Monday, July 23, 2012

Graves Disease

Just got back from the doctor, and that is a new diagnosis. Graves Disease, an autoimmune disorder.  It does, however, explain many of my symptoms--increased sweating, intolerance to heat, insomnia, muscle pain, rapid heart beat, shortness of breath, anxiety, and the list goes on and on. In fact I have almost all of the symptoms aside from weight loss, which the doctor says is a misnomer when it comes to the thyroid, and puffy eyelids.  Now it will be the endocrinologist as well as the pulmonologist I have to see, plus a two day scan on the thyroid.  

Amazingly, with all the crap I put in my system, my cholesterol level is perfect.  I am pre-diabetic, but the doctor said with my new diet, that should be well under control and not to worry.  Blood pressure was back up to 166 over 110, but I did have a stressful situation while on the way over to her office.  The moment I left the house it started to pour, thunder and lightning, the works.  The bus stop is across the street, but the bus was a long time coming.  When it arrived it was still pouring, and my umbrella was difficult to close.  The next thing I knew I had sliced my finger open on it.  So, when I got on the bus, the blood was dripping, the umbrella was dripping, my metrocard gave me a rough time, and nobody got up to give this old lady with a cane a seat. 

When the doctor heard that tale, she said "No wonder."  Needless to say, my medication regimen has been changed. 


  1. Wow - you've been through a lot!!!!
    We are in the middle of a thunder storm right now - our power went out for a while, but is back on now.

    I hope Graves disease is something easily treatable. It's unbelievable how many people these days are diagnosed with autoimmune diseases. My daughter was diagnosed recently with AS (ankylosing spondylitis) a form of back and hip arthritis.
    Seems like it never ends!

    Sending gentle hugs your way. I hope your symptoms improve and next time somebody gives you a seat on the bus.

  2. ...the journey ~ now ~ has a name ~ i take your hand in mine ~ and place it upon our hearts ~ whilst we skip ~ shuffle ~ dawdle ~ upon the path ~ peaceful fountain ~ in view ~ shall we drink nectar ~ from her cup? ~ blessed be ~ dear gentle soul sister!... ...xXx... ...Samantha...

  3. Hi dear lady....just checking in to see how your visit went today. Graves disease.....I know someone else who has this disorder...and it is treatable with the right medication. How about the other things, the PET Scan or did I miss something....your change in diet is so wonderful is going to do wonders for how you feel. Keep up the good work and stay on this path of wellness.

    Big hugs,


  4. What a day you've had, Mary! It's always good to have a diagnosis because then it can be treated and controlled. And perfect cholesterol -- go figure, eh?

  5. i have not heard of it..having a diagnosis is a good first step though. Sending you my love Mary and i'm sorry about the bus ordeal :(

  6. (((Mary))) You now have a diagnosis and I'm sure that must be a big relief. Now the road to healing will be much faster for you. Congrats on the cholesterol newsfront. That is huge!!! :)
    So sorry you had to deal with the storms moving through. We had strong storms here in the early morning hours...knocked out the power for about 4 hours, but I'm now back online with everything up and running so I'm happy! More than happy as we got some much needed rain! :)
    Hang in there Sister...I think about you all of the time!!!
    Much love,

  7. The good news: it is manageable. And you KNOW now, which is a gazillion times better than not knowing and imagining.

    You are taking the right steps, Mary, and that is all you can do, one day at a time. Take comfort in that and in the improvement you're feeling as you lose weight and change stuff up!

    If you can attend a diabetic education class, it will help too. My husband got a diabetes diagnosis earlier this year and we attended a class together which has really helped me with what we eat and when. We've both dropped weight and his numbers are good. I thought I knew most of it, but found out a few tricks that have helped a bunch.

    Good on ya, girl. Stay with it and stay positive.