Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Everyday Miracles

Good morning.  It's a sunny, but somewhat chilly day, but it's becoming so 'green' here in the city.  I love it. Awhile back I wrote about 'intuition' and those 'everyday miracles' that so many of us ignore.  We don't ignore them because we 'choose' to; we ignore them because we just don't have the time to pay attention.  We're always busy, always racing; our minds are always active on the things we have on our agenda...and how are we ever going to get them done.  I'm guilty of this myself, but since Saturday, these little coincidences and such have been very hard to ignore.  My life has been like something out of "The Celestine Prophecy".  

This is the week I had to do my taxes.  I always have to wait until close to the 15th of April because of the forms that filter in from the motion picture companies with my earnings of ex-hubby's residuals.  See, he was an actor; he died in 1996.  We'd separated before that and although he took me off his life insurance, he forgot about the residual checks from the Screen Actors Guild.  And because there are no taxes taken out on these residual checks, each year I have to pay because this added onto my income brings me into a new tax bracket.  

I've been going to the same tax place for three years now...and each year, like I said, I have to pay the state and maybe get no more than $50 back from the federal.  So, I planned to go on Saturday, but was still under the weather and hubby had a training, so I put it off...thinking he would drive me on Sunday.  But, when Sunday rolled around, I found out that he had planned to visit his sister, and he couldn't take me.  I was irate and planned to take a cab over, but I was too lazy.  So, what was left for me to do was to go to Jackson Hewitt down the block from my job.  

Okay, come Monday I head for Jackson Hewitt and open the wrong door...finding myself standing in this very small office.  I turned to leave, and the lady motioned me in.  Turns out that SHE had a tax business also...and she was cheaper than all the others.  Then, when she does my taxes, I find out that I didn't have to use the itemized long form that the other place insisted I use, (to charge more, of course), but instead could use the short form....and get money back.  As a matter of fact, I am getting $923 from the state (who I always paid) and $311 from the IRS.  In addition, she wants me to bring my tax form for the past three years, and she will see if she can get me money back on them.  And all this as a result of a series of a set of accidental events: being sick on Saturday, hubby not taking me on Sunday, and walking in the wrong door.

And last night, as I headed home on the subway, I found myself on the same subway car in the same seat.  Now, what are the odds of that?  At first, it was the advertisements noticed...immigration, English...all in the same spots...and then when I looked to my left...there were the same initials "CR" that had been scratched into the glass.  

Synchronicity happens to everyone, and every coincidence is meaningful. We are often surprised by the seemingly perfect timing of some events and often refer to them as lucky, accidental or unbelievable...these coincidences, unexpected happenings, surprises, and even deja vu.  They appear to happen haphazardly so we usual don't pay much attention, but what if we begin shifting our frame of reference and think of these moments as synchronistic occurrences?  What if we move these events from the realm of random to one with a deeper purpose and meaning?  The perfect timing arrivals by a person at the right place...Destiny?  Fate?  Or wonderful things that just seem to go right with our lives?


  1. wonderful for you! your chain of events led you to where you were meant to be...exciting and fortunate you are that the lady is willing to go back through the last couple of years...i wish for you an abundance or prosperity to come about...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  2. Yikes! I'm way behind here!

    And I do love Synchrinosity!


  3. As I looked out my window this morning sipping my coffee I noticed the green-ness too. I also noticed how beautiful all the flower trees look and the buds waiting to bloom on my bushes. Yay!

  4. Synchronicity is a wondrous thing! Have you read Ray Grasse's The Waking Dream? If not, I recommend it warmly. :)

  5. Oh, I hope she can get you some "back" refunds too -- wouldn't that be great?

  6. Life is stranger than fiction. Many times I to find this to be the case. X.

  7. Re: your comment in my post on how-our-home-is-laid-out... I replied to it, in my comments. But I don't expect people to re-read my blog comments. So I'm copying it, and pasting it here.
    Dear Mary, thank you for my first 'thumbs up.' ,-)

    I understand, you're trying to get rid of certain 'stuff.' We all are, I think.

    But the floor plan is just how rooms are laid out... Living Room here... Kitchen there... Etc. So couldn't you sketch that out, even before de-cluttering?

    When I say "sketch" I don't mean fully to scale or anything. I'm just going to try to show the general layout of our house. :-)

    Again, thank you for my first 'thumbs up'!!!