Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday This and That

Good afternoon.  I have spent much of my morning in bed and am feeling much better now...and it wasn't being in bed that helped, it was going out.  I've never been one to be held down by anything.  I may whine and complain once in awhile, but nothing stops me from doing what I have to do...not my back problems, not my fibro, and definitely not a nasty cold.  

So, when I got up, I made myself some chicken soup for breakfast (I eat weird breakfasts) and debated what I should do...this being a cooking weekend.  Should I continue to rest up today and go shopping tomorrow morning?  Or, should I get the shopping done today so I can stay in and recuperate the rest of the weekend?  Well, the latter won out, and I am so glad it did...for now that shopping is over.  I can get an early start on my cooking tomorrow and have the afternoon to myself.  

It's a cool day out there today...windy and raw...grey sky included.  It felt more like an autumn day, than one of spring.  Heck, if it weren't for the pink and white buds on the trees, I would have thought I must have slept through spring and summer.  I really have to say, though, that the cool, crisp air really brought me back to the land of the living. 

I am in awe of Mother Nature.  I am in awe of Her power.  I've been following that volcanic eruption in Iceland closely, and already there are worldwide consequences.  And then there are the floods, and the earthquakes, and the melting of the glaciers.  I read an article about the 1783 eruption of this very same volcano.  The gases that were freed turned into smog which floated across the jet steam changing the weather patterns.  Now, we have already seen changing weather patterns this past winter.  What will this volcano bring?  Also in the 1783 eruption, many died from gas poisoning on the British Isles; crop production fell throughout Europe causing widespread famine.  The winter of 1784 was also the longest on coldest on record in North America.  It was so cold that year that it was reported that the Mississippi River froze in New Orleans.  Let's just hope that disruption of flights is the worst consequence we see from this.

By the way, any of you who live in the Midwest see those giant fireballs Wednesday night?  I didn't see it in person, but it sure was something to see on the news.  Must have been something in person.  It's no wonder many thought the end was coming...the way the sky was lighting up.

Hope you all have a wonderful, wonderful weekend.   


  1. My husband's business trip to Prague was cancelled because all flights are grounded in Europe. Mother Nature sure can stir things up and get everyone's attention. I think she's screaming GLOBAL WARMING DOES EXIST YOU CONSERVATIVE IDIOTS. But that's just my humble opinion ; )

  2. I totally agree with you. Mother Nature is fighting back.

  3. I hate colds. They hate me back. Hope yours doesn't last long. I missed the meteor shower. I think Gi Gi saw a little of it at work. X.

  4. didnt see the meteor shower although it looked pretty awesome. hope you have a wonderful weekend