Saturday, May 1, 2010

Blessings at Beltane

 Beltane blessings to all out there in blogland.  I've been so totally busy this morning that this is my first chance to sit.  It's my cooking weekend.  For those that don't know, I cook every two weeks, freeze, then serve.  I work full-time at a demanding, burnout job, and it makes it so much easier for me not to have to come home and cook every night.  It is so unbelievably hot out there today.  That's the reason why I am still cooking.  When it's cool, I use my oven...and that means cooking 8 meals at once...but it gets too, too warm out there in the summer so everything is basically stove top.  

It's okay, though.  I won't be going out in the backyard until later this evening anyway.  Too many children on each side of me... no privacy for they run to the fence to watch every move you make you step outdoors...and when I am with spending time with nature, I just want to be alone. And then they start with the 'hellos'.  They say 'hello', I say 'hello', they say 'hello' again, and just as the first child finishes, another one starts,  and this can go on for an hour or more, but I tend to get frustrated after the first ten minutes and go back into the house.  

Oh, how I miss my other place...the one with my magic garden.  For some reason, the fences there were about ten feet tall and covered in vines of morning glories...and even though the night has always been my time, there was nothing more beautiful than the early morn in that garden...surrounded by the purple flowers..the greens covered with dew.    Oh, gosh, now I am getting very wistful.  My new backyard...aside from my friend, the tree...seems so stark and bare during the daylight hours, but at night when the shadows take over,  it becomes another world...quiet, peaceful...a haven away from the insanity and busyness of the city.  Last night I closed my eyes and allowed myself to drift...allowed myself to become one with nature to pay homage to Our Great Mother...and before I knew it, it was 2 am.  Where had the time gone?

One of the first things our ancestors did upon rising was to acknowledge Our Mother, expressing their gratitude for the warmth and light, and Her plentiful food and water.  So on this May Day, as we honor the coming of the light, the birth of the Sun, let us make a pledge to begin each day with a grateful acknowledgement to Our Great Mother. 


Earth, Holy mother, source of nature,
You feed us while we live, you hold us when we die.
Everything comes from you, everything returns to you.
What else could we call you, but Our Mother?

Even the gods call you that.  Without you, 
There is nothing.  Nothing can thrive, nothing can live.
Without your power, Queen and Goddess, I invoke you:
You are all-powerful and my needs are so small.
Give me what I ask and in exchange, I will give you
My thanks, sincere and from my deepest heart.
--Roman Prayer to the Earth


  1. Beltane blessings to you as you do your food magick!

  2. oh how I feel for you with not having a garden and no privacy.. I am a solitaire pretty much and treasure my peace and solitude, so I know how the constant hellos must feel to your soul.. have you ever tried to put up a magick cloak around you.. like an invisibility cloak? i do that sometimes when I go walking and it is surprising how it does work.

    love the Roman prayer.. May is also the month of Mary(Goddess to me).. - funny that ... the tradition is to adorn her with flowers.. I guess for Beltane.. :) [I didn't know that our ancestors greeted the new day upon rising.. I have been doing that for sometime.. ancestral memories.. have to love them!!]

  3. Wishing you a Blessed Beltane Mary! So glad that you were able to enjoy your evening. Wishing you a wonderful weekend! Sure hope you are finished with that cooking.


  4. Beltane blessings sweet Mary. It as a great joy having a space to be free and comfortable in for sitting and connecting to our Mother. I'm a bit the same here only having a shared yard being overlooked by neighbours, dogs barking and people busy getting on with life (today neighbour is drilling oneside and banging the otherside) I was so lucky to have been given the gift of a garden by a friend although its an hour drive everytime we go, its a joy and am now spending many hours there. I hope you manage to find a peaceful space too x x x