Sunday, May 30, 2010

Magic of the Sea

(To me, the sea is like a person--like a child that I've known for a long time.  It sounds crazy, I know, but when I swim in the sea, I talk to it, and I never feel alone when I am out there.)--Gertrude Ederle 

What a wonderful Sunday afternoon...sunny, warm...but not too warm.  Got up early today and headed out to Coney Island.  I wanted to beat the crowds. There is just something about the ocean; it satiates my senses and rejuvenates my soul.  I needed this time for me. 

I expect there to be thousands heading out to the new park this weekend.  I know that change is inevitable, but somehow, this one is hard for me to deal with. I know the rides were unsafe...and the place was virtually falling apart, but there was just something special about it...and now, all but the Cyclone will be gone.... Sometimes, when I am quiet, I swear I can hear the laughter of visitors from the past.

But, I don't come out here for the rides.  Once in awhile if I am feeling really daring, I might get on the 'Tilt-a-Whirl', but that's the gist of it for me.  I come to visit the pay homage to She, our Great Mother...but, today was not the best of days to find serenity.  Memorial Day weekend is by far not the quietest time to spend there, but did manage to zone myself out for awhile as I watched and listened to wave after wave as they gently rushed up on the beach.  The smell of the salty water envelopes one's senses with memories of a distant past, a reminder of our primal connection to the ocean...and salt is such such a powerful energetic purifier.   And the water is just so healing.  Years back I ended up slipping three discs in my back.  The pain was horrendous.  Hubby talked me into going to the beach with him and going into the water, took the pain away.  From that day on, I started to heal. 

The crowds began to gather, but before tearing myself away, I took a walk along the water front and gathered  some sand and a jar of seawater.  Sand collected from the area between the tides...sand that is sometimes dry land and other times the ocean floor...two different magical and especially useful for any ritual which involves ocean deities.  I like to keep a small jar near my door for protection.

Sea water is especially useful for rituals...especially those concerning new beginnings and can be especially powerful if used at the time of the new moon.  Didn't see anything but a few broken shells this morning, but I already  have a great collection of them...both at home and at work.  But, that certainly doesn't rule out adding to the collection if one should 'call' out to me.  Shells are sacred to the goddess because they grow in a spiral.  Sand dollars are natural pentacles which can be worn as an amulet or used as an altar piece.  

And, of course, it is always important to leave a pinch of ginger to thank the sea spirits for their gifts.

(The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.)--Jacques Yves Cousteau


  1. I have to *envy* you, your time spent at the shore. We used to love to visit Nausset Beach on Cape Cod, in the autumn........ But neither of us drive like that, anymore. -le sigh-

    Plenty of lovely memories though...

    Leave a pinch of ginger to thank... Never heard that. Sweet.

    All gave some...

    Some gave all...

    May you have a peaceful Memorial Day!

    Gentle hugs...

  2. Oh a wonderful day :) i really do connect with water but never seem to spend much time at the sea. I have been promising myself a day beach combing, i just love to pick up shells, but never heard of sand dollars. Blessings for a lovely evening x x x

  3. I'm sure you already know this, Mary, but "coney" is the old English word for rabbit. Coney Island must have been full of rabbits when the first settlers arrived and named it. Rabbits are sacred to the moon and the Goddess!

  4. Lovely! I'm confused, though. I have always loved the sea, but felt is more like a father. Or like the beginning and the end... :)

  5. I have to join with these comments. I have my "sea story" as well. For me was a great healer when I was very very hurt by a divorce.
    Every week end went to the Great healer and it really worked.
    There are no 2 wavws the same as there are no same clouds on the sky,-- wonderful life.
    Best wishes for this week end.
    Blue bird :-)

  6. Glad you found a few moments of peace for yourself. I live in the desert now but I've been to the Pacific Ocean before. Loved the roaring sound...

  7. Sounds like you had a specail day. I am landlocked and envy you. X.