Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Poetry in the Time of Covid


Today I wanted to share a couple of our poems that were published in the Center's blog.  Both were chosen because they are so appropriate for the times.  We have great hope for the future while yearning for a connection with others.  

Speaking of connection, I took the bus over to the supermarket for the first time on Saturday and then again yesterday for the things I forgot.  Can't very well make black bean soup without black beans. It felt good to be on my own, independent and not having to depend on hubby, but it was also strange.  As I looked around the bus with everyone wearing a mask, I remembered back to that time before Covid that I already was wearing a mask to protect myself from catching something and bringing it home to hubby and how people would look at me strangely.  I always felt that I had to explain so I'd grab the ear of the person nearest me and explain about hubby's illness and my reasons for mask.  Of course, I didn't have to, but I did feel funny at the time.  Ironically, now I'd probably feel funny if I were the ONLY person on the bus WITHOUT a mask. 

And secondly, I would take the bus the same time every morning.  When you do that, you always see the same people at their spots waiting for the bus and a comradery develops.  Pleasantries were always exchanged.  Yesterday I found myself feeling a sense of anticipation as we neared certain stops and a let down when the expected person was not there....especially the stops that picked up members of the center.  

I also wanted to share with you my beautiful mermaid....a gift for a great grand who adores mermaids.  It should look fantastic in a frame adorned with sea shells.  I have plenty on hand to work with.


Hope is a desire that keeps you from giving up
Hope takes a conscious effort
Hope is the life preserver on the choppy sea of
Hope is something to hold on to when things get
really bad
Sometimes you gotta slap yourself and get
back on track
Decide to take that path, not the darker one
You feel her excitement; it’s palpable
That hope brought him through
Gratitude can feed the flower of hope
It’s a choice to take care of that flower and  if we
 it withers and dies
Others need you
Even if the loss is so bad
Cry it out
Then say OK
What can I do to put a smile on someone else’s


On every pleasant thought your name is written
No, I do like you
Needing an association
Endless possibilities
Can come in many forms
Touching with our souls
In our hearts
Offering friendship
No limits when we have each other.


  1. Hope is the reason for moving on despite the obstacles. It is what makes the world go round. I know of a person who always looks at the worst for an excuse to not try to move ahead. His is a sad and wasted life.

    1. I have a lot of hope and never give up on it. I know this will end one day.

  2. It is wonderful that you are getting out and about more.
    Wonderful writings!
    I find writing to be therapy for me...I just write whatever comes to mind. No apologies :)

    1. I am so happy that we were able to keep that class. I know the facilitator will eventually have to move on, but hopefully by then there will be someone to take over.

  3. I completely get the feelings you share in your introduction. I've been wearing a mask in crowds for the last few years. Since my immune system has been struggling, I feel that it makes sense to give it a hand. I remember the looks I used to get. These days, the same looks are given to people who go unmasked. I wonder what will happen after this pandemic is over--fingers crossed--and some of us continue to need the mask.

    I agree with you, the poems you shared are very timely. The pandemic keeps on kicking hope in the ribs, so we need to remind ourselves to hope more than ever. And I love what the last poem says about connection--for I enjoy when poetry is true.

    1. People sort of moved away from me in fear for catching something when ironically, my fear was catching something from them.

  4. Someone (Rumi?) said that poetry was the language of the heart. Who ever said it first they were right.

    1. They published these two poems in the centers blog.

  5. Like the colors in mermaid and so true you can't do black bean soup without the beans.

    1. Soup came out so good. Topped it with sour cream.