Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Quiet Saturday

Good afternoon, on this lazy Saturday.  Went out this morning and plowed around the 99 cent of my favorite places.  Amazing what you can find.  I'm feeling better than last night.  Still haven't heard from my son, but, when he is ready, he'll call.  I lit my candle and said a prayer last night, but there is not much more I can do.  I really hadn't known about the pregnancy.  Oh, I'd been told by my eldest son, but when nothing else was said, I just assumed he may have heard wrong.  I regret not asking my son outright, but each time I thought about it, I thought about my elder son and how he had confided it in me and asked me not to mention it.  So, I was between a rock and hard plate...or whatever that old saying is.  So, I really wasn't actually planning on this child, but it still hurts.  I think, at this point, my pain is for my son and how I know he is suffering.  But, what do you say?  I'm sorry?  Somehow, that doesn't seem enough.  And, 'it wasn't meant to be,' seems far too cold.  But, I know when he does confide in me, I'll know exactly how to handle it.

We're the bridge across forever, arching above the sea, adventuring for our pleasure, living mysteries for the fun of it, choosing disasters, triumphs, challenges, impossible odds, resting ourselves over and over again, learning love and love and LOVE!
--Richard Bach (from "The Bridge Across Forever"

Has anyone read "The Bridge Across Forever".  It's such a wonderful book, a modern day fairy tale, the story of soul mates finding each other.  It is a part of Bach's life story, a biographical love story.  I'm sure most of you have read Bach's 'Jonathon Livingston Seagull."  There's just something about this writer that not only holds your attention, but makes you keep going back and rereading over and over again. So, if you can find it, pick it up.  Guaranteed, once you pick it up, you won't put it down.  But remember, this book is not for everyone...only for those who still believe in fantasies and are lucky enough to experience them taking shape in their lives.


  1. I read JLS a million years ago when I was young and also saw the movie. Haven't read anything else by this author though. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Yes, you'll know how to handle it, when he tells you.

    To me, wrapping someone in a gentle hug/embrace, seems to say everything, at a lot of such a times...

  3. Love the 99 cent stores and you are so right about the things you can find! You will know what to say when the time comes.