Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Good morning, dear friends.  It's another cloudy, rainy day here in the city, but thankfully, it should be clearing out just in time for tomorrow's full moon...which, by the way, will be in Scorpio.  This looks to be a magical time. The scorpion is a very intense little creature, and Scorpio is about secrets, the hidden, emotional depth, and transformation.  We become more attuned to the hidden or secret influences when the Moon is in Scorpio.  And because is such an intense sign, it dares us to look beyond the surface and turn our attention to that which is hiding beneath.   I've found this to be a good time to do some shadow work...or at least, to make a start on it. This full moon is one of empowerment through transformation...This is also a good time to work on overcoming your inner obsessions, thoughts, and desires...a time to begin thinking of changes.  

I don't know about you, but throughout much of my lifetime , I haven't dealt very well with change.  I hated it.  Never could understand why things couldn't remain...unchanged.  I know that is why I stay in jobs that I hate.  I don't adapt well.  It's not that I don't adapt, it just takes me a longer time.  My usual outgoing self disappears, and I revert back to that shy little girl who kept her head down and was afraid to speak.  Yes, even at 63, she is still hiding...within.  

Oh, I know that change is a part of life.  Oh, how well I know...and it's not that I've never made changes; in fact, I've made quite a few of them...relationships...jobs...homes....even states...It's just that I've tried to avoid making them whenever I could.  Resistance is my middle name. And it's so easy to resist change, because it stimulates fear...it's unknown...and we feel out of control.  The time comes, though, that we come to realize that resisting change won't stop it; nothing will.  

And actually, as I was writing this...I've been thinking of all the changes that I have made in my life...of the people who have come and gone. Human life is like nature...It has its ebbs and flows; it lives and dies.  And maybe, just maybe, I'm being a little hard on myself...for I have dealt with many changes...many difficult changes...and I have survived.  Maybe I'm not as bad at it as I thought I was.  Perhaps one change I have to make is learning how to 'give myself more credit' for being more adaptable than I think I am.

Enough rambling for the day.  Hope you all have a great day.


  1. I think it's human nature to resist change. Everyone seems to do it!

  2. change can be hard, especially if it is forced on you. I don't like it to much either.

  3. I think we fear change because we are scared of the unknown. There is some truth in the saying 'Better the devil you know'.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  4. Dear Mary..

    Change has always been a bone of contention with me. However, I've learned to make room for and accept it. After a drastic change hits you hard..every other subtle change seems to flow in rather than slap you. I guess you can say I've adapted..as you have. Amazing, sometimes we don't realize just how well we've adapted till we take review of our lives.
    Be well my dear...I wish you bliss!!

  5. My rising sign and rising planet (Neptune) are both in Scorpio, so I am very familiar with its symbolic energy. One reason why I practice presence and being in the moment is to get over my fear of change. I've had too many drastic changes in my life forced upon me through crisis to not learn the lessons of learning to grow through change!

  6. a few things came to me while reading this..
    give myself more credit' ~ yes!! you are an amazing woman and like me you are so hard on yourself.. let us both dig deep this Full Moon and find that little girl inside who needs love & encouragement & yes, more credit for growing into a wise woman..
    I don't like change either but let us both embrace change.. because if we don't we will not grow xoxo
    ps this post has helped me so much.. love to you always [I am still in awe of how much we are alike ox - do ya reckon we share genes?]

  7. Ick - I don't like change either. But usually the change I resist the most is the one that eventually works out really well for me. Go figure.

    May all your changes bring you ever closer to your bliss!

  8. I do not care for change, usually fighting it all the way. Although I do believe that it is constant. Enjoy your evening tonight, it should be beautiful.


  9. Change is my middle name....
    And Scorpio is my sign...hmmmm