Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

Good morning, everyone.  It's a beautiful day.  Finally a bit of sun, and I am feeling more alive today...even though I don't really want to be here at work.  Would love to be  home.  I'm still working on getting the spring and summer clothes ready.  It's hard doing all of this packing away and taking out when  you work full-time, but also, this has been a fairly wet nothing on the line has been drying.  Just went back and changed the title.  Seems I lost two days someplace.  It's not Tuesday anymore.  

"By choosing your thoughts, and by selecting which emotional currents you will release and which you will reinforce, you determine the quality of your Light.  You determine the effects that  you will have on others, and the nature of the experiences of your life."--Gary Zukov--From "Seat of the Soul"

Ah, some great advice from one of my all-time favorite books. It's true, we do determine what effects we have on others.  I know for myself, I am an emotional sponge.  I soak up all the emotions around me and then wonder why I'm feeling the way I do.  Take yesterday, for example.  I came to work in such a good mood.  It was cool, cloudy, but I had gotten a good night's rest and was feeling like a new person, but when you work around negativity...and especially when you have to share an office with becomes such a struggle to maintain one's good spirits.  So, yesterday ended up being a day that my emotions ran the full gamut...from being in happy-go-lucky to frustrated to tearful to angry and back again to happy.  

Sometimes it is just so hard to keep those boundaries up, but when something like this happens, it makes you realize emotional currents really ARE reinforced.  Yesterday as soon as I entered the office, my office mate said she was in a bad mood. Truth be told, some people just naturally have a dark aura, and she is one of them.  Well, I was determined not to let it effect me, but easier said than done.  Compound her mood with the mood of all these clients I deal with and you can see why I felt like pulling my hair out yesterday; at the very least, breaking out in a good cry. 

Amazing how quickly we can recover though.  Once I had the opportunity to be alone in my office, I put my nature sounds on my computer and before I knew it. I was back to my old self. And truthfully, where I am going with this, I don't know.  I seem to have lost my train of thought awhile ago...and now, since I just seem to be rambling, I will cut this here before everyone starts saying, "Hey, what's up with her?  What's she talking about?"

Have a wonderful, wonderful day.   


  1. thank you Mary for reminding me ... love the quote.. really need to go get that book and read it...

  2. *Naughty, naughty*! We never apologize about what we post in our blog. [She says, after apologizing yesterday, for a blahhhhhh entry, herself] -grin-

    You mentioned a "dark aura." Did you mean that, in a literal way? As in, you can actually see/sense auras?

    Or did you mean it in a way, to convey how we all know people who seem to walk around under a dark cloud and talking with them, can bring us down?

    Oh I so hope you meant it, literally! I'm fascinated by auras and the possibility of seeing them, myself.

    Bet you have somewhere to point me to, on the Net or in a book. Because you are continually such a font of information. Would you please leave it, in a comment on my blog? Because I really don't get back to reading blogs I've read... Until my Google Reader shows they have posted a new [unread by me] post.

    Please and thank you...

    Gentle hugs...

  3. Hope the rest of your day went well. X.

  4. Good Morning Mary! Sounds like a very trying day yesterday. The weekend is here and the sun, so maybe a trip to the beach is in order for you this weekend. Wishing you a tranquil day!