Friday, April 9, 2010

I love all of You

Good morning fellow bloggers.  The sun is finally beginning to come out after a night of rain.  I've spent most of the morning in bed.  Seems I have picked up a spring cold and figure it is best to knock it out right away than have it linger. The pretty flowers are an effort to make myself feel better.  It was pouring this morning, and my body just said "No".  I didn't get much sleep last night either.  Besides having the worst sore throat and a sinus headache, my Minga was in one of her 'want company' moods.  She never used to do this, but lately, now that she is old, she has become quite demanding.  Of course, we all have our share of the blame...myself, hubby, and son.  She's going to be 18 in July, a ripe old age for a cat, and her kidney is beginning to shut down.  Now, she has always been loved and gotten plenty of attention, but since we found this out, it has been more so.  In our zest to make this time special for her and to always keep her happy, we have spoiled her...even more than she used to be.  And, then, when I am awoken at all hours because she wants me up with her, it catches up to me.  I'm not a spring chicken anymore either...and I work at a very demanding job full-time.  I need my rest.

I got some really wise advise from all of you yesterday, and I thank you all for taking the time. I plan on checking out the websites and taking into account all that has worked for you.  Of course, I want to look good, but this extra weight is also making me feel pretty bad. When I first quit smoking, I felt great...I could race up the subway stairs to catch my train.  But then, when I hit the third month, I noticed that I was having a more difficult time of it...and since then it has gotten worse.  I have to stop several times just to get up the stairs...and it all coincides with this extra weight.  My lungs and heart are fine...thank goodness.  I smoked for 48 years.  That's a heck of a long time.  And I am pleased to say, smoking is a thing of the past...No more...never even think of it. 

Instead, now I have begun running to food for stress relief.  I got addicted to Pepsi Cola...sugared.  Had to have one every day.  I've stopped that.  Now, I do drink teas and if I need a real caffeine, I give in and have an afternoon coffee.  On weekends, my snacks included...a pint of chocolate ice cream. honey buns, fruit pies, a large bag of Sour Cream and Onion Chips, three large meals, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches....Need I go on?  That is a food disorder.  I'm happy to say, I am going on the second week, and although I don't have a scale, I am beginning to feel the difference.  A lot less breathlessness. 

On occasion, I have mentioned that I have an addictive personality so nothing I do is in moderation...and no where is that more visual for all to see than in the number of blogs I keep.  Well, I've realized now that I do NOT have to post on each one every day.  I've also run out of steam with Anam Cara and plan on deleting it.  In its place I hope to begin a new blog about women...famous women, everyday women...basically women who have accomplished something with their life.  The blog will feature women from the beginning of history to tomorrow's news.  I am feeling really good about it.  I'd like to hear your thoughts.  It's up and running:

Again, thanks for rallying around me on another of my whiny days.  Now, I am headed for a few more hours sleep...if that is in the cards. 


  1. Dear Mary,
    Feel better my dear. You have a strong spirit and I feel you can accomplish whatever it is you desire. You've shown that through quitting smoking, which is not an easy feat for many. I believe you can change your life to suit your needs. Please give Minga a soft squish for me. She has lived a long and loving life. I wish her comfort and many happy moments. Good luck with your new blog. I look forward to it! You have a beautiful heart and I am happy to know you.

  2. I hope that Spring cold departs soon!

  3. Hi Mary,
    Been trying to catch up on blogs while I'm home for the weekend. Sounds like you've been on the sad side of town this week. And as I read through some past blog of the week, again I see so much similarity in our lives. I too smoked but quit 20 years ago. I too gained weight..20 pounds but since I always weighed about 110. it didn't hurt. But then the big 'M' hit and I now weigh more than I ever have... I need to get it off as I feel the same problems you have.

    Anyway, I'll be back sometime next week I hope. Still in transition, but will take the computer with me this time and get it going.

    Keep up all your good advice and sharing your stories. I'll go check on your new one too.

    See you again soon....

  4. Mary you will lose the weight that you want to lose. If you can quit smoking after 48 years, girl you can do anything! Kudos to you! I love your new blog and the look. Wishing you well and have a fun weekend!


  5. Mary, don't delete the anam cara blog.. just close it with a message, because that blog is part of your journey and once it has been deleted it has gone forever... I have a few blogs too, but hardly ever post on the others.. i try to incorporate them all into Inglewood
    hope you are feeling better xoxo

  6. Oh Dear! A Spring cold!!! Do fight it off, right away. Well, do rest and let your bod fight it off.

    Are you sure it's not part of this *horrible-this-year* Spring allergy thing? We are blossomed into Spring allergies, which can mimic a cold.

    Nothing in moderation, hu? -giggles- Oh yeah! Me tooooo! Maybe that's why I've gone through the multiple blogs thing, as well. :-) But I kind of burnt-out on multiple blogs for a while, at present. But of course, it could "hit" me again, at any time. :-))))

    Enjoy what feels right to you!