Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Oran Mor

 Good morning on this perfect Spring morn.  I most certainly don't want to be here.  It's so green and beautiful outdoors...a wonderful day to bask in the beauty of Mother Earth. Today we celebrate Earth Day, a day designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for our environment, for the Earth Herself.  Our ancestors understood the interrelationship between humans and the Earth, but we seem to have forgotten it.  We have forgotten that our relationship with the Earth is not merely a physical one, but that everything on it is alive; it is spiritual.  And if we take the time to listen, we can hear the Earth communicating with us.  She is calling us to listen, to touch Her, and by doing so, we will touch the Spirit.  

One of my lessons in my Druidic training was about the "Oran Mor", or the "Great Song". The Celts believed that the world is supported and sustained by a single all-embracing melody...all of creation is a part of it.  The Oran Mor is an ancient rhythm; it is the melody we hear in the wind, in the waterfall...the song of the Earth.  There was a time...many, many eons ago that the wail of the wind were the only sounds to be heard, but gradually, the Earth developed its own music, the rhythms of the Earth.

The Earth is calling on us to listen deeply. to listen with our feel the rhythms of the Earth through the Moon, the tides, and the seasonal open ourselves up to the sights and sounds of the living Earth, our Great Mother.  We open up to the feelings and sensations of the Earth by smelling the air just after it has rained...or feeling the warm sunlight on our skin in the summer...feeling the raindrops as they fall from the sky...watching the weaving of the clouds.  Mother Earth speaks to us everyday through a fragrance, a flower, an bird singing gleefully in the tree, the feel of the air... the  wind moving softly through the leaves.  

Yes, the Oran Mor is still sung today, but sadly, we live in an age that so few humans our able to hear it.  But, all is not lost for it is still there...we only need to reach once again experience our Earth as live in respect and commune with Her.  Even for those like myself who live in the city, there are so many ways to experience the life-giving beauty of the Earth...a tree in a city park, the tulips blooming down the block from my home, the power of our ancient Mother, the ocean...even a weed that grows in the crack of a sidewalk.  So get out there...enjoy...commune.  Love the Earth.

A Blessed Earth Day to all.


  1. ~beautiful beautiful words this filled my senses with great delight this smell...we have so much to be thankful for...a blessed day to you and yours as well...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  2. Earth Day blessings to you, Mary, and may you always hear the Great Song!

  3. I wish more people would look at the Eart from a Spiritual standpoint, perhaps that would help heal the destruction that has been done.

    Happy Earth Day.

  4. Nature is my sancuary...Happy Earth Day ♥

  5. Dearest Mary..
    Happy Earth Day! Together we shall sing our song for Mother Earth. Be well..happy..and always find your bliss!

  6. Aunt Amelia was here.
    But do to her back hurting,
    which limits her time on line,
    she's leaving this simply Hello.

  7. Many think civilization has progressed. Yet we have regressed in many ways. As a whole our closeness to nature has suffered the most. The native americans were much like the celts in thier reverence of mother earth. X

  8. Makes ya stop and listen.....
    I do that often (o:

  9. What a gorgeous post - makes my heart sing! "The great song" - I love that!

  10. Good Morning Mary! I hope that you were able to spend some time in your yard yesterday. It was a pretty day to get out there and enjoy. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!