Tuesday, May 25, 2010

No Time to Judge

Good morning.  It's a sunny day here in the city.  Tomorrow it's supposed to go up in the 90's. Yikes!!!  Not my cup of tea.  I'm sure you all know the phrase, "Be careful what you ask for".  Well, when I am gonna learn.  I got myself out of the training yesterday...with much whining and complaining.  Boy, I was so proud of myself. Not many could have pulled that one off. But, then as the afternoon wore on, and I was busily touching base with clients who had shown up to see my co-workers who did make the training, it hit me.  I looked at the clock...3 pm...and I realized that in a little over an hour their training would be over with.  They would be done...finished...and I, well, I still have mine to complete. 

"If you judge people, you have no time to love them."--Mother Theresa

Special words from a very special person...and such a good lesson to be learned.  I have my faults...and have made some pretty bad mistakes in my life, but I've never judged people.  Some think it odd that from my first day in the city I could be so accepting, but I never looked down on anyone.  My parents did something right.  

I was born and raised in a small town in Northern New Jersey.  In both grammar and high school, there was only one Jewish kid.  I remember how I used to feel sorry for him when Christmas and Easter came about, and he didn't participate.  I didn't understand why he didn't; I knew he was Jewish...I just didn't know what it meant. There were no blacks in my area...and whatever Spanish there were lived on one little block where none of us went.  I knew nothing of culture, of race.  My world had been pretty much cloistered from the outside world.

So, I was one of your true country bumpkins when I moved to the city.  Everything was so new to me.  Imagine not even knowing what a bagel was. Well, that was me. Oddly, though, from Day 1 I seemed to fit in.  It was if the city was where I was meant to be...and living in the East Village in the late 60's early 70's offered me a quick education into race, culture, and religion...and I loved it all.  Hippiedom was on its way out, but I can say I sat in the grass in the park with the hippies and listened to the folk singers and up and coming comedians who I would later see on "Saturday Night Live".  

It was such a special time in my life...those first few years here. So many wonderful people passed through my life...people I will never forget.  I may not remember names but I remember tales and I cherish them.  And I learned to love and not to judge...and that is the greatest lesson I could have learned.


  1. I so hear what you are saying Mary... I too came from a small rural town which was quite sheltered from the variety of cultures that grace our planet... I loved the diversity I learned as I ventured out into the world. Even if I did seem a bit of a goof at time in my simplicity. It is those many different sides that make it all so interesting.... Thank goodness that we are not all the same..

    And the high temps.. I hear you... Summer is quickly rolling in.. and the heat and humidity is close behind... take care dear

  2. Hi Mary -- Sorry you had to hear about Law and Order's cancellation on my blog! But the other spin-offs are continuing: SVU and Criminal Intent, if you like those. Plus apparently they're starting a new spin-off next season -- Law and Order: Los Angeles. Yeah, I know. It's not New York!

  3. Guess you just have to remember how great it felt, to have gotten out of that particular training thing. :-) Silver lining and all that... -grin-

  4. I love this post, made me feel like I was taking a walk down your memory lane with you : ) Thanks.

  5. Inannasstar took the words right out of my mouth. There's something soothing in your way to write. It's very comforting. :)

  6. Great lesson indeed! It made me smile hearing you reminisce about the Hippiedom days. My husband and I visit Woodstock every summer and would you believe the hippies are still there? They gather every Sunday afternoon at the tiny village square playing drums and tambourines. Everyone and anyone can join in. They always have extra instruments in a cardboard box for those sudden inspirations :0) There is a sense of harmony and peace we don't see or feel anywhere else nowadays. Oh yes, Hippiedom, those were the days! Thanks for the memories xx

  7. Tomorrows temperatures sound like beach weather. If I remember right, it will also be your cooking day. So switch things up and cook on Sunday, enjoy a day at the beach. You so deserve it! I would loved to have heard the conversation you had to get out of going to that training class, I bet it was funny. Love reading your posts about things you have done. Makes time stand still... Wishing you a fun filled weekend!