Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Walk Down Memory Lane

 "One of the most responsible things you can do as an adult is to become more of a child."--Dr. Wayne Dyer

Good Saturday afternoon.  It's a totally gorgeous day.  The sun is shining, it's breezy, and it's not too hot nor too cold.  Unfortunately, though, it is my cooking day so I've been holed up in the kitchen most of the morning.  What is it that changes as we get older?  Why does something that I used to love become such a chore?  I used to LOVE, absolutely love, cooking.  Hubby never knew what country his meal would be coming from.  I cooked everything, right down to homemade noodles for a Polish dish...and then one day...actually, it is when we moved to this house, cooking was no longer fun for me.  My kitchen is actually larger than the one I had at my other apartment, but it is not as quaint.  Perhaps that is what is.  

Fun....acting like a child.  How many of you have played with toys lately?...and I don't mean video games.  There's something soothing about playing with a toy...a real toy.  I always keep a coloring book and crayons on hand...and sometimes after a super stressful day, I come home and take them out and color a few pictures.

Another little thing I started that gives me pleasure is my 'memory book'.  It's a book about my early childhood, not written, but in pictures.  I bought myself a sketch pad and since I can't draw, I bought stickies of all sorts--people, toys, pets, etc--and began putting together a book of my past...the house I lived in and the friends I had when I was 5 years old...and oddly, the deeper I got into it, the more I remembered.  I drew a picture of the house, used stickies for hedges, a bike in the yard, trees, my dog, Susie...and even my friends.  Indoors, I eventually remember the whole layout of the home...even though it's been over 45 years.  I did my school, listed my friends, my favorite childhood foods.  I had so much fun doing it. 

And I cannot forget my cutouts.  One day I was in Barnes & Noble and wanted to get some cutouts.  I just felt like playing with them.  But, surprisingly, they didn't have least the kind I was looking for.  Computers are wonderful, though.  I found plenty of sites which allowed me to print and even color the paper dolls.  Why, I even found a site with Betsy McCall?  Anyone remember her?  Grandma used to get NcCalls, and I used to drive her crazy.  Couldn't wait to see what Betsy was wearing that month.  And finally, the treasured magazine was handed over to me...and it wasn't only Betsy who was cut out.  By the time I was done, you'd barely recognize the book.  Gosh, (a wistful sigh here) I had boxes and boxes of paper dolls.  I loved them so.

And then there are the games such as "Candy Land" and "Shutes and Ladders"....oh, and can't forget "Go to the Head of the Class". And you know, these games are still what's stopping you from having fun?

So my dear friends....what was your favorite plaything as a child?  Hey, can you still purchase it?  Or something similar?  If you can, you are so lucky.  Have some fun the old way...become a kid again.  See how fast the everyday stressors leave you.  Happy playing!!!


  1. I used to love playing with paper dolls too! What a low-tech toy!

  2. I still have colouring books and crayons too. My neices stopped using them years ago - but I keep them around for me when I'm needing some kid-time.

    My favourite toys were "My Little Ponies" but my mom gave them all away when I stopped playing with them. Wish I had them when my neices were smaller.

    Hope the cooking was over before the sun was down, and you were able to get out in it a bit!

  3. Dolls, dolls, dolls. I could never get enough of them! (still can't, and own a few :0) I'd play for hours, and reading. Books were and still are my passion. What happy days! not a care in the world, propped on my bed surrounded by my dolls and bliss. Thanks for stirring those memories XX

  4. Excuse my language but... Damn it Woman, you are brilliant! How do you keep coming up with wonderful idea/insight after wonderful idea/insight?

    Guess it's because you are so good at your chosen field hu? But not necessarily. You are good at your chosen field. But all people can be a lot more brilliant at ideas and insight, regardless of their field of work.

    All they need is common sense.

    But you know what they say about common sense? It's not very COMMON. ,-)

    And yes I remember things like Betsy McCall! Much more recently, Mary Inglebreit used to have a similar feature in her magazine.

    I loved paper dolls too! Had large sized paper doll books of film stars like Betty Grable and etc. And showing stars, dressed in costumes from their films. Oh how I loved those books! I'd copy the outfits and color them, over and over, in the copies I'd made. :-)

    Guess I answered your question, hu? :-))))

  5. Just remembered...

    Back when I was a kid, the Sun. paper had lots of adds with drawings of the latest fashions. Adds put in, by stores, trying to sell the clothes. I had great fun, coloring in these adds of the fashions, after adults were done with the papers.

    Wonder if anyone else, ever did that?!?

  6. I still love to color, I can't draw, but I can color. Slinky was a favorite of mine, all you can find now are the plastic ones and they don't work as well as the metal ones do. Blowing bubbles is another favorite thing to do. So glad you received some nice weather! Wishing you an awesome day!


  7. Paper dolls, oh my YES. All kinds of baby dolls, my favorite being a Betsy Wetsy.
    Those came out in the 1940's..
    Ohhh, the fun times with a jump rope and marbles or a tennis ball.
    Hop Scotch.... never see a sidewalk with one drawn now. sigh!
    Simple toys and games that gave so much pleasure.