Thursday, April 29, 2010

Life is a Gift

 Good morning.  It's cool and sunny today.  It is supposed to go up to the 80's on it will be a pretty hot cooking day for me.  I've been thinking about that man who jumped in front of the train the other day.  What could make someone so distraught?  Yes, this city is in a mess. I don't know if you hear about this in your neck of the woods, but hospitals are closing down...schools are shutting their doors, firemen and police officers are being laid off, mental health and substance abuse programs are closing down.  Today, I hear that hundreds of transit workers are being laid off...and just the other day 3,500 workers received their pink slips because one of the biggest hospitals are no longer taking any inpatients; only the emergency room and clinic will remain open...and this following the other thousands of workers from hospitals and schools who have already been laid off.  When does it end?  Does it end?  Can the city ever get out of this mess?

We hear that unemployment rates are down.  Where????  I don't see it here.  It's frightening, very frightening.  It worries me that there will be more 'jumpers', more people who just can't take anymore.  Not that I am saying the man jumped the other day because he lost his job; I don't know that.  I've found no information about him, but I did light a candle and say a prayer for him last night. 

Life is so precious to me.   I've suffered much...death, abuse, addiction...but I've always believed in life.  It is a gift...a precious, wonderful gift that is to be treasured. Ever since the beginning of time, there have been human challenges, and few of us ever end up where we pictured ourselves 30 years ago.  We all end up with surprises, detours, disappointments, and regrets, but we move on. We focus on our strengths and do not allow ourselves to be consumed with depression and sadness. The challenge is to learn about ourselves and who we really are for then we can use our mistakes,and misfortunes to connect with others, to understand, to grow. I think the following poem says it all...enjoy.

Life is an opportunity...benefit from it.
Life is beauty...admire it.
Life is bliss...taste it.
Life is a dream...realize it.
Life is a it.
Life is a duty...complete it.
Life is a it.
Life is a promise...fulfill it.
Life is sorrow...overcome it.
Life is a song...sing it.
Life is a struggle...accept it.
Life is a tragedy...confront it.
Life is an adventure...dare it.
Life is luck...make it.
Life is too not destroy it.
Life is life...fight for it.
--Mother Theresa-- 


  1. Our area of Michigan is having difficulties also...The workers are wondering where it will much struggle and challenge...Hang in there...

  2. I agree with you on the unemployment rate,totally. We don't see it in our area either, only getting worse. But, life is precious. There are things that we all go through that are not pleasant, but I do believe that we come out on the other side a better person. We aren't here in SC because we want to be, the Timco Facility is all but shut down. You do what you have to do, press on. It's that change thing again. LOL


  3. you are a beautiful soul xo

    what you speak of that is happening with hospitals, firemen and others, is just awful.. when politicians live such extravagant lives while espousing how they are going to help the less wealthy. makes me puke.
    but we must not let this make us despondent.. the prayer by Mother Teresa is perfect and brilliant !

  4. Another awesome post Mary. You are so right about the ugliness of it all.....

  5. Thank you for the beautiful post (((hugs))) the prayer above is a great reminder when times are hard x x x ty