Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Subway Etiquette

Good morning to all out there in the wonderful world of Blogland. It's another workday, and here I am...waiting for it to begin.  I had a very uncomfortable ride to work today; I forgot my book.  Now, I know that sounds like something minor, but first of all, to and from work are my best times to read...and I am starting a new book on Merlin today and was so anxious to get started.

But, there's another reason, too.  I don't know if any of you have ever had the pleasure of riding on a New York City subway, but those of us who ride on a regular basis, know all too well about the unwritten rules of conduct.  Some things are basic common sense such as not putting your feet on the seat or placing your bags on a seat while people have to stand.  But, there is also this rule about "space".  We all have our boundaries, and get quite upset when someone intrudes upon them.  We get used to it, though, for the subways can get pretty darned crowded.

And there is another unwritten rule as well.  Avoid eye contact.  Or, in other words, don't stare.  But, what's a person to do on a crowded train when there is no place to look but AT someone.  If your eyes fall upon a man, he gets the impression that you are coming on to him...and women?  It all depends.  I know that some just LOVE the attention while others get all squeamish and uncomfortable.  And then, the young girls take it as antagonistic and usually respond with something like a very nasty little "What are you looking at?" or "Do you have a problem?"

So, how did I manage my subway ride today?  Well, I could have kept my head down...but my days of hanging my head are over.  Today, I can hold my head up high.  I could have closed my eyes and rested, but that's something I never do on the train.  I always remain alert. I could also have meditated, but even with that, some people get the idea that you are watching them. So, I read...signs.  If anyone needs a good immigration lawyer, I now know of one....and I know where one can learn English as a second language.  I also know the escape route instructions so well that I believe I could lead people in the event of an emergency.  

And there you have it, my friends.  That was how I began my day.  And before I close, I have a blogging question.  How do I add links onto my blog?  I have quite a few women's rights links that I want to add to "I Am Women", and I did find "Add a Link." on the "Add a Gadget"  button that opens up the different things you can put on your blog.  So, I added some links, and although it shows that they are there on the edit layout page, they don't show up on the blog.  What am I doing wrong?


  1. when you click on add gadget and then link list you add your links and then i moved the gadget to where i wanted it, also make sure to click on save at the top of your layout page or it won't show. I hope you can figure it out, not sure if i made any sense.
    I Germany i took public transportation a lot but it is easier to look out the window when you are not underground.

  2. Never ridden a subway...guess I ought to visit a city sometime just for the experience...

    Good luck with the links...

  3. ~thank you for your 101 on riding the subway in new york...if ever i make it there, i will remember your unspoken rules! as for the link...hhhmmm...can you right click, copy and paste them where you want them...or go to layout...blogs list...click add and paste them there? not sure if i have made any sense or helped in answering your question as i am still new at all this and learning everyday how to do something! best of luck and brightest blessings~

  4. Oh Mary, I bet that this mornings ride was a very long one. To add a link in your blog just highlight the phrase or name that you want to make clickable, then hit the little paperclip looking box, I think it is next to the picture, a box will appear, add the url and click OK. Wishing you a wonderful Tuesday!


  5. sometimes I am quite glad I live in the simple state of Oklahoma... :-)

  6. Eeek - to have forgotten your book! A difficult ride, for sure. It's sad that you can't make conversation anymore. Even with people you see every day on your commute.

    Well, if I ever need a good immigration lawyer, I'll know who to ask!

    As for links, it sounds like you are doing it correctly. You could also try to post them by adding a photo and putting the link on the photo. I see you have some in your sidebar, so if these websites have a photo to go with them, that might work.

    Have a great day (even though you have to be at work!)

  7. I can get a little clostraphobic in a crowd, don't think I'd like the subway. Hope you had a good day. X.

  8. Hi Mary,
    Quick one to let you know I'm back online. Will come here later to catch up...missed ya!