Saturday, April 24, 2010

What a Wonderful Day.

 Happy Saturday everyone.  The weather here is beautiful...couldn't be better.  I went out this morning to do a little clothes shopping, and this time, I actually DID find some things.  Most of my things from last year are really, really tight...Some don't even button...and I'm being realistic with myself.  I'm not going to lose all this excess poundage overnight; it gets much harder to lose, the older you get...and being that I have to work with the public, I like to look neat and proper.  My roommate is also large, but she buys things much too small, and sometimes I will see her stretching...and this big tummy sticks out...all filled with stretchmarks.  It looks awful...especially for in an office.  I can now consider myself a 'large' woman...and I STILL can dress attractively. 

Shopping for clothing used to be one of my favorite things to do, but now I find it tedious.  Is it that I have gained so much weight?  At first I thought that's what it was, but now I realize it's not that at all.  Material things are just NOT that important to me anymore, and if I didn't have to work, I could probably get by on next to nothing. Oh, don't get me wrong, I like to look nice, but it's really not a new outfit that does it for me anymore.  Beauty is within.  As they say, it is in the eye of the beholder.  It's not the dress you wear; it is you.  Is this a part of aging?  Or is it a part of growth?  I think it's a part of both.   

Then, since last night I have had the urge for an orange soda.  Actually, I've given up soda altogether; namely, the Pepsi which I was addicted to.  I know I can't have just one of those so I avoid them, but orange is once in awhile sort of thing. I'm standing at the register to pay, and intuition sets in.  That little voice inside says "Check the date".  Now, I am usually very good at checking dates, but never check on sodas.  Good thing I did.  The soda had a January expiration date. Usually, I wouldn't even mention something like that in a post; but, I wanted to point out just how strong my intuition is...and how important it is to follow yours when it tells you something.

And now that I have rambled on...and virtually said nothing...I bid you all a wonderful filled with love and laughter.



  1. Enjoy the beautiful weather and an unexpired orange soda!

  2. Happy Saturday! I hear ya with losing weight is harder the older you get. I'm in the middle of trying to lose a total of 50 lbs. and while it's coming off, it sure ain't comin' off as fast as it did when I lost a bunch of weight in my twenties.

  3. I've about 50 pounds to lose, too. I just ate and ate with an 'I don't care' attitude, but it catches up to you. My shortness of breath didn't begin until the extra pounds were put on.

    Debra, the orange soda was so good...and I was good. I only bought one.

  4. "Check the date..." -smile- Keep telling us these things. Maybe you will inspire some others, to 'listen' too. Not everyone 'listens' easily.

    The other day, when my husband brought the morning papers in, per usual... I thought of the Name Of Local Person.

    Sure enough, one paper had a large pic of this person, on his way to jail. How did I know that, ahead of time so to speak? :-)

    Needless to say, I am one who 'listens.'

  5. Oh Oh! The Moon is Waxing and is 89% of Full! THAT is why kinda' weird things are happening around here. ,-)

    Yes, I love the Full Moon. Also Yes, at times it seems to bring 'weirdness.' No answer for this, either. And it's not the Moon's fault, of course. It's some effect on humans. Or something.

    I hope this attitude doesn't offend any other Moon Lovers...

  6. I too do not like to buy clothes. I am really content with my jeans or shorts and tee shirts or blouse. In the winter I gotta have my hoodies. I think as we get older the material things just don't matter to us. I would rather buy a package of seeds than to purchase a new outfit. Hope that you enjoyed your treat, they are yummy once in awhile. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.