Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Memorial Day, originally called "Decoration Day", is the day dedicated to the memory of the soldiers who died so that we may be free.  It began in 1866 as a day to commemorate those soldiers from the Union Army who died in the Civil War...and after World War I, it now honors all men and women who died in military service.  Sadly, too many have forgotten the true meaning this day, and for most, the day is filled with barbecues, boating, and other relaxing activities.  And some just welcome the three day weekend.  

Take a moment this year to place a wreathe or a flag on a loved one.  If you cannot get to a grave site, go online to Find a Grave and join.  It's totally free and you can place virtual flowers on the graves..and even if, on the off chance that you cannot find a family member listed there, take a moment to place some flowers or a flag on the listing of another solder. Visit a national monument. Take moment for a short prayer.   And be sure to take a moment to at 3 pm today to participate in the National Moment of Rememberence to express your gratitude to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice that we may be free. 

How sleep the brave, who sink to rest,
By all their country's wishes blest!
When Spring, with dewy fingers cold,
Returns to deck their hallowed mould,
She there shall dress a sweeter sod
Than fancy's feet have ever trod.
By fairy hands their knell is rung,
There honour comes, a pilgrim gray
To bless the turf that wraps their clay;
And freedom shall awhile repair
To dwell, a weeping hermit there.
--William Collins--


  1. I like the poem. Hope you had another good day. X.