Thursday, May 27, 2010

Full Moon in Sagittarius

Happy Full Moon Day to all.  Well, yesterday's dreaded training is over and wasn't as bad as projected.  Oh, it was boring, all right, but I had some fun meeting up with people I haven't seen since the last training.  I think the worst of it was the walk to and fro.  Yesterday was so brutally hot...temp was approaching 100 degrees and I do believe it did hit that where we were.  It was a long buses...and in an area where there was only buildings on one side, the other side was a street headed to the Williamsburg there was absolutely no shade.  Oh my, did I ever feel light-headed.  

"There is something haunting in the light of the moon; it has all the dispassionateness of a disembodied soul, and something of its inconceivable mistery."--Joseph Conrad

The full moon signifies the completion of what may have been started at the previous new moon which urged us to take a look at the things we value in life.  Tonight's full moon with be in Sagittarius; it encourages us to expand--our minds, our faith, our perception of the things around us. And, while any full moon will bring intensify our emotions, and during this period, people may seem one extreme to another either sociable and friendly or rebellious and agitated.

When the moon is full, it will actually be in direct opposition to the Sun which will be in Gemini. This full moon will be energetic and positive and actually, with all for mutable signs activated by this moon, very powerful.  Its energy will help us to tend to our dreams and provide us with the knowledge to be more daring. This is a fiery moon, one which impels us to speak honestly and get straight to the heart of the matter.  

But, more importantly, this full moon will usher in a succession of energy shifts....for only a few hours after the full moon, Uranus, the Lord of sudden change, will enter Aries for a few months during the summer. Then, it will return there in March of 2011 and remain until 2019.  Uranus is the planet of change; its energy is rebellious, disruptive.  Aries the sign of new beginnings, the trailblazer of the zodiac; its energy is bold, dynamic.  Uranus represents the collective well as unique ideas and movements. Aries represents the self, the ego. 

So, who knows what it will bring to us this time?  I do know that Uranus has a way of coming unexpectedly, and his entry into the fire sign of Aries will mostly likely shake us up in some way...perhaps it will even shake us all awake. That is a question no one can really answer. It looks like a very exciting time is ahead for who knows how it will impact.  Thus, it is very natural to feel in limbo at this time.  One part of us is resonating with the full moon and the push to accomplish; the other is beginning to feel the transition point between the old and the new, a feeling of disorientation, of not knowing that something is about to happen, but knowing what.  A little scary?  Maybe.  But definitely very exciting. 


  1. I do love how you take something that makes my head spin, like astrology, and make it understandable! Thanks for this take on the full moon and the new energies coming our way.

    I'm glad the training went well for you, and that you didn't pass out on your walk. What's with the heat? We are freezing here!

  2. Dance under the light of the full moon tonight, Mary (if only in your imagination) -- I know you have nosy neighbours!

  3. "There is something haunting in the light of the moon"

    i adore these words...beautiful quote and post...wishing you a wonderful flower moon quiet be as you wish...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

    ps...could you send mr. sun our way...just for a day or so!!

  4. Happy for you that your training is over, at least for another year. Wishing you a beautiful evening in your yard tonight!