Friday, December 7, 2018

Friday Roundup

Good morning.  We come to the end of another week.  On Monday I did  huge food shopping and had it delivered.  I'm so loving the new Super Fresh Supermarket.  It was once Key Food, and that was a great store as well, but I am loving the free delivery.  No more depending on Instacart to do my shopping for me...and get it wrong.  Now I just hop on the bus, a 15 minute ride, shop, then head back on home and wait...and it usually doesn't take too long.  

Staying in on Tuesday and made myself a huge pot of veggie and bean soup.  
It was so good, and just spicy enough to warm me on cool days.   Opened my sinuses for sure.
Dolled it out in one serving size containers for freezing.

On Wednesday I hit the banks again.  Hubby felt better and went to the bank to withdraw his half of the rent.  I then took it to my bank and deposited.  I know that sounds like a lot of extra steps, but I don't like to leave cash around the house....and my check doesn't come in until the second Wednesday of the month, and I have credit card bills due the first week. 

Wednesday's Advent gift.
Onyx is the gemstone of strength and power.  It helps increase self-confidence, helping one to be at ease.  Onyx helps stimulate the power of wise decision making and encourages happiness and good fortune.  Can be carried as a worry stone.   It is far more beautiful in person.

Thursday's Advent gift
Clear Quartz is known as the Master Healer.  Draws off negative energy of all kinds.  Helps balance and revitalize the physical, mental. emotional, and spiritual bodies, acting as a deep soul cleanser and connecting the body, mind, and soul.  The mini glass vial filled with clear quartz crystals can be carried in your purse.

Today's Advent gift 
 A special coin...
...with a positive quote on the other side.
One of the changes WW has made is offering incentives in the form of prizes for tracking our daily food intake, daily exercise, and making our workshops.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks are all 5 points each.  Exercise is 5 points.  And making a weekly workshop is 50 points.  Prizes start at 1500 points, and I'd had my eye on this one right from the start.  A free month and $25 worth of products from Thrive Market.  Those Nut Thins are out of this world.  Have tried the chocolate bars yet. 

Speaking of WW, I made it by the skin of my teeth again.  Going to do my best to stay on track from now on, but can't guarantee Christmas week.  I have my order from Fijis ready for delivery on the 21st.  


  1. Your soup looks delicious!!!
    So far it seems that your advent calendar gifts are quite nice and fun to open :)
    WW offering prizes is a nice incentive to keeping on track.

    Have a great day Mary 🎅❄🎄❄☃

    1. I love the prize, but find the goodies a bit expensive. Will be canceling Thrive Market at the end of the trial.

  2. I have always liked onyx, so dark and beautiful. And I enjoy those Nut-Thins from time to time too. I should probably eat them more often. Protein, not carbs.

    1. The stone is so gorgeous. So shiny. I love it. First time having the Nut Thins. Delicious and only 4 points for 16 crackers.

  3. I am so glad your husband is feeling better. And need something to open my sinuses. Yet another sinus infection is giving me toothache.

  4. Your soup looks so good Mary! Love the stones and the coin! So beautiful! Keep it going with WW, you are doing excellent! Big Hugs!

  5. Oh my 'veggie and bean soup' so tasty.

    All the best Jan

  6. Busy week! Love that soup and I'm glad you found a new place to buy groceries. Have a good weekend!