Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday Ponderings

Good afternoon, everyone.  It's late...I know.  I had a busy, busy day today.  This morning I went shopping.  I haven't bought myself anything aside from books in a good long while so I wanted to go treat myself to something new to wear in the spring...something that fits.  It was a beautiful morning.  Cooler than it has been, but sunny and bright.  The bus was late, but I didn't care.  I was soaking up the sun.  Needless to say, all I came home with was socks. But it was a glorious day out...and I've noticed that I've been venturing out on weekends more often.  The exercise certainly will not hurt.

Across from me on the bus was a mother and her little girl...and the little girl was acting up...not badly, but just a little whiny because her mother hadn't bought her something that she wanted. Suddenly, the mother snapped, "Stop acting like such a child."  And I had to chuckle.

How many times when we were children were we told to "grow up".  We were told that we were "acting like children", which, when you think of it, can be pretty confusing because after all, we WERE children.  And then, as we grew older, we were encouraged to search for "the child within" and learn how to play. Then when we find our inner child and begin to play, someone always comes along and tells us to 'grow up'.   So as adults, we are told to act like children, and as children, we are told to act like adults.

So, my question for you to ponder is this?  How ARE we supposed to act?   

By the way, "I am Woman" is up and going.  I am Woman


  1. Socks? Socks Mary?? Really??? You need to go shopping again...

    Your story today is so true. Kinda like when someone smacks a kid then says "Stop crying or I'll give you something to cry about!" Ever hear that one? Ya, me too, really makes a lot of sense..

    I say just be ourselves Mary and if someone has a problem with that...well, it's their problem.

    Moral of the story? Always keep that silly inner child alive, stay in touch, and keep smilin (o:

    I'll be back sometime next week...

  2. ~this is so true...i do not use those words to my little ones as they are children adn are to enjoy being such...time oes by so fast and then they are to act proper and is far to short...your words made me laugh as well because as you said then we are to find the child within...i guess we just live as we wish to be and if someone disagrees then they can go elsewhere...and SOCKS my dear...well atleast your piggies got a treat!! well wishes and brightest blessings~