~ tiny digestable pieces ~ can once again become managable... ...when in doubt ~ walk away ~ for a time... ...digress ~ the path shalt return... ...physical disability ~ transcends ~ when working with our higher faculty of mind... ...give the gift of ~ the precious present ~ and ~ restorative composure ~ will crave for external application... ...may thee most blessed be! ~ dear kindred heart!... ...xXx... ...Samantha...

  8. I have tried almond milk, Mary. It has a rather pleasant taste and is naturally sweet. I was using it on my cereal. No need for sugar because the milk is sweet enough.

    Wishing you a happy weekend
    free of worry.

  9. Still holding you in thoughts/prayers - and reading your words encourages us all.

  10. I was diagnosed with Grave's disease about 10 years ago and the preferred treatment at that time was radioactive iodine, rather than surgically removing part of the thyroid. I don't know if that is the radioactive substance that they will be using on you for your scans. I, too, received safety warnings about being radioactive after the treatment. The technician that brought me a tiny what looked like a lead lined vial was wearing protective clothing. I started to pick the vial up to drink out of it, but was quickly made to understand that I was to leave the vial on the counter and use the straw provided. Apparently they didn't want any radioactive spills on the floor, only down my throat. I was told to flush twice after using the bathroom because of my radioactivity and also no close contact with others, especially with anyone who may be pregnant, or children. I can't remember how many hours after the dosing that I was supposed to follow the precautions. But I did. Better safe than sorry. Be sure and look online there are support groups and a lot of information about Grave's disease and other thyroid problems.