Thursday, July 12, 2012


We ourselves cannot put any magic spells on this world.
The world is its own magic.

Suzuki Roshi

Well, it is that special time of the week again. Another weekend is upon us. Aside from a trip to the fruit stand, I've nothing else planned for the weekend. Supposedly we're headed for another heatwave, so time to slow down. And it that is not enough to make one slow down, with both Uranus and Mercury will be turning stationary retrograde, it's definitely time this weekend to slow down and turn inward. 

Got some good news to share with you.   I've lost 11 pounds on my new diet.  I'm eating healthy, low sodium foods and watching my calorie intake, no more than 1200 calories a day.  It's the choices of foods that I am eating now. I'm don't stay hungry.  I am eating well and feeling full.  And I am also learning how to say 'no', something that was always difficult for me when it came to food.  Take the other day, for example.  Everyone at work was ordering from Boston Market, but I'd brought in some of my steamed vegetables and chicken.  In the past, all someone had to say is "We're ordering from...", and my food would have stayed in the refrigerator to be thrown out at the end of the week.  This time though, and I love Boston Market, the first thing I did was look up the nutritional values on the food on the menu.  What I found was despite having many low calorie choices, all of their foods were super high in sodium.

I think what is most important now is that I am paying attention to what I put in my body. I am taking responsibility for the choices I make regarding the food that I eat.  Eating had become an addictive activity for me.Rather than paying attention to what my body needed, i was it with junk...and lots of it. I guess you can say I am cleaning house.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.


  1. WONDERFUL!!!! Simply wonderful! And can you imagine how happy, happy, happy your body feels and is????

    I know, I tend to speak of our body, as a kind of a separate entity. I don't really mean that it is separate.

    Guess I mean, that we so often, are not really aware, that "our insides" are there. And that everything we put into our mouth, goes "inside," and has to be dealt with, by our "inside." ,-) Our main focus is what-looks-good-to-our-eyes.

    So it is good (though scary) to have our body kind of "Bop us over the head" now and then. Make us remember the old saying that... "You are what you eat."

    My "bop over the head" came 3 years ago, when it was found that I had 3 very clogged heart arteries. And thankfully, stents took care of this dangerous situation.

    And I have never forgotten "my insides," since. :-)

    3 years from now, you'll say the same sort of thing!!!! :-))))) Actually, you are saying it, already.

    Gentle hugs and wishes for a relaxing weekend!!!

    "Summer food....Grown by you...Or on a nearby farm...Does it get any better than this?"

  2. Congrats, Mary on 11 pounds lost, that is absolutely fabulous! Have a cool and calm weekend.

  3. Congrats on losing weight. =)

  4. Such wonderful news Mary!!! Yay! :)
    I need to pay closer attention to my eating. In this heat I tend not to cook because I don't want to heat up the house so I exist on sandwiches and chips and fruit. Not good! I've been eating salads too but I need to lay off the bread. Now you've inspired me to do better. :)
    Have a relaxing weekend Sister and enjoy yourself doing whatever your heart desires.
    Much Love and Big Hugs!!!

  5. Mercury Retrograde! Arrrrgh....GOOD FOR YOU that you've not just lost weight but you're really honoring and cherishing your body. Thanks for sharing your journey with us.