Tuesday, April 6, 2010


"And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all the mysteries and all knowledge, and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing."--1 Corinthians 13:2

Good morning.  So far, it's a deary day here in Manhattan, but I am hoping for some sun.  Last night I was reading some tales about the fall of Troy, and when I came to the story of Cassandra, it made me think of how many times in my own life I have relied my own intuition..and how many times others have brushed me off...and also how many times my intuition has guided me away from danger.

The prophetess Cassandra was a daughter of the royal family of Troy; she was Paris and Hector's sister and a twin to Helenus.  It seems that when the twins were still babies, their parents took them to Apollo's temple to celebrate a festival, and during the ritual, the twins fell asleep; and when they did, two of the temple snakes slid into their basket and bit them...injecting the gift of prophecy.

Move forward now.  Cassandra a young woman with the gift of sight enters the temple to serve Apollo as his Pythia, but the god falls in love with her and demands she reciprocate his desires.  She refuses, preferring instead to worship the god in spirit.  Apollo is enraged.  How dare she turn him down!!!  He is a god!!! He knows that he cannot take her gift of prophesy back, but he CAN make it so that no one will believe her prophesies.  He asked her if she could please just let him have one kiss; Cassandra consented, and when she opened her mouth for the kiss, Apollo breathed his curse into her body.  Thus, she was condemned to see the future, yet never be able to be understood or believed.  So, although she foresaw the fall of Troy, no one believed her...and we all know how the story ended.

Cassandra is the personification of the woman whose intuitive faculties and understanding of unconscious patterns are not welcomed in today's rational society.  She is greeted with disbelief and ignorance; she is often misunderstood and marginalized.  Have you ever felt this way?  Have you ever been in a situation where you have been ridiculed or demeaned because you were able to see what others are too fearful to see?

Cassandra is the archetype of medial knowledge; she reflects the importance of being aware of our skills and intuitive knowledge and strengthening our ability to use them rather than become overwhelmed by our gift.  She embodies the ancient ways of knowing that our society no longer values.  Many of us have a difficult time trusting our hunches, our intuitions, and some of us have become so distanced from our intuition that we attempt to shut off that quiet voice of knowing that resides within ourselves. 

Our intuition is a part of our wholeness.  It is one of the gifts each of us have been given to help us to navigate this life; it is not something that is chosen, but something we have been given, something that is buried deep inside of us all.  Many of us haven't yet learned how to tap this inner source of wisdom, but with time and practice, we can all learn how to use our birth given gifts. Do you utilize your intuition?  Is there one example that stands out over the rest?


  1. I listen to my intuition.

    My husband has learned to listen to it, also.

    I don't mean he ever scoffed at things I said. Just that it took a bit of.... seeing Synchrinosity-Working to help him "beleive." :-)

    Btw, April Showers are falling, up this way today, too.

  2. Over time I have learned that although at times my intuition may seem a bit odd it is more right than not. It has led me away from many a situation that I could have easily fallen into. You are right it is a gift that each of us have. It is such a pity that so many choose not to listen.

  3. Speaking of Synchronicity. Man, when the universe/Goddess wants me to get a message. She really delivers.

    I had an odd feeling this morning when I was buckling my daughter in the car. I felt as though something was going to happen to her or my husband. I sometimes feel this and don't say anything since I always think I'm being too much of a worry wart.

    But this morning, I told my Husband to be safe. And I don't normally tell him that. Well a few minutes later he called me asking me to bring a few quarters down to the gas station near our house to put air in his tire since he had a flat.

    I don't know if that was protection from an accident down the road. Or if it was just me sensing that something wasn't right with the car.

    Nonetheless it really threw me. For good I guess. Since no one was hurt. But still, next time, I'm listening to that voice!!!!

    (Sorry to drone on, I've been thinking about this all day.)

  4. SpiritPheonix, No, you weren't droning on. I've had similar premonitions myself; yes, luckily it wasn't more serious, but perhaps f you had not warned him, he may have been going faster or not paying attention and it could have been worse.

  5. Aunt Amelia, My hubby has a ways to go on that count although he does believe that we were destined to meet. We had one of those lovely little showers here, too...the sun was shining and the rain falling. Tomorrow we are supposed to go up close to 80.

  6. Mother Moon, Sometimes I feel if it wasn't for my intuition, I wouldn't be here today. As a rebellious teen, I relied a great deal on my inner voice.

  7. Mary, truthfully, I don't stop to listen to mine.. I want to but my head is so busy before I know it, I have ignored any intuition i might have! how do i slow down to listen?